Eight of Wands: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Eight of Wands (love reading)


The Eight of Wands is a very dynamic and highly positive card for when it appears in your reading: Everything will be fine, and fast, too.

Eight of Wands (upright) in Love


The eight of wands tells you that taking action and getting going is very important now, it depends on you and your actions that you resolve situations positively, the posture and attitude of the other is also important as is logical, but acting you can achieve much more than just waiting.

It is a letter that encourages you to move forward, to make a commitment, especially if you want to move forward in a relationship or start a new love story. All difficulties will be solved successfully and the resolution will be quick and favorable.

If you are alone, the eight of clubs announces quick relationships, which may or may not be committed, but they will be fast, everything will go quickly. They can be the typical fleeting loves full of passion and sexuality, like summer loves, which can turn into a solid relationship, but if you don’t, it will still be worth living.

Eight of Wands (reversed) in Love


The reversed Eight of Wands indicates that some guilt may appear about the past. Also issues related to jealousy that put difficulties in the couple. Jealousy always has to do with one’s self-esteem and worth.

There may be delays in important things, for example the idea of ​​moving in together or getting married, is delayed, or it could be the opposite if you are waiting for a divorce to come out, there are delays. Everything is slow with this letter … an answer that you expect, a gesture that you need, a decision that must be made.

Eight of Wands: Upright, Reversed

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