What is i ching: origin, hexagrams, how to ask questions

The I Chin – on line is the ideal Chinese oracle for decision making. It has stood for more than 3000 years in the arena of esoteric arts, as the oldest divination art in the world. You know why? For the wisdom, depth and success of his messages. More than predictions, it is a source of knowledge of life itself. That serves as a spiritual tool to solve the problems of love, well-being and prosperity that you may have.

Origin of the I Ching

Also known as the Yijing or I King, the Chinese oracle is considered one of the five classics of Confucian doctrine, written 1200 years before Christ.

Originally, it is a book, which supposes the representation or explanation of the present. And that, following his anecdotes and advice, solves the future.

Traditional chinese oracle

The book brings with it three coins, which are characterized by having a square hole in the middle. Each side of the coins represents the forces of the universe: the yin represented by the number 2 and the yang by the number three.

To find out which message responds to your query, the coins are tossed six times and the faces that are exposed are added. Each roll will have values ​​between 6 and 9. You roll and write down the result of each roll until you form a hexagram.

How many hexagrams does the I Ching have?

In total there are 64 hexagrams that the book contains, each one describes a parable, description or message that answers your query.

1.- Ch’ien – The Creator

  1. K’un – The Acceptable

3.- Chung – The Initial Conflict

4.- Meng – The Youth Frenzy

5.- Hsü- The Wait (Nutrition)

6.- Sung – The Conflict

7.- Shih – The Army

8.- Pi -Solidarity

9.- Hsiao Ch’u – The Dominant Power of the Small

10.- Liu – The March

11.- Tai – La Paz

12.- P’i – The Stagnation

13.- T’ung Jen -The Community With Men

14.- Ta Yu – Possession of the Great

15.- Ch’ien – Humility

16.- Yü – The Enthusiasm

17.- Sui, The Entourage

18.- Ku – The Work on the Corrupt

19.- Lin – The Approach

20.- Kuan – The Contemplation (The Vision)

21.- Shih Ho – Biting Through

22.- Pi – Grace

23.- Po – The Dispersion

24.-Fu – The Return (The Time Of Change)

25.- Wu Wang – The Innocence (The Unexpected)

26.- Ta Chu – The Dominating Power of the Great

27.- I – The Corners of the Lips (Nutrition)

28.- Ta Kuo – The Overweight Of The Big

  1. K’an – The Unfathomable (The Water)
  2. Li – The Adherent (The Fire)

31.- Hien – The Influence (The Courtship)

32.- Heng – The Duration

33.- Tun – The Retreat

34.- Ta Chuang – The Great Power

35.- Chin – The Progress

36.- Ming – The Darkening Of The Light

37.- Chia Jen – The Family

38.- K’uei – The Opposition

39.- Chien – The Obstacle

40.- Hsieh – The Liberation

  1. Sun – La Mengua

42.- I Chi – The Increase

43.- Kuai – The Irruption (The Resolution)

44.- Kou – Come To The Meeting

45.- Ts’ui – The Reunion

46.- Sheng – The Push Up

47.- K’un – El Agobio (The Exhaustion)

48.- Ching – The Well

49.- Ko – The Revolution (The Mute)

50.- Ting – The Cauldron

51.- Chen – The Excitement (The Shock, The Thunder)

52.- Ken – The Immobility (The Mountain)

53.- Chien – Development (Gradual Progress)

54.- Kuei Mei – The Marriageable Maiden

55.- Feng – The Abundance

56.- Mon – The Traveler

57.- Sun – The Docile (The Penetrating, The Wind)

58.- Tui – The Pleasant (The Lake)

59.- Huan – The Dissolution (The Dispersion)

60.- Chieh – The Limitation

61.- Chung Fu – The Inner Truth

62.- Hsiao Kuo – The Preponderance of the Small

63.- Chi Chi – After Completion

64.- We I Chi – Before Completion

What is an I Ching – online?

The I Chin-online is a more comfortable way to consult and know your present to make the best future decisions. Through a digital platform you consult the hexagrams of love and reveal your current situation and the changes that the universe holds for you.

For this, it is important that the consultant make the correct decisions following the precepts and wise advice of Eastern wisdom. Remember that these are millennial messages, as examples of life, that give guidance on the decisions that only you should make.

This method of prediction or meditation helps to internalize your thoughts and feelings more towards yourself. As well as self-knowing and developing unique spiritual wisdom. Exalted by the principles of life, love and prosperity.

Daily Consultation of the i ching hexagrams

To do a daily hexagram consultation, you must know how to ask and what to expect for an answer. As well as you must respect their rules so that their messages are effective.

  • Prepare your question well. You must be clear on the subject to consult, only then will you get the precise answer. Ask for the answer to be yes or no. This is the best way.
  • If you are not satisfied or do not understand the answer, do not check back immediately. Please allow time to check again.
  • Take note of the answers, review them and meditate on them until your message is well internalized.
  • Remember that this is the oracle of transformations and mutations. His answers are always to evolve towards something higher.

This oracle is not limited to predicting, in it you find life lessons, learn to take the right attitudes, answer all your questions and tell you step by step what you should do. In other words, it leaves nothing to neglect.

Take advantage and ask everything about love, your relationships, your doubts. Do you know everything you are capable of doing for love? You can ask about yourself, about your way of relating, how to achieve successful and lifelong love affairs.

Assimilate how you relate to others and how to take advantage of it. And also, you will know what the love of your life is like, if you have not met him yet and what you have to do to find him.

What to ask the Chinese oracle?

Many fortune-tellers acknowledge that there is no better method than the I Ching-online. Well, their answers are based on three fundamental aspects:

  1. The present. You will be surprised how the hexagrams reveal the current state of your relationship, what about your feelings, and how your partner works.
  2. The future. His parables with a clear signal where we must go to achieve our desires and the desired change.
  3. The advice. The ancient wisdom is present in a council that seals the consultation.

You can ask the question you need to know. However, we recommend doing them by following these tips:

  • Ask about yourself. What should you do? How to act? How to face your relationship successfully?
  • Ask about your partner or possible love. What do you feel? How far do you want to go? How deep or committed are your feelings?
  • Ask about the relationship. That is, what is common between the two, if it is harmonious, if it is true, reliable or not.

Finally, I Chin means “Book of mutations”, that is, of transformations, changes, evolutions or reforms. You find in philosophy, clairvoyance and an ethical, moral order typical of Chinese culture.

However, today it is much easier to consult the I Ching – online. A modality at your fingertips, which facilitates your love consultation wherever and however you want.