Lilac stones: Healing and Magical Properties, meaning for various Zodiac Signs

Natural lilac stones are rare in nature. It is often difficult for people to describe and imagine what this color is. many confuse it with purple, because outwardly they are quite similar. In fact, lilac is a shade of purple. Its features are the greater, in comparison with the main color, the content of red and less saturation, pallor, of all the components of the tone.

This shade is also called lilac, because the word comes from the French lilas – lilac. The English name is lilac.

Lilac color in psychology is a marker of creativity, creativity, romanticism, readiness to develop new ideas. According to experts, it is chosen by those who believe that everything is ahead, as well as people with non-standard thinking. It is also the color of pacification, tranquility, in contrast to the stronger “older brother” – the purple tone.

In Eastern practices, lilac is the fusion of yin and yang. Cool masculine blue merges with hot emotional red, resulting in a medium, ideal, option.


The most common stones of this tone, their description, features and properties are presented below.


Alexandrite is a Precious gem of the 1st order, belongs to the variety of chrysoberyl , has pleochroism and a strong alexandrite effect. Natural stone shows lilac color in evening or artificial light. It has a glassy luster, the presence of natural inclusions is expressed. More often there are translucent specimens, transparent ones are more rare and valuable. The deposits are mostly located in Russia and Brazil.

Origin of the name: In honor of Tsar Alexander II.

Jewelry: Has a high value due to the rarity of the mineral, especially the transparent varieties. A popular cut is diamond drop-shaped, stepped, sometimes a cabochon is used.

Effects of Wearing an Alexandrite

Healing properties: Improves blood composition, cleanses it of toxins, fights cholesterol, varicose veins, helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also supports the health of the digestive tract, liver, spleen. Affects the emotional state, soothes in stress, protects against insomnia, depression, mood swings. It is a talisman against alcoholism.

Magical influence: Strengthens the will of a person, reveals inner talents, especially in the creative field, helping to achieve success. Promotes peace and stress relief. Also, alexandrite  attracts money and luck, warns of danger. It is used by magicians and psychics to strengthen intuition, the gift of foresight, to open a connection with the other world.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Alexandrite

Suitable zodiac signs: Gemini, Leo. Good for Aries and Scorpions. Cancer, Virgo, Taurus should be avoided.


Amethyst is a Gemstone of 2 grade (or semi-precious), a kind of quartz . A natural specimen is usually transparent, has a glass luster or pearlescent tint. Not all stones of this group have a lilac hue. Some species are unstable to the influence of sunlight, lose their color, all varieties discolor at high temperatures. Inclusions and impurities in the composition of the mineral are often found, especially among large specimens.

The origin of the name: from the Greek word “αμέθυστος” (“not” and “to be drunk”).

This is a common gem, so jewelry with it is not overpriced. The cut is most often oval, cabochon, pear- or teardrop-shaped, sometimes triangular, square, in the form of a heart. The most valuable pieces are brilliantly cut in steps.

Effects of Wearing an Amethyst

Healing properties: Soothes, helps fight insomnia, strengthens the nervous system. Improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, heals endocrine system diseases. It is used for diseases of the skin, problems with joints. It is a talisman against drunkenness.

Magical effect: It is a symbol of purity and purity. He always helps those who have these spiritual qualities. Also, the aura of the stone protects from quarrels, insincerity, promotes peacefulness, saves from the evil eye and envy.

It helps to reveal creative abilities, also gives love and mutual understanding, but only if the donor has pure thoughts, and not selfish interests. Magicians note that the stone contributes to the development of intuition, contributes to the establishment of contacts with the otherworldly.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Amethyst

Zodiac signs: Suitable for Pisces, Gemini, Libra. Favorable for Aries, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio. Not suitable for: Leo, Taurus.

According to mythology, the nymph Ametis, who was fleeing from Bacchus, was transformed by her patroness Artemis into a precious stone amethyst . In ancient Rome it was considered “blessed”, because brought good luck, saved from conflicts, and also protected from intoxication. In the Middle Ages, the name “apostolic stone” was assigned to it.

Ametrine (boliviant)

What it looks like: A type of quartz  with an uneven color. Lilac tones alternate zonally with yellow-citrine. The crystal is fragile, translucent, often with veins or patterns. Bolivia is the main place where the gem is mined, which is also known as the boliviant.

