What is Aura: meaning, colors, interpretation, cleaning aura

“That I have the dark aura !” You may have heard it said out there, to refer to the state of mind of the people. But what is that? How do you know what color it is? This is not a saying, it is a reality. For parapsychologists, esoterics and mystics, the aura does reflect your energy level and if it has colors.

Meaning of the aura

There are different definitions, depending on the position of who defines. For example, a definition focused from the point of view of the observer is: “The light radiation that some people say they perceive around living beings”

This is a fairly skewed definition that seeks to limit its existence to the perception of the viewer. As well as limiting yourself to one light source, not to mention its colors. In reality, energy is always around our being, and other living beings. As well as some objects.

“Atmosphere or sensation that emanates from something or someone and that causes a certain impression”

This statement, on the contrary, is somewhat broader than the previous one, since it relates to a sensation that leaves an impression. It can be feeling a presence or like seeing a halo of light.

The word aura is of Greek origin aer, which means breeze. Although the Greek community calls it psychosome and refers to the soul of the body.

What is the aura and what is it for?

In the field of parapsychology, it is an energy field invisible to most that surrounds living beings and people. Those who can visualize it describe it as a luminous halo that varies in color according to the energy level.

Some perceive it with the naked eye, others use sophisticated detector equipment such as the Kirlian camera .

Parapsychologists, researchers of paranormal events, maintain their relationship with the seven chakras that stratify our body and that each one can emit up to eleven colors.

It is a reflection of the emotional, physical and even spiritual state of living beings. That radiates different levels according to the color it emanates. Recognize how ours is an important source of information about ourselves and our energy field.

How to see the aura?

Next, different techniques are explained to notice what the color is like.

With the mirror

  • This is a very simple and practical procedure. You should only have a large mirror of approximately one square meter. And be in a quiet and comfortable space.
  • Sit on the floor or in a chair in front of the mirror, always protecting your comfort.
  • Then, you close your eyes and take deep breaths very slowly. The idea of ​​this initial breathing exercise is to relax, calm the heartbeat, the thoughts and focus on the breath. Just think about inhaling and exhaling until your thoughts give way to peace. This should not exceed more than about five minutes.
  • Once you have reached a state of tranquility and calm, open your eyes and carefully observe the reflection of your face in the mirror. Keep your gaze on one point on your face, keeping deep breaths and taking care of your state of relaxation.
  • Keep your gaze fixed on that point for a period of time and you will notice that a light will shine around your reflection. This occurs when you reach a maximum point of concentration, relationship and focus.

You won’t get results right off the bat. Like any method you must practice, align your emotions, thoughts and concentration until you achieve it. Each time, you will gain more control of your states of consciousness and meditation, which makes visualization easier.

With numerology

There is another way to determine color is through numerology. Numerology is a pseudoscience that uses the relationship between numbers to explain the facts between living beings, and material and spiritual forces.

Some practices use you to guess, and categorize facts, people, relationships, among others. Therefore, relying on the numbers that belong to you and surround you, such as your date of birth, you get important information about your life, personality and aura.

That single digit number represents your energy environment. And each number reflects the following colors:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Violet
  7. rose
  8. Silver
  9. Gold

That is, the sum of your numbers, they reach a single digit like 9, then it is Gold.

What are the colors of the aura?

The main colors that are distinguished are:


Represents responsible, calm, positive, very confident and self-confident people. If it is a not very intense color, it can mean depressive states.


It is the tone of the mystical and cultists of art. They are highly humanistic beings who manage their energy between the spiritual and the material without problems. If it is very intense, this color can show immaturity.


It symbolizes spirituality and absolute love. They are very practical people, who know very well what they want in their life.

Red. This color indicates passionate beings, those who do not save energy for later, who always eat the world and do not deny themselves any experience or enjoyment of life. They are leaders, with strong ego and character, sometimes vehement and materialistic.


It embodies creativity, those who possess it are optimistic, imaginative, of great mental acuity, quick and sensitive to the world.


The color of universality. Everything flows and is consecrated in the beings that emanate from being supportive, considerate and motivated by life. However, if it is of very strong intensity, there may be problems with the ego.


The green aura is one of the friendly, good-natured and serene. They are related to healing and health wellness. If it is a very dark green, it happens to have problems of insecurity and jealousy.


This beam of blue light includes understanding people, driven by logic and intuition, they are usually quite affectionate and sweet.


The beings with a golden halo are usually very demanding of themselves, because their aspirations are strong, demanding. Without wasting time they are always focused on reaching their goals.


The color silver expresses mental power, creativity, idealists, but often they do not know how to handle it.


Here enter the most idealistic, conforming and spiritual of beings.

Other dark colors

It is possible to find another variety of darker colors in your energy field. Such as gray, black or brown. These shades express emotional imbalances or health conditions. Stress, anxiety, are usually the main causes of dark aura.

Like bad intentions, negative karma, bad feelings, such as revenge and hatred, darken your life and therefore your power. It is not static, it is constantly changing, just as your mood, your energy, your emotions and thoughts change. As well as with the passing of the years.

How to clean the aura?

Cleaning it helps you clear your energy, as well as your emotions and thoughts. It is like giving a renewal to your spirit to recharge the good vibes and achieve your desires.

This is done when you detect that your energy is dark or dirty. It is usually when you feel heavy, fatigued, discouraged, confused or simply when you do not know what to do with your life.

You will feel everything obstructed: thoughts, emotions and spirituality.

To end this energy slump you must do a cleaning. It is a very simple act that will open doors and pave the way where you will reap the fruits of your dreams come true.

The salt bath is the most traditional and well-known technique to clean the chakras and aura. You pick up a handful of salt and hold it in your hand while you take a shower.

Little by little and taking care not to irritate your skin or eyes, rub your closed fist all over your body, starting at the top, until you reach your feet. Without opening your fist, or allowing the salt to escape from your hand. Then you discard the salt when finished.