Charging water with Crystals and Stones: Benefits, Uses, Methods

Water is one of the main elements that support life on the planet; most of the human body consists of it. For centuries, people have noted how healing the liquid from springs and springs, passed through the minerals lying in the ground and enriched with their energy. But even at home, you can charge water with stones and crystals, making it useful and alive.

Using Charged Water

Water, with the stored energy of stones, can be used in several ways:

  • For oral consumption (as a drink, soup base, etc.);
  • For the purpose of rinsing the mouth;
  • As compresses and lotions;
  • As a face wash;
  • For filling a wellness bath;
  • For the purpose of spraying a room from a spray bottle;
  • For watering plants.


There are no contraindications for using this method, because the impact is not due to the influence of the chemical elements of the stone, but exclusively due to its informational and energetic interaction with the structure of water.

Rules to follow when charging

When transferring the energy of stones to water, the following points must be taken into account:

  • It is better to use liquid from a spring or source, because she is closest to nature. If this is not possible, you should pay attention to the water purified with a filter.
  • The liquid temperature should be at room temperature. Cold infusion will not reveal the ability of the stone, and when it reaches 35 degrees, all the benefits of the drink are lost.
  • It is better to use glass dishes, because it does not have its own energy, and also does not come into chemical contact with either stone or water. In the absence of such an option, you can take a plastic or ceramic container. Aluminum is undesirable when charging.
  • Any mineral must be safe to use. It is advisable to buy them in specialized stores in order to have an idea of ​​what is really being purchased for the gem.
  • The stone must first be cleared of the accumulated energy. If a newly acquired crystal is to be used, it must first be adapted to the owner.
  • Start using 1-2 small gems per container. The concentration is increased every day. The more emotional and responsive a person is to the impact, the less stones are needed for charging.
  • Minerals “soft” in effect are preferable for beginners in the practice of using energy infusions. Ruby , emerald , diamond  and other “strong” variants give a very powerful effect and should be used with care.

The influence of various crystals and stones on the body

Lithotherapists note that not all gems and minerals are suitable for charging fluid. It is definitely impossible to use stones exhibiting radioactive properties, as well as coming into contact with liquid. These include:

  • sodalite ;
  • gypsum ;
  • lapis lazuli ;
  • mother of pearl ;
  • uvarovit ;
  • selenite ;
  • astrophyllitis ;
  • clinochlore ;
  • dioptase ;
  • rhodochrositis ;
  • stilbite ;
  • chrysocolla ;
  • muscovite ;
  • heulandite .

These crystals can tarnish, deteriorate or lose their external polish from water.


Each gem is unique, its effect on a person has its own characteristics. In the table you can see what stones and minerals are needed to charge water and the effect they have.


Quartz Improves cardiac activity, soothes, launches cell regeneration processes, strengthens blood vessels, prolongs life, brings success in career and personal life, protects against malicious intent


Shungite It has a bactericidal effect, gives a rejuvenating and analgesic effect, protects against technogenic impact, helps to implement the most ambitious plans, promotes career growth, gives self-confidence


Amethyst Heals from colds, restores the functioning of the kidneys and liver, gives spiritual comfort, tranquility and harmony with the external and internal world


Silicon Cleans the body, improves its defenses, relieves pain, improves the condition of the skin, makes the owner active and enterprising, protects against troubles along the way, fraud and deception


Silver It has an antiseptic effect, heals wounds and burns, helps with tachycardia and VSD, relaxes, protects against stress, develops intuition, protects against the evil eye and damage


Amber It has an antiseptic, restorative and wound healing effect, protects against the evil eye and negative effects


Pearl It is used to stop bleeding (gums, etc.), accelerates metabolism, promotes rapid skin regeneration, preserves beauty, helps in establishing business and love relationships


Agate Strengthens the immune system, reduces nervous tension, is a talisman against negative energy, improves self-esteem, pacifies and promotes dialogue


Rhinestone Improves skin tone and cleanliness, improves respiratory health, treats colds, strengthens memory, eliminates toxins, promotes spiritual growth, business and personal contacts


Sapphire Eases the condition during attacks of rheumatism, nervous diseases, epilepsy, fights skin inflammations, protects against curses, strengthens intuition, makes it possible to recognize lies, protects the family hearth


Cornelian Heals colds, increases immunity, normalizes metabolism, blood circulation, has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, helps to find a “second half”, protects love bonds, promotes self-realization, gives confidence in one’s abilities

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli It has a beneficial effect on eye and skin diseases, relieves osteochondrosis, reveals abilities and hidden talents, strengthens friendly and cordial relations


Diamond Helps with migraines, diseases of the digestive tract and liver, protects against any negative forces and thoughts, gives strength and courage, is a love talisman


Coral Normalizes the work of the digestive tract, liver, spleen, nervous system, protects on the way, especially from natural disasters, brings good luck and protects against damage


Ruby Increases immunity, restores strength, appetite, improves sleep, fights against anemia and low blood pressure, helps in love affairs, reveals the owner’s potential


Turquoise Useful for ulcers, eye problems, rheumatism, heart disorders, is a talisman of love, promotes career growth


Garnet Improves the condition of the thyroid gland, increases blood pressure, helps with depression and stress, attracts the opposite sex, allows you to establish friendly and work contacts


Jade Helps to alleviate the course of kidney disease, is used for infertility, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, restores bioenergetic balance, attracts luck, harmony, protects family relationships, reduces nervousness and aggression


