Temperance: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Temperance (love reading)


Temperance (upright) in Love


In the context of love, if you are in a relationship, this card means a harmonious union, when you and your partner have found the perfect balance of love, commitment and respect, you feel each other like soul mates. There is no violent passion between people, a surge of emotions and wild desires, there is peace, understanding and restraint in everything.

For some, this may overtake melancholy, but for those who are tired of a hectic life, such a relationship will seem like heavenly manna. Partners understand each other without words, live in one breath, always make compromises, respect the opinion of the other, are afraid to upset each other. Here we are not talking about reckless love, here are deeper feelings, a person’s ability to accept a partner as he is. Unity and integrity is what is kept between people and is not put on display.

The Temperance card is a symbol of compatibility. The sexual life of people is characterized by harmony, softness, restraint. Intimacy is more like an exchange of energies than a carnal desire.

The Temperance card signals the opportunitу to strengthen and improve romantic relationships. If the card appears for a single person, then verу soon уou will meet a soul mate. And we are talking about a kindred spirit with which уou will find eternal happiness.

If you have had problems in your relationship, you will overcome them and move forward together. In this case, it is important to realize the problems, the root of which is antagonism – confrontation with someone or something that interferes with the development of relations. A person is already pre-configured against a partner and a relationship, the outcome of which is unknown to him.

Such an experience is very difficult to overcome, and as a rule, a person must cope with demons, which confuse his consciousness and mislead. The temperance card inspires hope that internal changes will occur in a person, and relations will acquire calmness, idyll, and tolerance. You will accept mutual obligations with your partner, begin to develop together, acquire a balance of power.

If you are single, then you should seek harmony and balance in other areas of your life to make room for a loving partner who will come into your life.

Temperance (reversed) in Love

In an inverted position, the card indicates conflicts and clashes caused by imbalances in relationships. This may be the result of the fact that one of you, on your part, shows concern and attention more than he sees in response from a partner. Or perhaps the love and respect you show is not reciprocated by your partner.

There is a lack of harmony in relationships. Constant arguments, reproaches, shouts, unwillingness to listen to each other. Try to calm down and find peace within yourself, this will help you more soberly and rationally approach the solution of any problems that you face.

The Temperance card inverted describes a difficult situation in love, but still gives a second chance. You just need to analуze уour actions and come to a mutual decision. It will be difficult to go to peace if both people do not take a step towards each other.

If you are lonely, the card suggests that you start to trust and open up too early in front of people you are interested in. You are too impatient and ready to fall in love with the first comer who smiled at you, leaving the stage of acquaintance and recognition for later.

This indicates promiscuity on your part, which in most cases brings grief and disappointment. Be patient, you shouldn’t be constantly on the lookout. Take your time, or try to start a relationship after you get to know the person. Just relax, try to create your own inner world, and let the new romance unfold at its natural pace.

Temperance: Upright , Reversed

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