What is Parapsychology ?

Are you curious to know what Parapsychology is ? It is a pseudoscience that has controversial the world. The fact is that there are so-called paranormal events, which formal science has not yet found how to explain. While parapsychologists have justified arguments for all of them.

It is a fascinating subject that attracts those who believe in the mysteries of nature. Such as intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and different forms of extra-sensory perception that occur between humans and a non-earthly plane.

Parapsychology lives among us daily and tries to explain destiny, why we act and what happens to us.

Also known as an occult science, it has had detractors, despite the daily benefit it offers to humanity.

Parapsychology definition and meaning

It is the study of phenomena and paranormal mental capacities. That is, they do not have a scientific explanation or conform to the known laws of nature. These events are grouped into three types:

  • Extrasensory perception
  • Mind-matter interaction or telekinesis
  • Life after death

The first time this word was used, it was in a publication made by the psychologist Max Dessoir in 1889. Semantically the term comes from the Greek: for: ‘next to’, psycho: ‘mind’ and logy: ‘study’.

This form of study depends on other disciplines such as physics, psychology and statistics, among others. For its development, the participation of specialists from different areas is necessary.

What are parapsychological phenomena?

The phenomena studied by parapsychology are those produced in the thought or mind of a person, which have no scientific or natural basis of being.

There is a difference between parapsychological and paranormal facts. The term paranormal is used to categorize all types of events that have no scientific basis or explanation.

Parapsychological events are limited to categorizing only those inexplicable events produced by the HUMAN MIND. And when it refers to inexplicable, it refers to the lack of scientific basis or arguments or by natural laws.

According to the Parapsychological Association these are:

Psychic phenomena


It is the ability to find messages or evidence from people who do not know or have not seen each other. Even of missing individuals, by means of some reference such as an image or object of said person.

His advertisements are known as prophecies.

Remote viewing

It is the ability to perceive information from events, objects or someone at a great distance.


Also known as premonition is the ability to see events before they occur.

Retro cognition

It is about the power to visualize past events.


Perhaps one of the most popular parapsychological experiences. Well, it was widely used as recreational attractions on television shows. Broadly speaking, this influence allows you to read, listen or recognize the thoughts of another person without the need to speak.


This ability is developed through the sense of touch. When making contact with an object or person, he encounters unknown messages and information.

Aura reading

The aura is a magnetic field that surrounds people or objects and that according to its color determines its energetic state. There is the gift to visualize and interpret you.


This ability allows to express and interpret messages through written texts in an unconscious or altered way. Also known as spiritual writing.

Mental or astral projection

It is perhaps one of the most striking and difficult to verify. It is the ability to “separate” from the physical body and practice an out-of-body experience. It is very common in cases of near death experiences.


Those who practice it are known as a medium. They are those with extrasensory powers to communicate with spirits, or deceased beings. They can hear, feel and have in their thinking

Kinetic phenomena

They are kinetic events to control with the mind anything in the environment outside the body. It occurs in different categories according to the object affected with the power.

For the determination of these facts, experimental laboratory methods that leave concrete evidence are used. Only those that meet these research criteria can be classified as such.

Other non-measurable or quantifiable experiences or anecdotes are considered spontaneous or accidental.

Parapsychological incidents are executed by humans with an extrasensory faculty, which is different from the common one. It is a more powerful way than intuition. A kind of sensitivity that allows you to see, feel, think, and discover things that others cannot.

What are people with parapsychological powers like?

You don’t have to imagine them with a crystal ball in front of them. Or dressed in a strange or mysterious way. Those who master it look as normal as anyone.

They can speak, act, work, and function naturally. The difference is in how you perceive things. Their senses have other capacities, they even develop a sixth sense. An extra power that they place in the forehead, between the eyebrows, like a third eye.

Events occur spontaneously or in a controlled manner. It all depends on the control that the person has over his gift. Generally, they are due to the union of the emotional and the psychic.

Those who enjoy this energy speak of having a gift. Some say they have inherited it from ancestors or that it has been passed down through generations in their family. While others have simply discovered it on their own.

This extrasensory force is usually detected in the first years of existence. Depending on the interest it can be developed to high levels of performance. Achieving use for the good of humanity.

Perhaps you have heard that it is an altered state of consciousness caused by trauma, illness or neurological effect. And although it is related to another level of development of consciousness and intuition, it is not a bad thing, much less a disease.

Does this mean that anyone can have these powers? Well, for those who care and respect, yes. Many experts claim that we are all born with some of this power.

Even without guessing, see facts related to love life, work, money or life problems. This gift is present in that moment when you come up with an idea, a solution, at a least expected moment. In the shower, after leaving work, etc.

How do you know if you have psychic powers?

Do you feel that you perceive signals or sensations that nobody else sees? Are your sayings about the future true? Do you usually think about “hunches”, intuitions or have certainty that you do not know how to justify them, but that you are convinced of it?

These energies, faculties or abilities are the minimum expression of the gift that we have in our being. It happens that they are not very recognized or socially accepted. Therefore, we do not pay due attention to it or study why that happens to us.

Here are our good psychics , to clarify your doubts, we will give you the following clues that will indicate how developed your parapsychological intuition is.

  • If you have dreams, feelings or ideas that tell you that something will happen and it does.
  • You guess or read the thought without being told anything.
  • You have dreams or visions with deceased people and you listen to their messages.
  • By touching people or objects you have revelations.
  • You feel that you are accompanied by a spirit or presence.
  • You have felt that you can get out of your body
  • You are frequently shocked by static electricity

These are some of the signs that you experience when you have psychic powers. What remains is to study and develop them responsibly and wisely. In order to help those around you to obtain happiness and a good life.

Although Parapsychology is not a university career, nor a formal science, you will find different schools and great teachers where they teach to develop these faculties. You find them easily through the web.

They even offer their services as fortune tellers, psychics, tarot readers, and mediums. Offering to decipher the messages that destiny has saved for your happiness. If you want to have an experience close to psychic power, consult a good psychic.