Emerald Helps with problems with the gastrointestinal tract, joints, skin diseases, relieves toothache, reduces the risk of stroke, charges with positive energy, fights against bad manifestations of the owner’s character, protects against evil forces


Opal Helps relieve inflammation from the airways, is used in the treatment of gynecological problems, enhances creativity, retains love


Topaz It has a healing effect in case of problems with the nervous system, helps to reveal intrigues, keeps from natural disasters, helps to enjoy life


Jasper It is used for anemia, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system, nervous disorders, is a talisman against evil and envy, helps to master new knowledge, gives eloquence and charisma

When choosing a suitable mineral for the procedure, one should take into account its compatibility with the owner’s horoscope, as well as the characteristics of an individual reaction to a person. If, after holding a stone near you or drinking an infusion with it, there is a feeling of discomfort, coldness or rejection, you should not use it, even if all other parameters are suitable. When combining several gems in one container, you need to pay attention to the possibility of their compatibility.

Preparing a new Stone or Crystal for Charging Water

The gem, which is just purchased in the store, contains the energy of many people – who mined, cut, processed, packed and sold it. This means that it can transfer all the accumulated negative information to a liquid medium. Therefore, any new mineral needs preliminary cleaning.

First, the specimen is washed under cool running water until a feeling of cleanliness and freedom appears. Then they are wrapped in dark cloth and put away for 2 weeks in a place inaccessible to light and people (closet, box). Even the owner is not recommended to take it out, because at this time, the mineral is being adapted to new external conditions. After the allotted time, the owner of the stone can take the gem in his hands, stroke it, starting from 2-3 minutes a couple of times a day, gradually increasing the interaction time. After a month (or better 2 lunar cycles) of such communication, the specimen completely gets used to the person and can be useful.

Method of Charging Water with Crystals or Stones:

Before charging the liquid, you must first rinse the vessel and mineral under running water. Next, you need to follow these steps:

  • Pour water into a container;
  • Place the required number of crystals inside;
  • Leave for 6-12 hours (preferably overnight, while the infusion should be in the sun for about 2 hours). The ideal time for exposure to light is in the morning, from 8 to 11;
  • Transfer to a convenient container for use;
  • Rinse the vessel and gem again under running water;
  • Drink the infusion in the right amount.

Some minerals require longer exposure times. For example, silicon (3 days), silver-containing specimens (day), shungite with low carbon content (2 days).

There is also a Tibetan way of infusing a liquid substance. It is characterized by the use of a combination of several types of stones, usually of a fine fraction. Most often these are various types of quartz . The method is executed as follows:

  • Rinse a 3 liter jar with water;
  • Pour a mixture of gems on the bottom;
  • Pour them with warm liquid to the top, you can first pass it through the filter;
  • Put the infusion in the morning sun (exposure time – 3-5 hours);
  • Drink water 3 times a day in equal portions. They start with half a glass for one use, increase the dose daily, bring the daily rate to 6 glasses, and then gradually reduce it back.


How to Consume Water Charged with Healing Crystals or Stones

It is necessary to consume energetically charged liquid in compliance with the following rules:

  • use should start with minimal doses, literally a couple of sips, gradually increasing the amount;
  • drinking the infusion is better on an empty stomach;
  • it is recommended to consume liquid in a course of 20 to 40 days
  • a freshly prepared drink is stronger, so it is better to prepare a small amount of water (one-day norm);
  • do not store the infusion for more than 5 days, because he loses all power;
  • during use, it is better to concentrate on those desires that the owner wanted to convey to the water with the help of the stone.

Lithotherapists have developed a number of recommendations regarding the use of certain gems for the phases of the lunar cycle. It is on these dates that the stones of the indicated element are most active:

  • 1st phase. At this time, the minerals of the Earth element work best. These are solid and opaque specimens such as turquoise , jadeite , jasper , labradorite , jet , lapis lazuli , hematite , etc.
  • Phase 2. The duration of the water crystals. Usually these are translucent or completely translucent gems, sometimes with a pearlescent sheen, delicate tones. These include: moonstone, opal , alexandrite , aquamarine , topaz , emerald , pearls , chrysolite .
  • 3 phase. Element – Air. These are slightly translucent, often smoky, crystals. For example, amethyst , smoky quartz , agate , carnelian , tourmaline , etc.
  • 4 phase. The stones of Fire, pure and transparent, work – ruby , amber , sapphire , diamond , coral , amethyst .

How to Cleanse Stones and Healing Crystals

In order to completely remove the accumulated energy from the crystals, to give it a rest, you must use one of the following methods:

  • Freezing. The gems are placed in a bag, filled with a small amount of liquid, fastened and placed in the freezer.
  • Salt. One of the most powerful methods. Place crystals in a plate, cover with salt, cover with a lid on top to prevent water and dust from entering. It should be borne in mind that some minerals do not tolerate this effect.
  • Sound. The stones are put into a singing bowl, or laid out next to the bells, tuning fork. Then sound vibrations are reproduced.
  • Fire. The crystals are clamped in the hand, they are driven in a circular motion over the candle. The flame cannot be extinguished, the wick must burn out to the end.
  • Earth. It is considered one of the strongest cleaning methods. The container is half filled with earth, laid out on top of the minerals, sprinkled to the top with the remaining earthy mixture. The pot is removed in a dark place.

Usually, a complete cleansing is carried out on the new moon (for quick methods, such as fire and sound, for the rest – a couple of days before its onset, and on this day it is taken from the cleansing environment).