Six of Swords: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Six of Swords (love reading)


The Six of Swords shows us in the figure a boat carrying a woman and a child, in the attitude of moving away from something. While at first glance there is a sense of loss, this is not the case.

Six of Swords (upright) in Love


  • mutual respect,
  • equal relations,
  • partners are in harmony.
  • Warmth and sincerity accompany relationships.
  • Calm prevails,
  • everything is smooth.
  • Openness and trust

Your relationship may include separation or some kind of trip that you can use to evaluate your partner. Understand what you yourself are worth, and whether it is worth continuing this relationship.

On the one hand, this is well-being in a couple, on the other, a breakup and new relationships.

The six of Swords indicates that a change of place is necessary. Take a trip with your partner, even if it is very brief or even walks within the city that they do not usually do, a picnic or an afternoon in the park. They must move, stir up stagnant waters.

This card alone does not indicate separation, breakup or distance, it can be all of these, but it must be accompanied by other cards that indicate the same.

If you are looking for love, the card tells you that you should abandon your routines and try new ways, explore other places and groups if you want to meet someone. There may be a love at a distance.

Six of Swords (reversed) in Love

  • in a couple there are conflicts and quarrels,
  • disagreements and intractability of both partners.
  • Constantly one of the partners puts himself above the other, his opinion in the foreground, his desires in the main position.
  • Obstacles to the implementation of plans.

Unfortunatelу, there will be quarrels and conflict situations that cannot be prevented. The partners are closed and do not even trу to listen to each other at all, which makes the situation even more tense.

Partners are tired of each other, the desire to escape from routine and everyday life.

The Six of Swords card indicates a strong emotional shake-up and inner emptiness caused bу a lack of understanding. The querent dreams of changing everуthing, but does not уet understand how to achieve this.

The six of swords indicates that relationship has become an everyday thing – it has lost its special meaning. This is a verу dangerous period when one of the lovers has a desire to find someone new. Onlу through romantic dinners, dates and conversations will it be possible to renew the passion and bond.

The reversed Six of Swords signals that this is not a good time to keep holding on to things that don’t do you well, but you still need to be very prepared and ready to let go.

If you are looking for a love, make sure you have completely forgotten the previous one, no one will want to go out with you if you make continuous comparisons or go back to the past all the time.

Six of Swords: Upright,  Reversed

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