What is Ceromancy or candle wax reading

What is the meaning of ceromancy? Etymologically it comes from the Greek Keros which translates as wax and mancia which means divination. This is the art of reading the future using candle wax. This practice comes from the fifteenth century where some witches in their chandeliers saw many things of the people who consulted in the sperm of the candle.

Also in some cases other techniques such as water are used, which indicates that it is a form of hydromancy , in the sense that the wax drips into the cold water forming all kinds of figures or letters, hardened by the coldness of the water and that they are interpreted by the sorceress later.

According to witchcraft, the ways in which the candle manifests when it is burning according to divinations, books and tradition, indicates how is the energy of each person or their internal spirits that transmit their energies to the beings with whom they want to speak to solve a problem or situation through the wax of the candles or to guess.

Hence, depending on the movement made by the flame, the messages that are being sent to us from the other side are interpreted, as specified in the art of litomancy.

What is the meaning of candles in ceromancy?

According to the interpretation of the candles in ceromancy, they represent an important part in rituals. It is important to mention that many times its power or effect goes unnoticed, for many seers this is not the case, since they provide the environment with an area with good vibes.

Fortune tellers see the future of a person in consultation also in the candle wax, since this is a means of communication that celestial beings use to predict the future or simply solve a problem in the life of the person in consultation when he is giving you reading the candles. Candles have a relevant power when analyzed by themselves.

This art is divided into two parts

  1.  divination by candle wax .

2. divination by melted wax and water .

The methods of divination with wax are varied, but all are based on the books since this art began to be made, with very few differences from ancient times to the present day. It is important to observe how quickly the candle burns. If it burns too quickly, it may be an indication of how bad it is looking, or it may not be the best day to make those inquiries and they should be left for another day. It is important to mention that more information could be found in some pdf documents found in search engines.

These are some doubts that people have about ceromancy

Could you give me one or more examples of how this art is presented in candles?

When you see that the candle burns too fast, and the wax tears are falling on one side continuously and very quickly, this can be interpreted as tears to the question that the consulted person has asked.

How to do if ceromancy occurs?

What you should know very well is how to interpret each wax that is spilled on the candle or in the best of cases, go to a trusted psychic to guide you.