Feminine Tarot: purpose, cards, spreads, interpretation, when to use, deck, book

Did you know that in cartomancy there is a feminine Tarot ? There are situations that can only be solved with the insightful and subtle touch of women . The same happens with the cards, there are those that define femininity and others the masculine.

Making the right decisions that help you and your family grow and prosper is an action that you should not take lightly. Is love, family, work, health, future, wealth and happiness your goals essential in this life.

Can you imagine having the power to predict events , and having a spiritual guide to guide your actions successfully?

In recent years, female power has gained importance in the world. Beyond the role they play, many have stood out as women entrepreneurs. And believe it or not, they also come to the aid of the feminine tarot.

Go ahead and find out what this specialty of the Tarot in Feminine is about , the favorite of extraordinary women.

What is the feminine tarot?

With the feminine Tarot you discover new aspects about the creative force, you connect with the active factor that is in you and invoke the inner energy . Well, what the tarot reading says in feminine , they have no effect if you don’t have the motivation and the decision to change and get ahead.

Know the cards with female figures in the tarot that help you request the strength or influence you need at the moment . They help to interpret in favor of the fertility, creativity, career and effort of women. These arcana are:

  • The World : means the union and the end of cycles. It is interpreted as the deep desire to achieve the goal and success. Exalt the endings of each stage.
  • Temperance : represents the healing and temper of the emotional. It attracts the stability of the feelings and calls for forgiveness. It brings calm and tranquility.
  • The Empress : symbolizes the leading, ambitious and creative woman. He predicts achievements and calls for new projects for women, driven by the energy of entrepreneurship.
  • The Popess : invokes the gestation of something hidden. It can be something inside. It indicates being patient and preparing for what is being created.
  • The Star: personifies the fullness of the feminine. Invoke birth, new lives, rebirth. Repower the female intuition to the maximum to act. It attracts fulfilled wishes, enriches our world.
  • Justice: represents decision-making, balance and stability. Call for introspection and self-evaluation.
  • The Force: expresses how the woman acts sexually. Its appearance helps channel the facts and make them flow in their future.
  • Death: represents the necessary transformation. The one that forces us to change our thoughts, feelings and causes pain. It indicates the closure, abandonment or transmutation of something.
  • The Moon: talk about dreams and how you perceive the world. It relates to the subconscious and the inexplicable within you.

How to invoke the tarot for enterprising women

In the feminine tarot you must focus on the objective to be achieved and focus your questions on it. Clarify your doubts about any aspect of your life, see what makes you wrong and what makes you good. You can deal with topics such as:

  • Love: about the couple, marriage, sexuality, fidelity, commitments, and singleness.
  • Work, entrepreneurship, business or career.
  • Academic studies.
  • Family, friends and social environment.
  • Health
  • The Fortune

The feminine tarot cards predict your future in the area you need to know. Especially if you have projects and desire to undertake and develop your skills successfully.

  1. Take the deck of cards of your choice and separate the cards with female representation: the World, The Temperance, The Empress, The Pope, The Star, Justice, The Force, Death, The Moon.
  2. Shuffle the cards separately as you focus on your query, what question will you ask, and draw a card.
  3. Look at its meaning and how to interpret it before your query. Invoke its power and energy for your well-being.
  4. Place it on some place that you have prepared with candles, crystals and a mantle, where you can let it rest for as long as you want. Memorize its figure, internalize its meaning.
  5. Use it as an amulet until you achieve your goal

What Questions can you ask the Feminine Tarot

Before it was normal to think that in the feminine tarot only consultations were made about emotions. Well, women are more sensitive, romantic and interested in knowing their future as a couple.

This as a basis for the main life project of every female, which is to form a family, to have a home.

That is a thing of the past !

Today women have prioritized their interests, based on building their own path. There are more and more entrepreneurs and professionals. They have developed their leadership skills to excel.

In addition, to possess abilities and skills, such as female intuition that allows you to visualize any matter more rationally. So it is easier for them to know what to ask the female tarot.

The questions must be concrete, clear, accurate, without doubts, in order to obtain precise answers, easy to understand and without uncertainty. The letters will always answer with certainty and truth.

Preferably prepare your questions, order them by subject, if it is love, work, health, money, your past, present or future. Make the most of that special moment of the female tarot reading to clarify all your problems.

Think and understand how much each answer means to you, from the emotional, the material and the spiritual. Don’t be afraid to ask if:

  • You have plans or projects
  • Doubts about your career
  • You fear losing or not finding the love of your life
  • You need to make decisions
  • You do not understand why what happens to you
  • You need a spiritual advisor

In a female tarot consultation you will be able to prepare yourself for future events. Know the opportunities and threats that you will find in your life. Avoid the obstacles of those who envy you or wish you badly.

As well as take advantage of the blessings of love, your family and everything that the mystical universe has for you. Prepare your way to success like all the extraordinary women who stand out in the world today.

Feminine Tarot Deck: