Diamond: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Diamond

Diamond is one of the most popular stones in the World. Shining, precious, unique … Many epithets can be applied to it; Wearing a Diamond can have multifold benefits if it suits your zodiac sign. This article helps you know all Diamonds, its healing & magical properties, its benefits according to Zodiac signs, caring for your diamond and Identifying a fake diamond.

The name of the stone comes from the ancient Greek word “adamas”, which means “indestructible”. The gem  received such a name for its hardness. Well, in English it is called “diamond”.

Benefits of Wearing a Diamond

Healing effects of Wearing a Diamond:

Many people believe that the aura of the stone can help in getting rid of bodily ailments. It can help fight infectious diseases, reduce high fever in case of inflammation in the body. It will have a positive effect on metabolism. It was believed that the diamond could serve as an antidote.

As for the psyche, it is able to relieve fatigue and give energy, help in the cure of sclerosis. Severe disorders like schizophrenia or depression are also amenable to stone “cure”.

Indians have long been familiar with diamonds, yogis believed in the power of the energy of the stone, in its ability to improve the condition of the heart and brain. It can even rejuvenate a person, improve the state of the nervous system and mind. In general, it protects, soothes and invigorates.

Magical Effects of wearing a Diamond:

In addition to the physical body, the stone is able to positively influence the etheric. The hardness of a diamond can lend tenacity to its owner. It will help in gaining power, following the path of self-improvement, wearing it strengthens the energy centers of a person. If you believe in the doctrine of the chakras, it is associated with the seventh, parietal (Sahasrara), which is responsible for contact with higher forces. In terms of direction, the energy of the stone can be attributed to Yang, strong and creative.

Eastern sages believe that a diamond is best given or passed on to their descendants. But if it was acquired, the beliefs say that it must lie in the house for 7 years. In no case should it be obtained illegally or dishonestly – then its strong energy will turn to evil and will only bring suffering.

The presence of natural inclusions is not a good indicator, such stones require a careful approach, so that, again, not to harm the owner.

Which Zodiac Sign can wear Diamond

It is best worn by Zodiac Signs of the element of Fire. Among those for whom the diamond is most suitable:

  • Aries (has the ability to make them more self-confident);
  • Leos (recommended to wear for generosity);
  • Sagittarius (can calm, make you less irritable)

Do not assume that the gem will not suit the representatives of the other signs of the zodiac categorically. Capricorns can become more positive, Libra can find calmness, and Taurus can calm their anger.

Some astrologers believe that it is worth paying attention to the shades of the stone: it is  better for Cancers to choose sky blue, Virgo – slightly pink, Aquarius – with yellowness.

Who is not categorically suitable:

  • Pisces (too “strong” diamond is able to “hammer” the energy of the sign);
  • Gemini (will have a bad effect on mental balance);
  • Scorpios (will bring anxiety).

And yet, the best way for a diamond is Aries. Compatibility is ideal here, while it is recommended to wear jewelry on the left side, so the power of positive impact will be greater.

How to tell if a Diamond is Real or Fake:

The synthesized stones are grown artificially, but by the structure of the crystal lattice and chemical composition they are similar to natural ones. They began to experiment with synthesis in the 17th century, and the procedure was successfully carried out in the 30s of the last century.

Artificial diamonds are good, because synthesis allows not to waste valuable raw materials where they can be replaced by man-made ones. But those who want to buy jewelry should be careful. They are counterfeited with the help of cheaper analogs – zircon , sapphire , crystal . Naturally, the buyer wants to buy a real diamond for a lot of money. How can you tell a fake?

The ideal method is the “diamond probe”, which is used to measure the thermal conductivity of a stone. But this method is not available to everyone. Simpler options are to moisten with special bold ink: if a diamond is in front of the tester, a solid line will come out, if a fake – separate drops.

You can look through the mineral in the sun – the diamond will reflect the rays so that a clear point becomes visible, imitations – let them pass entirely. The water element is also able to help: a true one will continue to shine when dipped into a glass of water, a fake will not.

Do not buy into the dubiously low cost of jewelry. These are expensive stones, and if the price is unrealistically low, the probability of counterfeiting is high. But still, only a person with a special education can give a 100% guarantee of authenticity.

Here’s more information about How to Tell if a Diamond is Real or Fake …

How to care for your Diamond:

If you have diamond jewelry in your home, you should appreciate it and take proper care of the stones. By nature, the mineral has hardness, but during processing it decreases, and therefore the diamond can be split not only on purpose, but also by accident – by hitting furniture or in another way. So, while wearing sparkling beauty, you need to be careful.

It is worth cleaning jewelry in an ultrasound bath twice a year. This can be done in a specialized workshop. The decoration will become clean, not greasy, and will undergo antibacterial treatment.

Homes can be cleaned every 1-1.5 months. Take a warm soapy solution, place them there for a while, then gently wipe with a soft cloth and rinse in clean water. Household chemicals and products with a high alkali content should not be used.

Dirt can be removed pointwise with ammonia (immerse the product for about half an hour) and cotton swabs (pull it out to clean the stains).

Store jewelry in soft velvet boxes or bags. It is best not to stack them together with other items. Do not expose to moisture by leaving it on the shelf in the bathroom.

Determining Cost of a Diamond:

The cost is determined by several criteria:

  • CARAT. Stone weight. A gram is 5 carats, if the weight exceeds 15, then this is a very rare specimen. The average price of a 0.1 carat stone is $ 200.
  • CUT. Cut quality. To measure this parameter, there is the GIA scale, according to which the proportionality of the shapes (the ratio of depth, surface area, diameter of a diamond) can be completely different. The 57-facet cut is ideal, it brings out the properties in the best way.
  • COLOR. Color. The most expensive of the common ones are colorless stones, the epithet “pure water” is applied to them. However, unusual shades like red or green also add value.
  • CLARITY. Purity. If the sample does not have defects such as cracks, scratches, foreign inclusions, it is considered cleaner and more expensive.

History and Legends of Diamonds:

Diamonds were mined, as already mentioned, in antiquity – 5 thousand years ago. It was mined in India along with rubies , sapphires , topazes .


Indian deposits were depleted in the early 18th century. Then the stones were found in Brazil, which led to the “diamond rush”. Prospectors washed the sand in order to find precious minerals. To this day, Brazil remains a major supplier.

The first minerals were found on the territory of the Russian Federation in 1829. The Urals became a region for diamond mining, then it was the turn of Yakutia, where it is still underway.

Legends and mysteries surround this sparkling stone. Since ancient times, the Indians have invented sayings about firmness, calling him “azira”, which means “indestructible.” By the way, in fact, a diamond can be destroyed by breaking a large one into small fragments.