Ten of Wands: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Ten of Wands (love reading)


The ten of wands is one of the most dual cards that we can find in the deck and its meaning must be carefully analyzed in a reading.

Ten of Wands (upright) in Love


The Ten of Wands, always dual, on the one hand can indicate that this long journey that you have been trying to save the relationship, improve it and make it more solid, finally generates the desired results and things really are heading and improving a lot. By dint of persevering and insisting, the desired results arrive.

But also, in another context, it can mean that the burden is too much for you, and that you alone cannot get much if you do not commit and hold the other responsible in the relationship. A relationship is built in pairs, and the effort or love of one alone is often not enough to cover the part of the other member of the couple.

If you are alone , it is possible that that love that you pursue so much you can finally reach it, but in its negative version the letter could well mean that it is a wasted effort. It is advisable to rest for the moment and not keep trying until there is a more favorable outlook.

Ten of Wands (reversed) in Love

The inverted Ten of Wands indicates two very different things, which will depend on the rest of the cards to know if it is one message or the other.

On the one hand, it can signal an infidelity: If it is on your part, you carry the weight of your actions on your back. If it is from your partner, and you suspect or know it, it is very difficult for you to move forward with such a weight.

You must ask yourself if it is best not to finally let go of that burden, which includes perhaps ending the relationship on one extreme, or sincerely forgiving, forgetting what happened, and moving forward more easily.

The other meaning is to literally let go of the burden of a relationship that comes with problems: either everyone takes responsibility and fixes things or perhaps it is time to make important decisions, such as ending it and leaving, but whatever it is, it’s about of letting go and letting go to relieve the enormous weight on your shoulders, that is, the relief in your life comes either in the form of fixing things or finishing and letting go of the load at once.

On the other hand, if you are lonely, this reverse card can announce that the weight of being without love ends with the appearance of a new relationship in your life.

Ten of Wands: Upright, Reversed

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