Four of Wands (love reading)


Four of Wands (upright) in Love


The Four of Wands is a strong indication of weddings and commitments, of births, whether they touch you directly or you participate in the celebration of others. If you are dating, there is commitment or marriage. If you are already in a committed relationship, the union and happiness increases. It could be a “Weddings of…” celebration for the time they have been together.

If you are alone, love comes along with a happy and committed relationship and it is very likely that this encounter occurs during parties or events, so attend as many as you can!

Four of Wands (reversed) in Love

The Four of Wands indicates delays, delays and waiting for those who are waiting to finalize a union or a wedding, form a couple or have children. Similarly, there is a certain lack of commitment now in the other.

You can love the relationship and love the other, but without going older or making big changes. The relationship is desired for the moment but there is no look to the future, quite possibly due to internal fears of commitment to or suffering emotional damage, especially if it comes from previous negative or painful experiences.

Four of Wands: UprightReversed

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