Ametrine: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Ametrine

Most people have never heard of ametrine and will be very surprised to see the combination of yellow and purple in a clear gemstone. Ametrine is a rare precious mineral with limited supplies. Appeared on the market relatively recently.

The origin of the name ametrine is an abbreviation of the words amethyst  and citrine .

Ametrine is also known as tristine or bolivianite (the latter is used in trade). It is also called amethyst – citrine , citrine amethyst and golden amethyst.

A mineral is a naturally occurring type of quartz . It is a kind of “mixture” of amethyst  and citrine with zones colored in purple and yellow or orange. The most readily available variety of the mineral comes from Bolivia. There are also deposits in India and Brazil.


Benefits of Wearing an Ametrine:

Healing effects of Wearing an Ametrine:

Throughout history, humanity has used precious gems  for healing and spiritual practices. The energy they transfer to their owners makes these stones especially valuable.

Science today recognizes the need to use minerals in the manufacture of watches, lasers and computers. However, the more subtle influence that stimulates the body’s physical healing or the ability to balance emotions remains outside the field of vision of modern science.

It is widely believed that ametrine promotes mental health and aids recovery. The mineral stimulates the activity of the brain and enhances the creative inclinations of its owner. In case of physical illness, the ametrine elixir removes toxins, reduces weakness.

It is recommended to wear a stone near the neck or thyroid gland – this way it reduces the redness of the skin. It is believed that ametrine helps people with artificial implants or limbs to adapt faster.

During meditation, the gem  helps to quickly achieve a calm state.

Ametrine is used to treat clinical depression, anxiety, stress, and mental stress (which causes headaches and migraines).

Magical effects of Wearing an Ametrine:

The dualism of ametrine’s nature makes it a powerful companion for creativity and healing. Purple and yellow are on opposite sides of the color wheel, but are complementary to each other (purple royal clothing looks even more luxurious with gold trim).

When traveling, the mineral protects against physical harm. He has a receptive energy. He obeys the water element and is ruled by Mercury.

It is believed that ametrine has metaphysical properties and the unique properties of amethyst  and citrine at the same time. The energy of the gem  stimulates the intellect and removes negative energy from the aura, dissipating it and filling it with pure light.

Ametrine should be used with caution during meditation as it greatly enhances concentration and intuition. Long-term use of bolivianite can lead to internal imbalances.

Mineral helps a person to realize the existence of higher forces and, thereby, eliminate prejudices. This process helps to leave old attitudes in the past and achieve the highest state of meditation.

For those who are engaged in secular activities, ametrine teaches balancing physical and spiritual activities. Workaholics learn to take breaks and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Procrastinators take pleasure in fully completing their goals and in the rewards that come with achieving goals.

Also, the mineral helps to fight anxiety and fears, opening up the body’s internal reserves.

Ametrine changes the personality of the person who wears jewelry with this stone.

The following people  benefit the most from the gem :

  • emerging artists and performers;
  • students; athletes;
  • politicians;
  • philosophers;
  • people awaiting surgery;
  • people with diabetes and heart disease.

One of the ways to use a stone is to use it for communication. So, you should find a small thing belonging to a person, or a photograph of a person with whom you want to discuss something. If this is not possible, write the person’s name on a piece of paper. Wrap ametrine in this thing / photo or sheet of paper and hold it in both hands. Focus on this person. You will soon feel a message from this person. This technique also works with animals, spirit guides, and other types of living beings.

Which Zodiac Sign can wear Ametrine

Ametrine is the zodiac stone for Libra . It influences the needs and desires of people, helps to resolve internal contradictions. Libra is the only sign in the zodiac horoscope that is not represented by a living being. Its function was to “balance” Virgo and Scorpio.

Gem lovers born in February and December can consider ametrine a jewel that brings them good luck, as it is composed of amethyst  and citrine . The jewel is a traditional gift for any 6th and 33rd anniversary (amethyst) and 13th (citrine).

