Quartz: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Quartz

As long as the planet Earth exists, the same amount of minerals “live” on it. There are hundreds of them, they all differ in physical and chemical qualities, colors, age and charm. There are purely collectible items, and many are involved in the creation of jewelry masterpieces. Each stone is an individuality with its own riddles, legends and secrets. For example Quartz is a mineral that predominates in the composition of the earth’s crust.

The name Quartz owes its origin to the German language, which in translation means “solid”. The year of the discovery of this mineral is impossible to determine for certain, since it was known about it in antiquity. Legends and beliefs have been written about Quartz since time immemorial. Our ancestors used this gem for the production of household items. And they drew attention to him immediately, from the first find. He attracted with his firmness. He smelled of magic and sorcerers and magicians did not fail to notice it.

They say about Quartz that the palms are cooled from it, and the soul is warmed. It has many names: chemists call it silicon dioxide, mineralogists call it silica. In nature, it occurs in the form of hexagonal transparent crystals with a sharp top. In terms of hardness, quartz occupies an honorable fourth place behind diamonds , corundum  and topaz .

What are the Different Types of Quartz:

 Quartz is named because it is colored by trace impurities and has a variety of appearances due to its unique inclusions.
 The following is a typical example.

▼ Name by color
  • Amethyst (purple crystal)
  • Citrine
  • Smoky Quartz (Smoky Quartz, Brown Quartz)
  • Milky Quartz (milky white crystal)
  • Rose quartz (red crystal)
▼ How to call by inclusions
  • Rutile quartz (crystal with needle)
  • Garden crystal (garden crystal)
  • Phantom crystal (phantom crystal, crystal with mountains)
  • Ferden crystal
▼ How to call by shape and appearance
  • Ice crystal
  • Herkimer diamond (Herkimer crystal)
  • Cathedral crystal
  • Laser crystal
  • Double point (both swords) crystal

Quartz group stone

The quartz group to which the crystal belongs is very wide and includes various stones. Here are some of them.

  • Tiger Eye
  • Chalcedony (Chrysoprase, etc.)
  • Aventurine
  • Agate (Onyx, Carnelian, Blue lace, etc.)
  • Jasper (Red Jasper, Bloodstone, etc.)
  • opal

Benefits of Wearing a Quartz:

Healing effects of Wearing a Quartz:

Not every mineral can boast of such unique healing properties. However, quartz is endowed with them. Thanks to it, our body can receive excellent water, passed through a quartz filter. Such water can also wash away the negative energy accumulated during a hard day. Quartz will help to cure skin diseases, including having a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the face and hands, making it soft and elastic. If you get sick with colds, then the ailment will be removed with a quartz pendant.

Magical effects of Wearing a Quartz:

Since ancient times, it was believed that quartz has a strong energy. Magic lenses and balls were made from this stone, temple fires were lit with it. Not one magical act was complete without this gem: he looked into the past, predicted future events, revealed secrets and solved riddles. They attached particular importance to Rock crystal . He was able to influence a person, make him do certain actions and deeds, that is, he mastered him.

Each type of quartz possessed only its inherent strength. So, the pink mineral calmed, balanced, forced to control myself even if the situation got out of control. People became non-contentious, affable, friendly, sympathetic. It was good to communicate with them and spend free time. Green gems removed irritability and fatigue. Wearing such a pendant helped quickly get out of depression, really look at what was happening and draw the right conclusions. Red quartz could bewitch, ward off the evil eye and damage, and prevent negative energy from affecting a person’s condition. He could even protect his owner from black magic.

Which Zodiac Signs can wear Quartz:

This gem has a great impact on people. Depending on the color of the mineral, it may or may not be suitable for some; while it may be a talisman for a certain sign of the Zodiac.

Quartz Suitable for Aries:

Purple or snowy shades of Quartz are suitable for Arise. The stone will help passive representatives of this sign to become confident, purposeful, persistent, make a person become the soul of the company, make them become empathetic not only in relation to loved ones, but also just strangers, and destroy egoistic notes in them.

Quartz Suitable for Taurus:

The influence will come exclusively from the green and gray specimens. Such varieties of quartz will promote wisdom and prudence, warn against misfortunes and unkind people, and help to cheer up during depression. If Taurus wear rings with Quartz, then they are provided with the ability to quickly and easily eliminate the misunderstandings that have arisen, climb the career ladder, and become an irreplaceable employee for their bosses. For women – Taurus, the mineral will help determine in love relationships and make the only right choice.

Quartz Suitable for Gemini:

Gemini should give preference to red and yellow crystals. It is such jewelry that will remove disappointments from life, bring joy and carelessness, and make it possible to achieve what you want in a love relationship. In business, there will be a chance to overtake your rivals without making them enemies.

Quartz Suitable for Cancer zodiac:

For Cancerians, it is preferable to wear stones of smoky or purple hues. And it doesn’t matter on which finger the ring or ring is worn. The main thing is that this will enable the owner to become more alert and self-possessed, bring the nervous system back to normal, become calmer and more judicious. These types of quart are recommended to be worn separately from other gemstones for a more pronounced effect.

