Love Tarot: purpose, spreads, when to use, deck, book

TAROT of LOVE. Know what the future holds for you in your love life with The Love Tarot! Relationships, dating, marriage, family, friends, everything . Everything about the feeling of love in your life and the people for whom you feel affection.

A constant in life is uncertainty, especially in love matters, for it you end up wondering:

  • Will I always be alone?
  • Will I find a life partner?
  • Will I ever get married?
  • Am I in a relationship according to my aspirations?
  • Will I start a family? 
  • Will I heal past love traumas?

There are endless questions that go through your mind , at some point or circumstance in your life. The good news is that these questions do have an answer with the free love tarot .

The print runs of love letters reveal the details of the future on the emotional level. She tells you the truth about those questions of the couple, marriage, family, infidelities, unstable relationships , among others.

People look for answers with the love tarot, to discover what has not yet manifested before them, they have not found, or they have already found but is experiencing difficulties. And thus to be able to achieve success, peace and tranquility in that plane of life.

In this article you will learn about the love tarot. We tell you how it works, how it helps you and more . The free love tarot spreads are the solution you were looking for . Read on and be amazed at how you take control of your feelings.

Love tarot reading

With the love tarot readings, you consult everything you want to know. At the time of making the consultation you must find yourself in a state of serenity and concentration, that impatience and haste does not win you, because they could play against you.

You have to find yourself in the capacity to understand that, in love, the feelings, emotions and passion that you feel are yours and that what involves other people may or may not be reciprocal. Well, love is felt, it is lived, it is expressed, it keeps you in balance. It does not take it away from you, nor does it exhaust your inner peace.

Therefore, the idea of consulting the love answers tarot is to receive the message of the universe through the cards to know about your love circumstance, whether it is relationships that come from the past, that occur in the present or that you will have. in the future. As well as circumstances where:

  • You know the love of your life.
  • These are romances that get out of sync.
  • Infidelities, disappointments, disinterest.
  • Lack of agreement and repetitive conflicts in the couple.
  • Consolidation of stable relationships.
  • Marriage, family formation.

Consulting the love tarot is the step you have to take to get rid of doubts and pursue your well-being in this aspect of life, which can sometimes become a labyrinth for those who seek to give and receive love.

If you want to get rid of doubts and insecurities about what your affective life holds for you, consult the free love tarot , clarify the panorama you live and feel the confidence to expose the feelings and emotions of your heart.

With the specific card spread for love, the deck of 22 major arcana cards are used. Who will reveal to you what worries you so much.

How to ask Questions in the love tarot?

Before the consultation, think carefully about the questions that you will ask the love tarot , that the reading does not take you by surprise and you end up improvising, try to formulate the question well so that the meaning of what the cards spew at you is clear to understand.

Also ask in order of priority, clarify the questions from the most important that takes away your sleep, to the one you already know, but only want to confirm.

Stay calm at the time of the consultation, in this way the energy of the universe will flow in conjunction with the spread, unveiling its message for you.

All your questions have a special meaning for you, they are the reflection of your feelings and emotions. That is why at the time of making them, make sure that you express them as you feel them. Maintain your confidence and do not be afraid to ask the love tarot if:

  • you will find a partner.
  • your relationship will have a future.
  • you will form a family.
  • you must decide to give yourself the opportunity to start a relationship.
  • you will heal your love sorrows.
  • is unfaithful to you.
  • make the decision to leave a relationship that does not look future.
  • your love situation will remain just as fantastic as it is in the present.

The reading of the love tarot reveals the scenarios that you face and in your opportunity you will face in everything related to the sentimental and loving plane. She guides you in all the unknown, showing the truth before you.

What does the tarot of love hep you?

The free love tarot helps you with what you need, it teaches you what you should know so that you know what to expect from destiny. And so you make the right decisions when taking action. Dispel your doubts so that you can feel free of all uncertainty in your love life.

It doesn’t matter what the scenario in your life is, like, for example:

  • being afraid to start a relationship
  • relationship problems
  • you doubt if you are with the love of your life
  • know what your love future will be like

With the love tarot you will know the omens in the short, medium and long term in the sentimental plane of your life. You can ask him everything that worries your mind, if your aspirations will be fulfilled, if you will achieve what you want, if you should move on and more.

The free love tarot answers give you the solutions and alternatives that the universe sends you so that you can find what is best for your life. Leave the suffering behind, and receive the clarity that you were looking for to face the love scenario that you want for yourself.

Find answers with the true Love tarot

The love tarot is used by many people as a guide, therefore, its answers seek to advise and guide you so that you find the path you must follow to achieve the wishes of your love life.

The letters are a mystical tool where the messages that the universe has for you are reflected, so that you can achieve the love, happiness and harmony that you long for. The love tarot will be your spiritual guide whenever you need it, with its help you will know what you have to do to achieve the results you want for yourself on the plane of feelings and the heart.

If you are single

For people who are single and in search of a relationship, they face certain scenarios, well, although they are in search of the person with whom to establish a relationship. It is not just about looking for a person, but also about compatibility, that you can find someone with whom you feel in tune.

This can generate doubts as to whether you will really ever find this person, for that the love tarot guides you and presents you with the options that destiny holds for you.

If you have a partner

For those who have found a partner and are in a casual, serious, commitment or even married relationship. They can also go to the love tarot to consult any question they have about the state of their love life, whether it is a relationship conflict or whether the good fortune as a relationship will be maintained over time.

Love is a fundamental issue in people’s lives, feelings and emotions are by far the great motivation of people. It is the force that moves the world. And not only the love of a couple, which is the one that is used to ask in tarot topics.

If not also love yourself, your neighbor, your parents, your children and even your pet. It is an intangible thing that goes beyond human understanding, many seek it, few find it, few feel it and few live it.

For that reason the love tarot is the one guide in which you can trust to know what you need to finally take the right path for your happiness and fulfillment in the field of feelings and the heart.

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