Why they call it that: The name Ametrine is derived from names of two minerals – amethyst  and citrine , because it displays the properties of both, and also has stripes of colors of both types of stones.

What jewelry is made with ametrine : Rings are made of gem, also used in earrings, necklaces, pendants. Finishing method – stepped rectangular or baguette. The transition from lilac to yellow should always be perpendicular to the edge of the frame. Silver is more often chosen as a frame .

Effects of Wearing an Ametrine

Healing qualities: Lithotherapists note the positive effect of the stone on the nervous system, it soothes, relieves stress, and fights bad dreams. Also, the gem improves the general indications of the body, strengthens the immune system, is useful in diseases of the genitourinary system, and solves gastrointestinal problems.

Magical influence: Reveals the gift of clairvoyance, enhances magical abilities, helps to communicate with ghosts, gives prophetic dreams. The aura of the stone is very strong, capable of stopping conflicts, including military actions. Wearing the mineral promotes the manifestation of compassion, responsiveness and tolerance, reduces aggression, and gets rid of evil thoughts.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Ametrine:

What signs are suitable: All representatives of the element of fire – Leo, Sagittarius, Aries. The rest of the signs are neutral.

Ametrine in ancient times was considered a stone of world balance, eliminating conflicts between tribes and clans, bestowing the “blessing of the Gods.” According to legend, the first specimens of the stone were presented to the Spanish conquistador, who married the daughter of a tribal leader in Bolivia. She was killed by the rebellious members of the clan, but managed to give her husband several beautiful crystals.


Kunzite is a type of spodumene , one of the shades of the gem is a delicate lilac. It is a fragile transparent crystal with longitudinal vertical shading, pleochroism, and is sensitive to sunlight. It is used in jewelry to a limited extent due to the difficulty of processing; it is more often used for the production of glass, obtaining metallic lithium. Requires careful storage and wearing.

Origin of the name: In honor of the scientist from the United States D. Kunz.

ewelry: Due to its fragility and instability to the influence of the sun, it is used to a limited extent by jewelers. More often, large gems are used in products, which are easier to process. As a rule, cutting involves a very large number of facets, brilliant cutting is often used.

Effects of Wearing an Kunzite

Healing properties: Affects the heart chakra, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It harmonizes the state of mind, relieves stress, relieves fears, is used for meditation and stone massage.

Magical properties: Allows you to achieve a balance between mind and feelings, especially recommended for people who are stingy with emotions and rely only on their intellect. Protects babies from negative actions and thoughts of others, supports the reproductive function of parents, and prevents the action of directed witchcraft.

It helps the owner to show the positive sides of his character, makes him kind, honest and responsive. Kunzite also attracts wealth and helps to adapt when changing surroundings, work, place of residence.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Kunzite

Zodiac Compatibility: Perfect compatibility with Taurus and Scorpio. Unfavorable for Gemini. He favors the rest of the signs of the zodiac, but does not show his influence too actively.

Interesting facts: One of the largest stones, more than 30 cm long, is exhibited at the Museum of Natural History (USA, Houston).


Appearance: An opaque or translucent mineral of a beautiful lilac shade of different saturation. The color is uneven, there are inclusions of a fibrous pattern of other tones. Possesses weak fluorescence, exhibits the effect of “cat’s eye”.

How the name was formed: by the name of the Chara (enchanting) river, near which charoite was first discovered.

Jewelery value: The price of raw materials is quite high, because its production is limited due to the small volume of reserves. The cost of the processed stone is quite high, despite the fact that it is classified as ornamental. Most often they are cut with cabochon and set in silver , less often they are processed in the form of a pear, heart, trillion. Mainly used for pendants, earrings, necklaces, brooches.

Effects of Wearing an Charoite

Healing qualities: Normalizes the emotional state, calms and relaxes. Helps remove stones located in the kidneys and gallbladder. Relieves migraines, inflammations, fever, especially with stone massage . Strengthens immunity, relieves mental stress.

Stone magic: The aura of the mineral harmonizes relationships between people, especially strongly affects marital interaction, whether it is an emotional or intimate side. Used by magicians to tune in to energy flows, to establish relationships with the forces of nature.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Charoite

Zodiac and charoite : Gemini is the sign who will be helped by jewelry with charoite . Also compatible with Aquarius and Libra. For the rest of the signs, it has a rather positive effect, but not so pronounced.