Aquamarine: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care

Aquamarine is the gemstone of those born in March and the gemstone that is given on the nineteenth anniversary of marriage.

According to legend, love gave one of the most beautiful minerals to the world. The tears of a young girl who lost her lover fell into the cold waves of the ocean and turned into gems of amazing beauty. Transparent and pure, like love itself, the stone was named aquamarine, which is translated from Greek as “sea water”.

What is aquamarine stone? This is the mineral that is legendary. A beautiful gem of a blue hue, mesmerizing with a play of colors, reminiscent of sea waves.

 What is Aquamarine

 Aquamarine – also called “poor man’s diamond” – is a form of mineral beryl that also includes other precious stones such as emerald, morganite and heliodor. It is a relatively hard stone, 7.5 on the Mohs scale, after diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and topaz, but it is relatively easy to cut, being generally free of internal defects.

Aquamarine gemstone of love

As a gemstone of love, aquamarine brings loved ones back home and helps lovers live together in harmony and overcome misunderstandings. The aquamarine is often given as a symbol of love or in an infinity ring, which promises fidelity and love as long as the waters of the seas shine.

 Aquamarine helps the wearer to overcome the transition periods, the purifying energy removing the inner obstacles and the fear of the unknown.

Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine

 The serene color of the aquamarine has a calming effect on the wearer, enveloping him in a state of calm. It emanates an optimistic energy suitable for March and the beginning of spring.

 It is a stone of spiritual development and strength of character, of honest and sensitive communication. It lends women the courage to express their true thoughts and enriches their intuitive skills, and helps men overcome the innate difficulties of sharing feelings.

Helps to cure inflammatory diseases and allergies and relieves the symptoms of rosacea or psoriasis. Having a fluid energy, aquamarine is used for emotional purification and open communication, enriching us with love and compassion.

 Aquamarine is the crystal of beginnings and direction. It is the best talisman for scientists, adventurers, hunters or explorers, but it is also suitable for those working in research fields.

 Aquamarine helps to balance the feeling of fear or anger and to overcome traumas and panics from guilt or maladaptation.

How is Aquamarine used in Feng Shui:

Aquamarine uses the energy of water, a still, calm and purifying energy. It is a formless but powerful energy of regeneration and rebirth, the energy of the natural cycle of life. Aquamarine crystals should be used to fill spaces dedicated to sleep, meditation or prayer. Water energy is traditionally associated with the northern part of the house. It is also associated with the area of ​​career and life, balancing energies throughout life.

What aquamarine stone looks like: Types and Colors

Aquamarine is usually classified by color, and the color of the stone depends on where it was found.

Most often, there are 3 large groups of aquamarines:

  • green – stones from the southern part of the Urals;
  • blue – minerals from Brazil;
  • blue – Transbaikal gems.

Of course, these are not all deposits of turquoise stones. In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them. Such minerals are found on almost all continents – South and North America, Africa, Eurasia and Australia. But stones from the deposits from the above territories are of great value. In 1917, amazing aquamarines were found, more like sapphires.

The stones of deep blue flowers were named after the mine – maxis . But the bright sun quickly ruined the find – the minerals turned yellow and red.

The Magical and Healing properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is very popular with healers and healers. They are sure that such a mineral has a positive effect on the human body and heals many diseases :

  • colds and viral diseases, accompanied by fever and sore throat;
  • pathologies of the respiratory system (tuberculosis, pneumonia);
  • skin diseases, dermatitis and allergic diseases;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • vision problems.

It is believed that aquamarine normalizes the body’s water balance and the functioning of the nervous system.

Remember that the stone is not a panacea . The mineral is really able to alleviate many diseases, but you should not refuse to take medications and go to the doctor.

In addition to healing properties , aquamarine has magical powers . This is a powerful amulet that is able to rid the owner of evil and deception. In the Middle Ages, sorcerers believed that this stone could neutralize the effects of poison, and advised the royal people to wear it.

This is not the end of its magical properties . Also a pebble:

  1. Harmonizes emotions and neutralizes phobias (a godsend for the shy!).
  2. Strengthens friendship, devotion, loyalty.
  3. Resolves conflict situations.
  4. Protects sailors from storms, neutralizes fear of water and seasickness (so don’t forget to bring it with you on your journey).
  5. Calms the owner in difficult situations and does not allow him to rashly break firewood.

A stone with a rich green tint is more suitable to protect against negative energy , but it cannot be worn constantly – prolonged contact will harm a person. More secure and transparent pale considered minerals .

Aquamarine suits which Zodiac Sign

For a stone to be not just a decoration, but also a talisman, check your horoscope. And although some believe that it does not matter, it is not entirely true.

Scorpions were lucky to become favorites of aquamarine . By their nature, representatives of this sign are quick-tempered, but quick-witted. This very often interferes with Sagittarius men in business, and girls in relationships. To cope with their emotions, they are advised to wear an aquamarine amulet. The mineral is able to calm Scorpio and push him to the right decision.

Other signs will also feel the positive energy that aquamarine emits:

  • Aries will become kinder and more sympathetic;
  • Aquarians will become more rational with their budget;
  • Libra will find calm and clearly see their purpose;
  • Gemini will move closer to self-discovery and improving their skills;
  • Pisces will finally get their priorities right and learn to say no in appropriate situations;
  • the life of Lions and Cancers (especially for women) will become calmer, as they will cease to torment their souls with causeless fears and doubts.

The stone has an ambiguous effect only on Taurus and Sagittarius . If the representatives of these signs sincerely believe in the power of aquamarine, it will truly be a faithful helper. For those who are skeptical about the magic of the mineral, the amulet will not help.

