Aquarius Birthstone and Lucky Gemstones

Aquarius is an independent personality. He likes to make those around him feel good in his company, without expecting anything in return. He likes to live freely, is eccentric and always enthusiastic.

Aquarius are perfect intellectuals, with a penchant for new theories and philosophies, always looking for inspiration, they pay attention to detail. There are also people who always say what they think and are good speakers.

The lucky stone of the natives of Aquarius


It is believed that amethyst leads the energies of the planet Uranus, bringing peace and balance, sincerity, courage and strength of character to the wearer.

Amethyst stimulates positive thinking and calms negative thoughts, helping Aquarius natives to become more dedicated and motivated in their projects.

Amethyst helps them spiritually, encouraging benevolence and intuition.


Garnet symbolizes triumph, truth, purity, self-confidence and protection. It brings joy and strong and lasting friendships.

Legend has it that the grenade brings bad luck to those who steal or lie. Also, if it is stolen, it causes trouble to those who appropriate it until it is returned to the owner.

Garnet helps the honest and hardworking to fulfill their dreams and brings them peace and prosperity. It is also beneficial in medical problems related to the heart, lungs and blood.

The grenade protects them from nightmares and evil eyes, strengthens tenacity and self-confidence.

Garnet is great for Aquarius whose ruling planet is the moon, helping them to be more loyal to those around them.


It is another lucky stone, releasing a calming energy, calming anxiety or stress.

Black Onyx

It will protect them from negative energies, stimulating positive thinking and optimism.


Aquamarine helps Aquarius to feel at ease under stress and to express their own personality. An aquamarine worn over the heart helps Aquarius see their future.


It is the stone associated with the planet Uranus, which governs the sign of Aquarius. It is believed that turquoise attracts luck in friendship, love and money, calms the mind and helps heal the body.

Choose to wear jewelry that has inlaid stones such as amethyst, black onyx, aquamarine or turquoise, these being the main lucky stones associated with the sign of Aquarius. You will definitely feel calmer, more balanced, more dedicated and full of courage.