Four of Pentacles: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Four of Pentacles (love reading)


Four of Pentacles (upright) in Love


The person is satisfied with his position, and he is not ready to wear any adjustments, therefore, there may be reluctance or unwillingness to go to contact and conversations.

A stable and serious relationship is not as important to a person as a stable financial position. And if it is a question of choosing a career or a relationship, then a person will choose a career and money. A person’s own habits are more important than building relationships.

Own integrity and satisfaction of their needs – this is the first and main task of a person.

Four of Pentacles (reversed) in Love

Cooling the senses in a couple. Fear of responsibility. Jealousy, a sense of ownership. Trying to hold on to something, but unwillingness to compromise and let the relationship develop.

Conflicts are possible on the basis of money, disorganization of home comfort. There are too many misunderstandings and secrets in a relationship.

Four of Pentacles: Upright,  Reversed

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