Quartz Suitable for Leo:

The most suitable shade for Leo is pinkish. Such a mineral will instill confidence, fortitude, strengthen the inner sense, relieve pain and stop bleeding. It will also save you from a poverty-stricken existence and help stabilize your financial condition.

Quartz Suitable for Virgo:

Take pink , red, or purple sugar quartz seriously . Such minerals can bring good luck, solve difficult problems, and help you get out of a bad situation as a winner. It also has a positive effect on a person’s energy, it must be worn as a talisman. Moreover, the setting for the stone does not matter. His aura is so strong that he is able to shield from dishonest people.

Quartz Suitable for Libra:

Smoky and yellow shades will come in handy. They will help determine a romantic relationship, choose a soul mate, and improve family relationships. Balance and harmony are assured. Also has medicinal properties.

Quartz Suitable for Scorpio:

Wear jewelry with opaque rutile, smoky, brown crystals. This will bring good luck, help you achieve your goals, strengthen your confidence in your righteousness, make the envious retreat.

Quartz Suitable for Sagittarius:

The pink quartz will prevent trouble, make you believe in luck and originality. You deserve more – strive for your goal and you will succeed. Moreover, special efforts are not required. It will bring peace and tranquility into your life, drive away bad thoughts and feelings. Be healthy and happy with him.

Quartz Suitable for Capricorns:

Smoky and milky gems are just for you. And it doesn’t matter what form it is cut into. It protects against diseases, strengthens the immune system, improves memory and hearing.

Quartz Suitable for Aquarians:

Put on a ring with golden quartz and you will feel a surge of vitality, improved mood, and increased tone. For you, life will become a holiday that nothing and no one can darken. It will help protect its owner from eye-witted people, from fears and troubles, and help in business.

Quartz Suitable for Pisces:

Pink, blue or green colored quartz suit the Pisceans.

Using quartz of a rare bluish tint will contribute to running a successful business, overcoming obstacles on the way to achieving a goal, attracting investment. The green quartz will divert negative energy, give you the opportunity to stop, concentrate and make the only right decision. The pink quartz has a positive effect on health, body readings.

How to tell if a quartz is Real or Fake:

Despite the fact that there are plenty of places for mining quartz crystals, all the same, dishonest people are trying to sell synthetic fakes to ignorant connoisseurs of fine art. They are very similar to the originals, but the forgery is betrayed by the air bubbles inside the stone in a chaotic disorder and cracks. Moreover, under natural conditions, transparent crystals of greenish, bluish or bluish shades are not found. They can only be translucent. It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the mineral. If it is large enough, then it is clearly a gross fake.

True quartz of natural origin will become not only an adornment, but also a talisman for its owner.

How to tell if Quartz is Real of Fake:

In the case of the type that has been processed into a round ball, colorless and transparent stones can be obtained relatively easily if the diameter is up to about 30 mm.

However, if the size is larger than that, inclusions will inevitably enter, so the rarity value will increase and the selling price will also rise extremely.

Crystal balls with no inclusions are extremely rare when the diameter is 150 mm or more, and larger balls that are clear are more likely to be artificial products.

There is a simple way to distinguish between natural quartz and jade.

The following method is effective for crystal that has been processed into a ball shape and has a diameter of 30 mm or more.

Place a hair on white paper or draw a very thin line (not as thick as a ballpoint pen). If you place a crystal ball on it and look into it from above, you will see a part of the line (usually near the top and bottom) doubled. This is a phenomenon caused by the birefringence of light that has entered the crystal and is called doubling.

This phenomenon does not occur with glass beads or so-called molten crystal made by melting crystal and glass.

However, even with natural quartz, doubling cannot be seen in some directions, so when inspecting, it is necessary to observe from multiple directions while rotating the ball.

In addition, if you are not accustomed to using small diameter objects, the doubling phenomenon will be difficult to see and you will not be able to distinguish them.

 In addition, even if it is an artificial product, synthetic quartz that is actually crystallized causes a doubling phenomenon, so it cannot be identified by the above method.
 It is said that “the image reflected in the ball looks upside down with natural crystal”, but this is incorrect. Even with a glass ball, the image inside is reflected upside down.

Artificial crystal

 Although the production technology of artificial quartz has advanced for industrial use, it is also widely used for general purposes such as jewelry.
 Typical artificial quartz is as follows.

  • Melted crystal

 A product made by dissolving and mixing natural crystal powder and glass components. It is a so-called “kneaded crystal”.
 In this case, the majority of the raw material may be quartz, or most of the ingredients may be glass.

  • Synthetic crystal

Quartz seeds are placed in a special kettle and artificially crystallized or grown, and are mainly used for industrial purposes.

Even though it is artificial, it undergoes a crystallization process, so it causes a doubling phenomenon like natural quartz.

Colors of Quartz:

This mineral is both magnificent and diverse. There are a great many varieties of Quartz, and they all differ in color, structure, energy:

1. Black Quartz

Black ( morion ) – at first glance, it looks like resin. It can be translucent or opaque. In their rituals, it was often used by magicians and alchemists. In jewelry, it is used only after annealing, during which it changes its color to yellow.