How to tell if an Ametrine is Real or Fake:

Given that the gem is mined in one mine and its reserves are limited, it is not surprising that scientists are looking for ways to artificially replace the golden amethyst .

The synthetic gem is  in many ways similar to the natural stone from Bolivia.

An artificially produced jewel is determined by a number of characteristics, including twinning and color sensing. Chemical analysis also showed that the artificially grown gem has a  higher content of potassium (K). Magnesium (Mn), iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn).

Artificial gems  are usually brightly colored, while real ametrine usually has a medium level of color saturation. Thus, the intensity of the colors and their sharp contrast are most likely indicative of the unnatural origin of the stone.

You should also pay attention to the green and blue shades in the stone – they indicate the artificial origin of the gem . In addition, the natural mineral is a type of quartz and can be easily verified for authenticity with sapphire or diamond, which is harder on the Mohs scale

How to Care for Ametrine:

Due to their high hardness, quartz gemstones are  easy to maintain. With daily wear, bolivianite cut can lose its sharpness. The mineral is not sensitive to temperature changes and household chemicals.

When caring for ametrine, all you need is clean water and warm soapy water. If the stone is placed in a piece of jewelry, ultrasonic cleaning is recommended. Steam cleaners are harmful to jewelry, as all gems  should be protected from sudden temperature changes.

Some stones can fade over time when exposed to bright light, so products with the mineral should be stored in a dark place, away from direct light. Acids and alkaline solutions should be avoided.

Ametrine is a unique stone, it is the only crystal that combines the cold dark forces of a purple night and the bright warm power of a sunny day.

Ametrine in Combinations with other Stones

Since quartz itself  is a combination of two gems , it is not always advisable to mix the energy of quartz with the energy of other stones.

Quartz crystal increases all types of energy, increasing the power of ametrine. This combination is the most effective way to increase your natural energy.

Ametrine works well with stones that are soft and suppressive, such as smoky quartz  or red jasper .

It also pairs well with other stones that are closely related to it. It is a range of quartz varieties , including purple amethyst , lithium quartz, amegrine, quartz chlorite, prasiolite  or green amethyst.

Ametrine Composition, Shape and Color:

Like most precious minerals of quartz origin, the mineral is found in fairly large, clean nuggets. Thus, the price per carat hardly increases with the size of the gem . The cost of ametrine is relatively low; every connoisseur of precious gems can afford it.

Faceted gems are preferred due to their transparency and size. When quartz hit the market, jewelers shaped the nuggets into emeralds  with an almost equal distribution of colors in the crystal.

It is believed that the relation amethyst  and Citrine in ametryn 1 to 1 is ideal.

On sale there are also specimens with a “random” shape – chaotic spots of purple and yellow. The stones are given a cut, due to which light, penetrating through all layers of the crystal, passes through the zones of violet and yellow colors at the same time. In this way, stones are created with red colors – peach, purple or even orange.

The price of a precious mineral is determined by the following criteria:

  • color – contrasting color of high-quality ametrines;
  • purity – a faceted gem  should not have visible foreign elements;
  • Cut – An unusual cut creates a dramatic effect from two-tone gemstones;
  • weight – large nuggets are more popular in jewelry.

It is curious that there are no two absolutely identical ametrines, in some way each of them is individual.

History and Legends of Ametrine:

This multi-colored gem not only has a double color, but also a double history.

In most geological sources indicated that Ametrine was introduced to the market of precious gems  in the 1970s. At the same time, there is a legend about the discovery of the crystal, the roots of which go back to the era of the conquistadors. It is said that in the 17th century, a conquistador named Don Felipe married Anaya, a princess of the Aureiros tribe from what is now Bolivia.

The mine, named after the princess, was part of her dowry. When the time came for Felipe to return to his homeland in Spain, the princess bride decided to go with her husband to Europe. When the couple left the place of residence, angry tribesmen opposed the couple leaving and killed the princess. It is believed that the two colors of the mineral represent loyalty to the princess of the tribe and her husband at the same time.