What is Rumpology?

What is Rumpology? Do you know what this mancia that is part of the strangest is about? Rumpology or also, known as reading the buttocks, is an unusual technique that is based on the interpretation of the physiognomy of a buttock, taking into account: dimples, moles, warts, marks or other details that may be on a person’s butt.

Rumpology is not something new, since at the beginning of humanity, our ancestors used to use it. Perhaps now, you hardly know its meaning and how to read the butt. However, this was a trend that has gone viral on social media.

Rumpology can give information about a person’s attitudes, personality, emotions , convictions and much more.

Among the strangest ways to predict fate or perform a guessing session, we can mention three that have a lot of similarity, these are the following:

  • Navel reading.
  • Prediction through, signals and details on the back.
  • Hand and foot readings.

Each of these forms of divination and future vision have a special technique. 

Personality based on shape of the butt:

What type of buttocks do I have? How do you know what your butt says about you? What do the different buttock shapes mean?

The shape of your hips can give you information regarding your health. Did you know? Let’s see what it’s about …

  • V-shaped: means that estrogen levels are very low.
  • Square: it can mean a lack of nutrients or a good diet.
  • Circular: if you have a round or circular tail it is an indication of good health.
  • In the shape of a heart: it is not always good, since sometimes it is excess fat and if so, you may suffer from a problem with cholesterol or another derived disease.

On the other hand, the following is said:

  • The butts that perish apples: define a happy person, with a lot of charisma, creative and fun.
  • A tail that looks like pear: they are from people with a strong character, a bit stubborn and bitter.
  • Flat Butts – A negative person with certain levels of toxicity.
  • The round tails: they are funny people who always have to get something good, in a difficult moment.