Two of Pentacles: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Two of Pentacles (love reading)


In situations concerning love and relationships, the two of pentacles more indicates the emotional component of the relationship than the relationship itself.

Inconsistency of actions between partners, not taking into account and disrespect for each other. Everyone thinks only of himself and his interests and pleasures.

This is not a relationship – this is a game where two people act as toys in each other’s hands, and as soon as this game gets bored, the relationship will end.

Two of Pentacles (upright) in Love


Relationships get a second chance, renewed feelings, but the situation is not stable. Relationships are shaky, stability either has not yet appeared, or has been lost. The couple is holding on to affection, perhaps they are looking for a new better option. Fatigue and indifference may appear.

New acquaintances and relationships have appeared – it’s good, acquaintance or relationships have not been developed – it’s okay, there is still something to come.

Both partners treat relationships with ease and ease, do not expect serious steps from each other. Relationships for pleasure, for the satisfaction of their needs.

Two of Pentacles (reversed) in Love

Loss of harmony and peace in relationships. One of the partners is dissatisfied, shows dissatisfaction, sets conditions, tries to drive a soul mate into the framework, thereby depriving himself and his partner of peace.

There comes a time to search for compromises, a conversation, it is worth showing the ability to negotiate, listen to a partner and draw conclusions. Reconciliation is possible, but something will remain in the past.

Getting information about a partner, which is difficult to believe, but not to forget.

Delays in the development of relationships, delays. It can be both strength tests and an opportunity to reflect on the relationship in general.

Two of Pentacles: Upright,  Reversed

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