The Hanged Man: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

The Hanged Man (love reading)


For an already established union, the Hanged Man does not promise anything good. One of the partners cannot control himself, the other partner and what is happening between them. He feels like a victim. He is forced:

  • sacrifice desires;
  • give up passion;
  • take away freedom.

The Hanged Man (upright) in Love


The Hanged Man, then difficult times come for the relationship. A serious crisis is coming, and both partners are to blame, who simplу refuse to make concessions, sacrifice personal interests for the sake of mutual happiness and listen to the wishes of the partner. If the card fell out after a recent quarrel, then the broken cup cannot be glued, and уou will not get along.

If the Hanged Man card appears in a love reading, уou will not be able to meet a soul mate for a long time. Moreover, nothing depends on уou, so initiative and activitу in terms of dating will not help. It remains onlу to humblу wait until luck smiles.

The appearance of the Hanged Man symbolizes an unusual crisis. It didn’t start, it didn’t end, and it didn’t pass. He will swell sluggishly and is not going to somehow change. However, if the union is already hanging by a thread, then the card indicates its end.

For an established relationship, the card means apathy or death of feelings. Partners are bored and helpless. The state lasts a long time, its end is not visible. Some people think that in a relationship they have been jinxed or damaged, there is no sex or it becomes bad.

The Hanged Man card, in a love reading, indicates a partner who is stretched between two sides. All participants suffer from this. Attempts to make everyone happy will only lead to problems.

The querent perceives the situation as a vicious circle. He has no idea how to act and save the situation. Therefore, his conscious choice is inaction. In other situations, it is enough to make a sacrifice and refuse something. But in matters of love, the Hanged Man manifests himself differently. All representations of the questioner become narrow and limited.

Man is between two fires, he is surrounded by contradictions. All this leads to emotional exhaustion. As a result, both sides lose their flame and go out.

The Hanged Man card does not bode well for lonely people either. At this stage, any search will not be crowned with success. Any attempts to have a romance or get to know each other will not bring anything good. The map indicates that during this period it is important to pay attention to other areas of life. First of all, on the spiritual.

For some people, finding a partner becomes an obsession. However, on a personal level, he is not ready for sacrifice. After all, any cohabitation implies refusal or concessions in some things.

The card directly tells the querent that a person only has an obsession with his needs and egoism. With such a baggage, you should not dream of an alliance.

In order for a relationship to appear, you need to change yourself.

The Hanged Man (reversed) in Love

In reverse position, the card loses its classical meaning. The querent will not be able to perceive the new, so it is unlikely that he will be helped by a revision of his views. Two traditional interpretations run along the lasso: either a person is completely immersed in himself, in his egoism, or he overly pleases other people in an effort to help them.

Sometimes in this position, the card indicates the pursuit of an unrealizable dream.

In some sources, there is such an interpretation as minor sacrifices. This is when the questioner loves to tell how he suffered and overcame, although in fact he did not make any effort.

Sometimes the card indicates the uselessness of the victim or its fictitiousness. It’s like buying anti-aging creams, but neglecting lifestyle changes. As a result, there is no result.

In the upside down position, the Hanged Man experiences a lot of selfishness and cowardice. This is a map of all sorts of false prophets and teachers. Such personalities like to actively teach everyone how to live, demand from them to follow the rules, but they themselves cannot follow them.

Promises and deals will be thwarted. The process will be disrupted. A person understands well that he will not get away from reality. Nowhere. He will have to change under her influence.

In an inverted position, a person seeks to abandon any obligations, knowing full well that this is a temporary measure and it will lead to failure.

The card indicates that the person is deceiving himself. For example, he builds his life to meet someone’s expectations, or he exaggerates his income. Or the card becomes an indicator of the victim’s behavior.

It’s time to turn everything upside down and turn your life around. Don’t waste time on useless projects.

The Hanged Man card in an inverted position indicates that the time has come to solve problems in love with radical methods. You can no longer keep silent and pretend that nothing is happening. It is most reasonable to bring уour soul mate into an honest and sincere conversation. Feel free to discuss all the claims and come to a common denominator.

If this is not done, then the relationship can no longer be saved. It is not уet possible to unite and find mutual understanding if the partners have not clearlу set priorities in the relationship, or one of them is behaving abusivelу towards the other (and does not realize this).

Don’t be sad. The Hanged Man does not put an end to уour relationship. You just have to spend a lot of time, effort and attention to revive love and regain trust. But it’s quite possible.

The Hanged Man: Upright , Reversed

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