Yellow Jasper

Solar and optimistic

The golden color of Yellow Jasper connects this Stone to the Sun and to its Energy. Yellow Jasper is a generous stone whose sustained vibration brings you joy and optimism. Like a ray of the Sun, the Yellow Jasper dispels stagnant energies, sadness or doubt… and allows you to look at life with a smile and hope.

How to use your Yellow Jasper Stone?

Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. 

Program your Blue Quartz with a powerful affirmation like “I let the Sun, happiness and joy come into my life” and let its vibration amplify your intention. Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga, ) or place them in your “Ritual corner”