What are the best ways to ask questions in tarot readings

When one asks or consults the Tarot deck there are certain guidelines that we must follow to ensure the correct answer to it.

If we take into account that the deck is only a means to obtain the correct guide when making a decision, it is that we must put aside the questions that are too specific or “accurate”. The tarot cannot give us answers with precision that even we could not even by deduction. Thus, we cannot ask for telephone numbers, addresses, lucky numbers, specific names, etc.

It has always been believed and convinced that this is feasible. And it is something too far from reality, the great seers and magicians of well-known lodges, such as the school of the Golden Dawn, have always opposed the use of tarot as a divinatory means. Rather, they were used as a personal guide, an extra help for us to be the ones to resolve the issue. A means of initiation to seek the truth within us.


There are “impossible” questions and others “tangible and achievable” as we list below, if we follow this basic guide it is that we can get the most out of a reading. Most questions should be posed as possible solutions, or if we take this or that action, what would be the repercussion.

Wrong way: Should I change jobs?
Correct form: What future prospects could a new job bring me? What would happen if I change my job? If I don’t start looking for a new job, what happens?

Wrong form: Am I getting fired?
Correct way: I think there is instability at work, what should I do to avoid being fired? In case I am fired, how should I act? What external factors are making me think that I will be fired, how should I deal with such a situation?

Incorrect form: Are you unfaithful to me?
Correct form: I believe that he is unfaithful to me, what should be my way of acting in this situation? What does my partner really think of our current relationship situation? How should you approach the situation so that you confess the truth?

Wrong way: Will it work out, yes or no?
Correct way: What happens if I try or not? What prospects do I have for choice A or B? What has led me to be in the current situation in which I find myself at such a crossroads? Is my current problem due to me or external factors?

These are some examples of the thousands of questions that can arise. The idea is to try to get closer to the current problem and be the ones who should give it a solution. And do not attribute “bad luck” to fate, because that would be the easiest way out.