The Devil: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

The Devil (love reading)


The Devil (upright) in Love


The Devil is a relationship and what else! True, they are often not a joy. The map usually becomes an indicator of betrayal, when a person is tempted by an unfree partner and he completely loses his head in an effort to master the desired object.

At this time, the querent cannot adequately assess the partner, his essence. Obsessions with sex, finances and other forms of addiction run along the map. In such a connection, a person betrays his principles and does not remember them. To some extent, various sexual abnormalities can manifest.

It is highlу likelу that the Devil card in the Tarot deck indicates a marriage of convenience. Therefore, instead of love, everуone pursues onlу material gain and will easilу cross out the other half from life if theу lose their usual standard of living. The person can plaу with fire, because he manipulates the soul mate in order to get her moneу and social status. Such behavior is bound to result in punishment.

After the person achieves what he wants, even if it is only sex, he will begin to be tormented by the feeling “it would be better if this did not happen.” To some extent, this is also an experience, but over time, the querent will start to think “it was possible to do without this.”

The devil beckons with flirtation, play, promises. For an established union, he presents trials in the form of lust, despotism and other events. In some cases, the lasso becomes a divorce. In its course, all the unpleasant sides of the union will be exposed, all the dirty linen will be dumped.

The Devil (reversed) in Love

In the opposite position, the Devil loses its negative meaning. A person seems to understand all aspects of his life. He is ready to change for the better, get rid of illusions and doubts. Before him, in all its glory, the viciousness of the existing connection rises and the querent can break it.

This is not a full-fledged victory yet, only the beginning of the path. But the questioner is ready to fight his weaknesses, the shadow personality and consciously suppress it. In the spiritual plane, the insight descended on him that any material is beneficial to nothing over the non-material sphere. There is no longer any desire to make money, gain power or a partner by all means.

In some cases, the inverted Devil card indicates a love spell in a relationship (уes, someone bewitched someone). Of course, there is no question of anу real love here, because one person franklу pushes the other around.

However, the card also has a negative meaning in the opposite position. First of all, she points out that a large number of actions of the questioner are made from selfish motives. The influence of greed is also possible. You have to make a choice between finances and personal happiness.

In order to get rid of depression, you will need to make every effort to get rid of the “chains”. The card warns that the questioner runs the risk of becoming a victim of strange sexual relationships.

Note: The Devil card suggests that the querent may be under the influence of someone.

If a person behaves in the spirit of a lasso (an experienced seducer, a swindler, etc.), then he will be exposed and answered for his actions. 

The Devil: Upright , Reversed

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