Aquamarine not harm any of the zodiac signs. So no one is prohibited from wearing it.

What does it mean if you see Aquamarine in your dream

Dreams about mineral and precious stones are rare, but even this case is answered in the dream book. True, depending on the author of the dream book, the interpretation can be completely different.

For example, in the dream book of Pastor Loff it is said that aquamarine symbolizes material gain , calmness and self-respect. But in the dream book of the gypsy Seraphima, it is a question of alleviating diseases of internal organs .

According to the American dream book, aquamarine has a completely different meaning – it predicts the appearance of new friends . Another book of dreams, in turn, assures: the stone will bring courage and courage .

In general, one thing is clear – if you dreamed about aquamarine, there is no reason to panic. Such a dream does not bode well .

Is Aquamarine stone: precious, semi-precious or not

Aquamarine is a third-order gem . This group also includes spinel, white and fire opal, pink topaz, tourmalines and many other minerals.

But when you see this blue gem, it doesn’t matter at all whether it is precious or not. The play of colors on the edges of the stone is mesmerizing, and it itself looks like a frozen piece of the ocean. Because of its high transparency, aquamarine is often compared to diamonds and sapphires.

Connection to the Ocean

The Energy of Aquamarine resonates with the calming Energy of the Ocean. It connects you to the natural element Water and provides well-being and calm. Aquamarine is also * the * Stone of positive change, like the tides. In tales and legends, Aquamarine is the treasure of the Sirens, making it a traditional talisman of protection and self-confidence.

Aquamarine as Zodiac Stone

Aquamarine protects the emotionality of Pisces, protects them from “giving too much” and directs the Energy towards their projects and their objectives.

Aquamarine Energy soothes the lively spirit of Gemini .

How to use Aquamarine?

Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. What should she help you with? To relax? To appease you? To give you more confidence or energy? Anything else? Your Peter listens to you and is ready to help you.

Program your Aquamarine with a powerful affirmation like “I am calm and grounded, I am not afraid” and let its vibration amplify your intention.Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga, sophrology…) or place them in your “Ritual corner”.For Water Signs – Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer – immerse your Aquamarine in the bath water to instantly connect to your elemental Energy. 

How to distinguish a Real Aquamarine from a Fake

Many expensive stones are grown in laboratories to make them more accessible to buyers, but not aquamarine. The fact is that there is enough of it in nature, so you can safely get by with natural minerals. Synthesis of artificial stones will cost much more.

True, this will not protect against counterfeiting. Unscrupulous sellers use different tricks:

  • Aquamarine can be confused with gray or blue spinel . The main difference is the presence of small bubbles in the “fake”. Such inclusions reduce the strength of the mineral and make it cheaper.
  • Blue topaz can also imitate aquamarine , which is also very similar to sea stone. Although if you look closely, you can still distinguish them – the natural aquamarine has a silvery sheen in the very center.
  • Some pass off quartz as a jewel , since they have a similar structure. But here’s the bad luck – a fake very much resembles glass, which is noticeable even with the naked eye.

To distinguish aquamarine from a fake, just look closely at the stone. Do not rush to buy a piece of jewelry – hold it in your hands, look from different angles. No one will forbid you, and such foresight will save you from acquiring a fake.

Aquamarine in legends

 The aquamarine was formerly called “sea water” by the fishermen of the ancient Roman Empire who used to take it with them to the sea to bring them luck, and to protect them until they got home again. The aquamarine is the stone of St. Thomas who often traveled on water. The Roman healers used aquamarine as a medicine, heating it, considering that the stone helps digestion and reduces fluid retention in the body. Because of these beliefs, the aquamarine was often carved into small amulets.

Legend has it that the aquamarine belonged to the mermaids, stolen from their sailor’s treasure to give them courage and to protect them from drowning or shipwrecks.

Aquamarine first appears documented in the culture of ancient Greece, in the 5th century BC. The Greeks wore amulets engraved with Poseidon – the god of the sea – on a chariot.

Since the Roman period, aquamarine is considered to have medicinal and healing powers, used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, liver or throat. The Romans also believed that aquamarine was good for eyesight and it is said that Nero used an aquamarine as a monocle. In fact, in Germany aquamarine was once used in the manufacture of lenses to correct myopia.

During the Middle Ages, it was believed to help combat the effects of poison and was also considered a source of energy for fortune tellers who called the stone the “magic mirror” and used it to predict the future.

 The healers of ancient Rome used aquamarine to treat fever, to aid digestion and reduce fluid retention in the body. It was believed to help purify and was worn as a pendant.

Brief characteristics of the Aquamarine

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family and is practically a “brother” of the equally famous emerald. But if chromium or vanadium oxide gives the emeralds a grassy green hue, then iron is part of aquamarine. As a result, the stone gets the color of the sea wave .

It is unique that large gem-quality stones are often found in nature. Transparent minerals are easy to cut and do not crack during processing – high hardness affects . It reaches 8 on the Mohs scale.

Despite this indicator, the stone is light and fragile . Therefore, be careful with jewelry while wearing and store in a separate box.

Also, the stone has the following physical properties:

  • density – 2.67-2.71 g / cm3;
  • fracture – conchial, uneven;
  • shine – glass;
  • transparency – transparent or translucent.

If you look at the mineral from different angles, you will notice another feature: the stone changes shades. For example, if a blue specimen is turned sideways, it will show its greenish tint. Rare specimens can boast more interesting effects – “cat’s eye” (a narrow strip of light) or asterism (a glowing star inside a stone).