Page of Pentacles: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Page of Pentacles (love reading)


Page of Pentacles (upright) in Love


In the context of love, the Page of Pentacles is interpreted as the acquisition of missing experience, either through new relationships and feelings, or through an existing connection by strengthening it. In the upright position, the card is always positive.

A fortuneteller should not worry about his personal life, you are not in danger of divorce proceedings, or conflicts with a partner, even minor quarrels will bypass you. Your relationship will gradually move into a different phase, to a higher level.

Trust, respect, mutual understanding, sensuality in relationships, the desire to give your partner joy and happiness – all these aspects are harmoniously combined in your relationship.

If a card falls out to a person who is thirsty for love, then it only pushes you to action: seduce, conquer, fight for feelings, study a person, try to impress him, or even better discourage him. Your unpredictability, in a (good way), will help melt the heart of a potential partner.

Sometimes the Page of Pentacles accuses a person of excessive obsession with a partner. You seem to be afraid to breathe on your relationship. Do not forget that too intrusive signs of attention to your partner can seem stifling. Stop, catch your breath, your love object is near, just go hand in hand.

If you are in a relationship, this card advises to bring the relationship to another, more serious level, stop wasting away in the “candy-bouquet” period. You will have to take a deliberate, conscious and psychologically difficult step for this, but don’t you want happiness and strong love? Especially if the map opens the way for this.

Page of Pentacles (reversed) in Love

The Page of Pentacles in an inverted position indicates a disrespectful relationship between partners. Criticism, constant nagging and clarification of relations, distrust, unwillingness to share anything both materially and spiritually, indifference, lack of common interests. People live under one roof, but on different planets.

In a relationship, there is an inability to rationally calculate the total income, plan joint affairs, both partners are stingy and greedy, trying to control each other’s spending. At the very beginning of relations between people, love and tenderness sparkled, but everyday life, routine, despondency, the burden of household chores and small problems, erased old feelings, leaving only disappointments in each other.

Cheating can also take place in a relationship. At the event level, the card warns of an interrupted pregnancy (miscarriage), or late complications. In financial terms, due to the waste and extravagance of one of the partners, this card predicts financial problems. You may have been misinformed, which could also cause trouble.

If you are single, the Page of Pentacles does not advise you to start a new relationship in the near future, since you are not fully ready for it. Be honest with yourself and your potential partner, your time has not yet come for a serious relationship.

Page of Pentacles: Upright,  Reversed

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