King of Wands: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

King of Wands (love reading)


The King of Wands will always tell us about a formidable man in terms of his attitude, his ability to do things and his leadership skills to achieve all the goals he has set for himself.

King of Wands (upright) in Love


The King of Wands is an excellent omen. He means that someone you love has feelings of protection and care about you, and that both of you are willing to work hard if necessary to make the relationship work.

It is taking action to solve problems. Both you and your partner take an adult attitude, which focuses on the future and resolves always thinking in the long term. It is time to get moving and act, to do things together, to solve two, but it is also a positive letter that augurs a stable, mature and calm time.

If they are in conflict, a third person, an older man, can be supportive and helpful at this time. If you are alone and looking for love, a person a little older than you will be interested in you or you will be interested in them.

King of Wands (reversed) in Love

The king of wands does not speak to us of infidelity as the queen of wands did, but there may be some flirtation or a kind of affair or intention to have it. Maybe it’s just an affair or an intense flirtation, but one that will cause a lot of emotional damage.

If you are in a relationship , this letter does not bode well for love, but there are problems in the couple now, especially because of the attitude of the other. We are not talking about a bad person, but he may be having a dominant, authoritarian or aggressive behavior.

This is due to his own internal issues, he is not having a good time and his actions are not due to evil or lack of love towards you, but he needs to solve his things, he needs his personal time. It is important that you be patient while the person goes through these personal and intimate moments.

If you are lonely or looking for love , an older person who is energetic, kind and warm may now appear, at least on the surface or in whatever it shows out. She can be a very interesting person although a bit emotionally selfish, she will always seek her own emotional benefit, to feel good about herself.

It can be a short romance of high and passionate flames that will go out very soon, like those fleeting summer loves that burn with intensity and then leave nothing but ashes. Live if you want the adventure, but knowing that it does not have much future, therefore do not put high expectations in this romance.

King of Wands: UprightReversed

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