What is Cosmic Tarot: significance, how to read, deck, books

The cosmic tarot does not only refer to a special deck. This branch of the tarot brings together the most basic tarot intentions with the most spiritual registers at the same time. It could be considered that it is a new way of understanding this art.

What is Cosmic Tarot:

The cosmic tarot focuses on connecting with higher forces. It refers to the relationships of all the psychic, vital and spiritual energies that exist in the universe. In turn, the universe is understood as a whole that includes each of its parts. And astrology is one of them.

The most significant cards in this deck and discipline of this tarot contain representations of heavenly bodies and star constellations. And this is the basis of astrology and horoscopes.

Tarot and astrology are two words that are usually linked but do you know why?

The reason is simple. And it is that in both cases we speak of tools that focus on the study of magic understood as universal energy. One that is present in everything, from a deck of symbolic cards to the constellations of the sky.

Many professionals who are dedicated to the clairvoyance sector have specialized in the use of these two tools. Do you want to understand their relationship? Read on … How to use the cosmic tarot in a reading

It is not difficult to use the cards in a card reading because it is one of the most personal systems out there. With this deck and this new way of understanding tarot, the most important thing is to establish a fluid connection with each of the cards that make it up.

To get the maximum benefit from it, it is necessary to receive adequate training on its interpretation and how it should be used to extract its full potential. However, one of the greatest advantages of this type of tarot is that it contains a very suggestive symbolism, which is easy to understand.

For this reason, it is why it becomes one of the best decks to read yourself. Without any training you can intuit what is the tone in which the messages of the cosmic tarot are presented.

You will not understand every detail as a professional tarot reader would, but you will get enough details in clear. As with any card reading, it is important to have a clear mind before consulting the Tarot figures. And if you are considering making a query yourself, you should pay special attention to this detail.

It would be recommended that you consider the possibility of having a meditation session before embarking on this adventure.

How to read the cosmic Tarot:

Having a clear mind will help you to let yourself be carried away by the feelings of energy and emotion that the illustrations convey.

This is a general rule for all tarot readers out there. But in the case of the cosmic Tarot it takes on special relevance because it allows you to connect in a deeper way with your inner self.

In the end the dynamics are the same:

  1. The desired spread is made depending on the type of questions that you want to ask.
  2. A relationship with each of the arcana is established
  3. Finally, the messages are interpreted based on the symbolism and feelings generated by each illustration.

The expressions, shapes, and even colors are designed to make it easy to read and understand even to the inexperienced eye. It is a type of reading that collects all the manifestations of the human being. At the cosmic level (universal) at the social level (as part of a community) and at the spiritual level (as an individual).

Thus, the cosmic tarot understands that the whole set must be analyzed in order to understand the small parts. Each of the synergies that make it up, the individual being the main one but not the only one.

Why use Cosmic Tarot:

This deck of cosmic cards is closely tied to the imagination and intuition of the human psyche. Innate qualities in the authentic seers and tarot readers from birth that the cosmic tarot facilitates and enhances.

It is one of the purest versions of the tarot in the sense that it does not present symbolic complications. It does not have a specific theme and is far from reality. And not only that!

Another advantage of the Cosmic Tarot that allows its messages and advice to be directly related to other ancient esoteric disciplines. Figures contain specific information that can be associated with that provided by various occult sciences.

Astrology, numerology, white magic and many other branches of esotericism find their reflection in the cosmic tarot. It is particularly useful for on the path of self-knowledge. And it does not fall short when it comes to guessing past, present and future events.

This is perhaps its greatest virtue: the absolute lack of limitations. The ability to attain any worldly or higher knowledge. The understanding of reality as a whole.

Because magic knows no barriers. And the cosmic tarot has the power to overcome them all effortlessly.

With me you will get a reliable interpretation, with visible results that you will notice from the moment we start talking and deepen your needs.

Try the cosmic tarot! It is sure to become your favorite deck!

And, in addition, you will know a completely different way of understanding the tarot that clears your mind completely.

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