Egyptian Tarot: purpose, cards, spreads, interpretation, when to use, deck, book

The Egyptian tarot deck of cards is considered the most complete and accurate tarot , thanks to the representations and symbols it has on each of its cards.

If you are a lover of the esoteric arts, as well as the use of tarot to find those answers that you want to know so much, the Egyptian spread is an option for you.

These cards combine two key points: the spirit world and divinatory elements. Which are represented in their images with content corresponding to the Egyptian civilization and mythology, which are easily appreciated at first glance in the decks.

As well as esoteric symbols and signs, astrology and numerology. If you have not yet tried the free Egyptian tarot , the time has come. With it you will be able to clarify those concerns that have haunted you for some time.

Here we tell you everything about this deck, continue reading.

What is the Egyptian Tarot?

The Egyptian tarot is a tool for divination. Its cards contain the representation and expression of this ancient civilization, being its deck made up of 78 cards with archetypal figures .

The Egyptian spread allows to reveal, predict and guide the querent to find the truth. This is a reflective tarot, then, in its readings it can reveal unconscious attitudes or actions of the person, leading them to reflect on it and how it affects or not their life and future.

The origin of Egyptian Tarot

The origin of the free Egyptian tarot has a certain mystical and historical connotation somewhat controversial. However, many agree on the version where the letters were a gift from the Egyptian god Thoth, engraved on gold sheets.

Which were lost for centuries, being later found. Then, over the years, the figures began to be reproduced and used as divination tools.

They have had variations in their images over time until reaching the design that is achieved today.

Cards in Egyptian Tarot Deck:

The Egyptian tarot deck is composed of 78 cards, which are divided into major arcana and minor arcana.

Each figure contemplated in the arcana hides messages to analyze and interpret the signals of the universe so that they come to light. Being on occasions references of caution and advice.

In the free Egyptian tarot there are no cards with suits like the minor arcana that are known in the other decks, represented by wands, cups, golds and swords. In this deck the cards represent the daily life of man.

In the Egyptian spread, the major arcana are considered the most relevant at the time of reading. On the other hand, the minor arcana are considered a complement that only shows everyday situations, but not definitive of life.

Major Arcana

The major arcana are par excellence the most important in the deck and are a total of 22 cards . In the free Egyptian tarot they have names similar to those of the other decks, with certain variations, these are:

  • The Creator Wizard
  • The priestess
  • The Empress
  • The emperor
  • The Hierarch
  • Indecision
  • The triumph
  • Justice
  • The hermit
  • The Retribution
  • Persuasion
  • The Apostolate
  • The inmortality
  • Temperance
  • The passion
  • The Fulminated Tower
  • The hope
  • The Twilight
  • The inspiration
  • The resurrection
  • The return
  • The Transmutation

Minor arcana

In the free Egyptian tarot the minor arcana are a total of 56 cards , which, despite having a complementary function, are still useful.

They show relevant scenes or situations in the life of the consultant regarding the physical plane, managing to give more details of the daily life of the person consulting the letters. So that you have a clear idea, below, we name them:

  • The farmer
  • The Weaver
  • The Argonaut
  • The Prodigy
  • The unexpected
  • Uncertainty
  • Domesticity
  • The exchange
  • The impediments
  • The Magnificence
  • The alliance
  • The innovation
  • The Disconsolation
  • The Initiation
  • The art and the science
  • Duplicity
  • The testimony
  • The Presentiment
  • The Restlessness
  • The Preeminence
  • The hallucination
  • The thought
  • Regeneration
  • The Heritage
  • The conjecture
  • Consummation
  • Versatility
  • Affinity
  • Counseling
  • Premeditation
  • Resentment
  • The exam
  • Contrition
  • The pilgrimage
  • The Rivalry
  • Retraining
  • The revelation
  • The evolution
  • Loneliness
  • The ban
  • Communion
  • The Vehemence
  • The learning
  • Perplexity
  • Friendship
  • Speculation
  • Chance
  • The cooperation
  • Greed
  • Purification
  • Love and desire
  • The Offering
  • Generosity
  • The Dispenser
  • Disorientation
  • The Renaissance

Interpretation of Egyptian Tarot:

The interpretation of the free Egyptian tarot cards is not simple, it must be done with great care and skill, so as not to confuse the querent about the answers to their questions.

The Egyptian deck includes different components in the figure represented in each of the cards, so no detail, symbol or sign should be overlooked when reading.

Reading the cards in the Egyptian tarot for free is an interpretation process that consists of identifying the symbols located in the upper part, the center and the lower area of ​​the card. During the process, the zodiacal and planetary sign is also taken into account to integrate its meaning to the reading.

The Egyptian spread has the same objective as the different spread of tarot decks such as Marseille or Rider White . And that is, reveal the hidden or unknown to the consultant when they have doubts about a specific topic in their life.

That in the case of the free Egyptian tarot you can make a reading by choosing four cards, of which each corresponds to an aspect of your life:

  • The first card means the present of the person.
  • The second, his future.
  • The third is related to the internal world and thoughts of the person being consulted.
  • The fourth is the answer to the question asked by the querent.

The Egyptian deities in tarot

In the free Egyptian tarot cards you can see the different gods of Egyptian mythology. Its meaning is associated with the power of the deities that guide those who seek to find their way and the answers to their problems.

Several of the deities that you can see in the free Egyptian tarot are: the goddess of the mystery of life, Ast. The protector of the dead, Anubis. The god of wisdom, Toth. The god of all Egypt, Horus. The judge of souls, Osiris. The god of drought and chaos, Seth.

They are also the patron of craftsmen, Ptah. The goddess of justice, Maat, and the god of the moon, Konsu.

What does the Egyptian spread do for you?

The Egyptian tarot is a means of accurate divination . If you want a greater understanding in the reading of letters, the Egyptian spread will be effective, because its letters contain great details and meanings to elucidate the spiritual world.

If you feel tired of the uncertainty due to not knowing how to deal with the conflictive situations that are present in your life. Or if you have already made a decision about which way to go, but out of fear you do not finish leaving your comfort zone.

Then the time has come to consult you with the free Egyptian tarot deck. So that you can take control of the life you want once and for all with the help and guidance of these wise letters.

They will be revealing to you, because they bring you the message of the cosmos so that you can solve your problems and follow the path to happiness.

Consulting you with the deck will surely be revealing, because it brings you the message of the cosmos so that you can solve your problems and follow the path to happiness that corresponds to your life.