Alexandrite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

One of the minerals widely used in jewelry is alexandrite. This “changeable” stone is popular with many jewelry lovers. Mineral alexandrite – application and its properties, how and with what to wear, as well as all interesting facts about it can be found in the article.

alexandrite was named after Alexander II


Immediately after the gem  was discovered, it began to be widely used in jewelry, because not only did the stone bear the name in honor of the emperor, but also had a luxurious color and unusual effect. Representatives of the elite – wives of diplomats, ladies of the court, and noblewomen – began to wear necklaces, earrings, and rings with the mineral. And to this day, this stone is actively used by jewelers, only now more people can wear it.

Benefits of Wearing an Alexandrite

Healing Effects of wearing an Alexandrite

Alexandrite, due to its variability, is credited with the ability to positively influence hematopoiesis – both arterial and venous. Diseases like varicose veins are a direct indication to buy something with alexandrite.

It is also recommended to wear the mineral for those who suffer from diseases of the pancreas, small and large intestines, and spleen. In addition, the gem  protects against many skin problems such as leprosy and scabies. Well, the Indians do believe that wearing alexandrite products can prolong a person’s life.

Some advise those who have alcohol dependence to try to help themselves with the help of this mineral. You can buy a natural stone, put it in a container of water at night, and in the morning take out and drink a few sips of the “charged” liquid.

Interestingly, the “changeable” alexandrite is able to give inner harmony. If a person suffers from diseases of the nervous system, the stone can help him find balance.

Magical Effects of wearing an Alexandrite

The ability to change color gave alexandrite special properties in the eyes of people versed in esotericism. The energy of the gem  is such that it can help overcome any hardships in life – but only if the owner of the mineral or jewelry is “equal” to him in strength of mind.

Astrologers and predictors believe that the stone can warn the owner about negative changes in the future, changing its shade in a way that is not typical for this time of day. If the alexandrite turns yellow, this is a particularly important warning.

Mineral jewelry can become a talisman in gaining luck and prosperity. In addition, the stone can help emotional, gambling, impulsive people, spectacular ladies.

Also, alexandrite is used in meditation, it can balance the physical and subtle bodies of a person. And clergymen also treat Alexandrite well.

By element, the stone can be attributed to water. In Europe, the stone is associated with falling in love, in Sri Lanka – with prosperity.

Which Zodiac sign can wear Alexandrite

Astrologers believe that alexandrite is most suitable for:

  • Gemini;
  • Leo;
  • Aquarius;
  • Scorpions.

Gemini is a changeable sign, and the properties of the stone are ideal for its representatives. Lions can use the mineral as a talisman to gain the power they so desire. Strong Scorpios will also “cope” with the character of the stone. And Aquarius, possessing deep intuition and reputed to be originals, will find their reflection in alexandrite.

It is strongly not recommended to wear jewelry with this stone to Cancers , Taurus and Virgo.

In Which Finger should you wear Alexandrite:

Alexandrite should be worn on the little finger of Right hand. It should be worn on Wednesday morning.

How to Tell if an Alexandrite is Real or Fake:

During the Soviet era, jewelry was not made from natural stones. Therefore, one can know with 100% probability that Soviet jewelry does not contain alexandrite, but artificial corundum . Artificial spinel is also used – the main difference is that it does not manifest itself in yellow tones.

To purchase a product with natural stone, you should:

  • Ask for a confirmation certificate and verify its authenticity.
  • Know that a real mineral has a triple spectrum of colors (in three dimensions).
  • Unfortunately, this gem is often counterfeited. Cubic zirconia, synthetic garnet  and sapphire can be very similar to genuine alexandrite, and due to the high cost of jewelry with natural stone (fifth place in the world!), Fraudsters use it.

How to care for Alexandrite

In order for a collection stone or products with alexandrite to remain attractive, in no case should you use caustic household chemicals near them.

It is necessary to clean the mineral in warm water and soapy liquid. It is worth placing the decoration in it for 15 minutes, then pull it out, gently wipe it with a soft cloth and rinse under running water.

It is best to store jewelry in a dark and cool environment. Fragility is also inherent in the stone, so it is worth handling it carefully and carefully, avoiding mechanical damage.

Alexandrite is an unusually beautiful mineral that is not available to every lover of jewelry. However, if you manage to get one, you can know that it will certainly delight the owner with all facets of shades.

Alexandrite: combinations with Other stones

Alexandrite is one of those minerals that are even recommended to be worn “paired” with others. Combine with it:

It is best to purchase products with alexandrite in a set – that is, for example, a ring and a necklace. There is a popular belief that wearing only one product can bring loneliness to the owner.