Among the many different stones, garnet jewelers are especially honored. The Garnet stone has magical and healing properties, unique meaning and influence on different signs of the zodiac. Refers to the planet Mars.

Types of Garnet:

It is customary to distinguish between several types of mineral:

  • Fire pyrope is  popular for its intense color. The deposits are South Africa and the Yakutia region.
  • The yellow grossular  with green tints is popular with jewelers serving famous brands.
  • Violet-red almadin shines with an amazing brilliance, bewitches. Deposits are found in Asia Minor.
  • Andradite black  has a rich dark hue. It is named after the stone specialist Andrada de Silva. Formed in shale and skarn.
  • Emerald green uvarovite is considered a rare mineral and is mined in the Northern Urals.

Benefits of Wearing Garnet:

Healing effects of Wearing a Garnet:

In the East, it was previously believed that wearing a stone promotes a quick recovery and a decrease in temperature.

It is generally accepted by lithotherapists that Garnet fights well against pulmonary and colds. To do this, you should wear a stone in a silver setting.

People who often suffer from headaches are also advised to wear Garnet products. In particular, the ring on the middle finger of the right hand.

Magical effects of Wearing a Garnet:

  • It is believed that this stone brings its owner optimism and confidence in the future, fortitude. At the same time, regular wearing of jewelry allows you to find the benevolence of others.
  • It is especially recommended for pregnant women, promotes easy childbirth and the acquisition of vital energy.
  • Red gems awaken in creative minds the desire to create masterpieces, work as a muse or talisman.
  • The stone symbolizes love and gratitude, therefore, it is often customary to give products from it to the second half. Young girls who dream of success with the opposite sex should constantly be in contact with the stone.
  • The stone is also mentioned in the writings of medieval Europe, when it was used as an amulet worn by a warrior.
  • The gem is not recommended for adolescents and the elderly. Also, do not choose him lazy, with a lack of an active lifestyle. Otherwise, their existence will be filled with ridiculous stories, luck will leave them.
  • It gives women prudence and wisdom.
  • Green copies will help allocate time and be in time for everything, therefore it should be worn by people with an active lifestyle. They also perfectly improve the atmosphere in the family and relationships with household members.
  • Yellow copies are much cheaper than the others, but in their energy they are not inferior to them. They are worn by people who are weak and in need of protection.
  • During rest, or on vacation, it is better to part with the stone in order to provide the body with relaxation and peace.
  • Garnet for its energy is recommended for young ladies, as it helps to make the teenager’s relationship with others more harmonious. It is better to wear beads, they will help you decide on your choice of profession. It is also acceptable for travelers

Passion and pleasures

Not all Energy “boosts” are found in a cup of coffee With the powerful Energy of Garnet you are grounded, your mind remains focused. Garnet acts on Chi – the life force – to push you out of your comfort zone and get what your heart desires. Take advantage of the Energy of Garnet to deploy your potential and materialize passion and pleasures in your life.

Which Zodiac Signs can wear Garnet:

Most of all, the stone has a positive effect on Aries and Scorpions. You should not wear jewelry for Taurus, Cancer  and Pisces.  Green minerals are suitable for Aquarius and Libra . Wearing a stone is recommended for people who are modest and reserved. In this way, you can become more confident and open to communication.

  • Scorpios are given the opportunity to cope with internal contradictions, jealousy.
  • For Aquarians, an opportunity to cope with inconsistency and forge personal relationships. It will help dreamy representatives of this zodiac sign to look at the world more realistic.
  • To increase the passion and sensuality that Sagittarius lacks so much, it is worth wearing garnet jewelry, which will help them become wiser.
  • Libra will gain additional energy that will help you gain confidence in action. In this case, the products should be red.

How to tell if a Garnet is Real or Fake:

The mineral is often not counterfeited, since the cost of the grown stone is synthetically higher than the original. But distinguishing a fake from a real stone will be quite problematic. To figure it out, experts use a binocular. At home, the nugget is placed on a cork stand to avoid contact with metal, placed on a scale. Now a magnet is brought to the grenade and at a short distance, the arrow will move. The artificial version cannot affect the magnet.

How to care for Garnet:

It should be noted that it can be combined with agate , emerald  and sapphire .

During wearing, do not leave the stone in direct ultraviolet rays.

To clean it from dust, it is not recommended to soak the mineral. Otherwise, his magical abilities will be weakened. It is better to wash it in a soapy solution, then rinse it in running water and wipe it dry with a flannel cloth.

The products feel best in a box with velvet upholstery. In this case, it is desirable that it was intended for Garnet products. It is not recommended to put other decorations in it.

How to use Garnet?

Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. 

Program your Garnet with a powerful affirmation like “I know what I desire and I am working to get it” and let its vibration amplify your intention. Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga ) or place them in your “Ritual corner”.

Where is Garnet found:

The most valuable specimens of garnet were found in the Central Bohemian region. Deposits of pyrope , igneous material – in East and South Africa. On the territory of the Russian Federation, pyrope was found in the Yakutsk region. There are also deposits in Bavaria. It should be noted that only pyropes are of jewelry value.

History of Garnet:

The discovery of the Garnet took place in 1270 by the alchemist Albert Magnus, who gave it the name that has survived to this day.

The stone acquired its name ‘Garnet’ because of its resemblance to the fruit of a Garnet, and is translated from Latin as a grain.

During the Romantic era, Garnet was very popular. The masters carved portraits of noble dignitaries and rulers on a single piece. Some of the masterpieces are kept in museums around the world to this day.

There are many legends about Garnet. Here are a few:

  • In Mongolia, pyrope  belongs to the sacred stones, and there is a legend that a person who finds a garnet on his own will discover great riches;
  • Some ancient writings mention pyrope as the frozen blood of fire;
  • According to Jewish legends, it was the Garnet that was the source of light in Noah’s ark;
  • In Persia, minerals were considered royal stones, on which portraits of the rulers were engraved.

Where is Garnet Used:

Garnet is used as a semiconductor material. Previously, they were cut into cabochons. Opaque specimens were more commonly used in the abrasive industry.

Garnet is also very popular as a collection mineral. The famous composer P. Smetana presented a luxurious necklace to his wife, which is still kept in the Prague Museum.

Garnet serves as a crystal for a laser, it is added to cement.

Properties of Garnet:

The hardness on the generally accepted scale is 7.5. Density indicators range from 3.2 to 4.3 g / cm 3 .

There are both transparent and non-transparent instances. If we talk about shine, then it can also be different: from resinous to diamond.

The gem has a cubic system, lack of cleavage, and an uneven conchial fracture. Chemical general formula R 2+ 3  R 3+ 2  [SiO 4 ] 3 .