Three of Swords: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Three of Swords (love reading)


The Three of Swords is an extremely graphic card, where three swords mercilessly pierce a heart. The rain falls incessantly and there are dense clouds, forming a painful and gray picture that represents a dark and difficult moment in life.

Three of Swords (upright) in Love


  • difficulties for a partner,
  • misunderstanding,
  • hidden deceptions,
  • arguments,
  • disappointments.

In the upright position, the three of swords card means the difficulties that befell the lovers. This is not just a short-term discord, but a serious quarrel, divorce. The couple will cease to exist.

The reason can be both the extinction of feelings, and the difference in views of the world. New alliances will be fragile. This card does not advise building a personal life in a conceived period, since there is a high probability of a mistake in a partner.

According to another interpretation, the three of swords indicates that one of the partners intentionally hurts the other. Consider whether such a relationship is necessary. If you yourself are the cause of suffering, then stop suppressing your soul mate.

Manipulation should not be the basis of a relationship. The three also means heartfelt anguish. It can be caused by unrequited feelings, the departure of the second half and other reasons.

The Three of Swords card also points to strained relations with relatives. In the conceived period, quarrels, fights for any reason are possible. Even a minor cause will contribute to the deterioration of the bond with the family.

In some interpretations, it means division of property, conflict over inheritance. Be extremely delicate and try to maintain good relationships.

This may be just a moment, and the relationship can be saved if you act truthfully and if there are true feelings. In its darker face, The Three of Swords indicates ruptures, divorces, betrayals, abandonment. There is a deep heartbreak, and usually everything happens in a rush, almost without warning.

If you are alone and looking for love, you may have several misunderstandings, people who seem like one thing and then disappoint you when you go deeper. It is a difficult time without a doubt. You have to live that pain to get it out, express it. If you save it and don’t process it properly, you will never get out of it.

Three of Swords (reversed) in Love

The inverted or reversed Three of Swords speaks of a relationship that was initially doomed to failure. Most likely, the betrayal of the second half or a repulsive secret will be revealed.

It is unlikely that after this the couple will continue the relationship. A break with a scandal is not excluded. The card also means complete indifference to each other.

Perhaps the partners have been together for so long that they are already tired of the relationship. They’d be better off apart. Parting will bring some joy and relief.

The Three of Swords shows that you have been through a time of incredible pain, but you begin to overcome it, understanding it, accepting it, making it conscious. You make things clear and even within a very dark context, you manage to find the positive things that such a thrust has left you.

You know that one door closes but another opens. Undoubtedly you are not yet in the conditions for love or a new relationship, but you are on the right track.

If you are in search of love, the most disappointing people are left behind, and in this spiritual sifting you learn to choose the best for you, with a kind of sixth sense that has opened the pain.

Three of Swords: UprightReversed

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