2. Pink Quartz

Pink is a beautiful pale pink mineral that becomes colorless in the light of sunlight. Mineralogists classify it as a type of Rhinestone . He is credited with unique magical and healing qualities. It is generally believed that it calms the nervous system, restores mental balance, relieves resentment and anxiety, makes people more restrained.

3. Green Quartz

Green – these crystals are translucent, have a green tint, and are considered a find among jewelers. Jewelry with such a gem is usually worn in the same color as the eyes and used in fashion shows of famous brands. For example, wearing earrings with green inserts can relieve fatigue, nullify irritability, and relieve stress.

4. White or Milky Quartz

It is unique in that when the temperature rises, it begins to release ozone, which cleans the lungs of carbon dioxide, so such quartz beads will be very useful for those who have problems with the lungs and throat. Having gained warmth in itself, this mineral does not release it for a long time, therefore it is a valuable specimen in steam rooms.

5. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a brown mineral, individuals of which differ in intensity and tone. Very beautiful jewelry is made from this stone, and their unique cut is impressive. Such products have undeniable beauty, but there are categories of people who are not recommended to wear such things. These include weak-willed, nervous, easily injured, suspicious individuals.

6. Violet Quartz

Violet ( amethyst ) – a precious natural stone of violet color, translucent texture. Due to the fact that the deposits of such a mineral are quite common, jewelry with amethyst inserts is inexpensive, and therefore very popular. With its appearance, it is in no way inferior to rare precious stones with exorbitant value. It treated infertility in women and lack of potency in men with this gem.

Rare Type of Quartz : Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz (silicon dioxide) is one of the most expensive representatives of the Quartz group. It is valued for its golden-red hue with the presence of fine crystalline inclusions. Fortune-tellers and sorcerers love him most of all. They use it as a love spell and protection from the “bad eye”. Products with such a stone should be worn by creative people. It will serve as an excellent talisman for them.

One of the varieties of Quartz is rock crystal . It has a high thermal conductivity, and therefore it constantly blows coolness. At Rock crystal unique structure and perfect transparency, because it completely absent impurities. The nobility of Ancient Rome used balls made of this stone to cool hands on hot days.

Quartz is most often found with a precipitate in the form of elongated prismatic crystals. There are specimens in the form of irregular isometric grains that have grown together with other minerals.

Where is Quartz Found:

Unique deposits of Rhinestone  are scattered all over the world. The very first crystals were extracted from the ice of the Swiss Alps. This is where its name came from. High quality crystals are found in France, Italy, Transcarpathia.

Where else are these unique minerals mined? In Madagascar, India, USA. The supply of these raw materials is carried out from Brazil, especially lilac quartz ( amethyst ). The main deposits are located on the Uruguayan border. Arizona and South Carolina are famous for deposits. Beautiful specimens are found in Ceylon and in the Urals, Japan, Namibia and Zambia. Australian amethysts are in high demand among jewelers.

Uses of Quartz:


Products with quartz inserts are very popular. On store shelves, you can see earrings and rings, bracelets and necklaces, beads and cufflinks, pendants and many other jewelry. They are worn under festive outfits and in everyday life, to celebrations and to work, businessmen and office employees. They are always beautiful, charming and bewitching. They breathe power and magic.

Domestic Use:

Quartz is not only used for jewelry. It is used to manufacture optical devices, ultrasound generators, telephone systems and radio equipment. The ceramic and glass industries cannot do without it. Quartz sand and silica refractories have significant amounts of it in their composition. Quartz is used to make a variety of crafts, such as ashtrays, bowls, vases.

Chemical Composition of Quartz:

The chemical formula of quartz is SiO2. This mineral is a representative of the glass-forming oxide group, since it is capable of forming a supercooled melt – glass. Quartz can be dissolved exclusively in hydrofluoric acid, and the temperature should be in the range from 171 to 1728 degrees. This temperature difference is determined by the fact that the mineral has a very high melt viscosity, therefore, it is not possible to clearly determine the melting point.

Physical Properties of Quartz:

Silicon dioxide has natural metallic impurities and inclusions. As a rule, these are compounds of iron and aluminum. Quartz belongs tolow optical relief; trigonal system; sufficient fragility; unique hardness with an index of 7; concave fracture; greasy, glassy or matte sheen; turbid, translucent, translucent, transparent, water-transparent structure; imperfect cleavage; white lines.
It is the category of very hard minerals with high thermal conductivity and viscosity, cool surface state, resistance to chemical compositions. It is considered a dielectric conductor.

According to the IMA classes, quartz is classified as an oxide. Following are the properties of Quartz:

  • low optical relief;
  • trigonal system;
  • sufficient fragility;
  • unique hardness with an index of 7;
  • concave fracture;
  • greasy, glassy or matte sheen;
  • turbid, translucent, translucent, transparent, water-transparent structure;
  • imperfect cleavage;
  • white lines.
  • This stone is of the uniaxial type (+),
  • its specific gravity is 2.6; density – 2.66 g / cm3;
  • molecular weight – 60.08;
  • refraction – nω = 1.543 – 1.545 nε = 1.552 – 1.554;
  • maximum birefringence – 0.009.