Lithotherapy :Treating Diseases with Gemstones and Crystals , which stones can be used

There are many ways to treat various diseases. It is not necessary to turn to traditional medicine, you can use the practice of healing stones. For treatment, not only minerals are used, but also metals and clay. Natural substances can improve the human condition, and heal individual organs.

When did lithotherapy Come into Existance

Lithotherapy appeared in ancient times. Even then, rocks and their properties were studied. The first references can be found in the works of ancient Greek philosophers and historians. Herodotus and Aristotle talked about the unusual properties of minerals.

The Indians in ancient times believed that stones are gifts that God sends them. They believed that such a living energy helps them with its properties.

Minerals were used in Egyptian medicine for healing purposes.

Many people do not understand how stones are treated and how they can have a positive effect on a person. It’s all about the energy that the stone emits. It is activated by human heat. If the patient believes in the result, then the positive effect will be much better.

During World War II, the carnelian stone helped against swelling and swelling, as well as healed wounds faster. So he completely replaced antibiotics, which were not available at that time.

Today oriental therapy is gaining popularity all over the world and more and more people believe in the result. You can often find this practice in sanatoriums. Stone therapy is a popular area in the 21st century.

Although pharmacies are overflowing with drugs, lithotherapy still exists.

What problems does stone treatment help?

A large number of stones are known for their properties:

  • They help with skin problems – rashes, the first signs of aging, and more. Perhaps in the future an elixir of eternal life will be created, but so far this is only a myth.
  • They normalize the work of the digestive and other vital systems.
  • Help with pain in joints and limbs.
  • Help with liver and kidney problems.
  • They normalize blood pressure and improve heart function.
  • Improves vision and helps to maintain it. Nowadays, a person spends a lot of time at the computer and therefore the problem with the eyes is very relevant.
  • They help to combat stress and nervous disorders. This is especially true for teachers, educators and other professions where people have to be nervous.
  • Cleanse the aura, and find peace. This is often a problem due to which a person cannot find himself and understand his purpose.
  • Fights apathy, fatigue and bad mood.
  • They help to find an interesting business and the meaning of life.
  • Protect from envious people, evil looks, damage and so on.

Stones are treated with a large list of human diseases and problems.

How to use stones?

It is important not only to know which stone helps, for which problems, but also how to use it. There are several options for lithotherapy:

  • Wear the stone as an amulet under clothing. So the mineral is constantly in close contact with the skin and interacts with a person.
  • Drink water that has been infused with a stone. So it will acquire unique and healing properties. The liquid can be used for cooking or consumed every day on an empty stomach. For facial rejuvenation, you need to wash with infused water in the morning and evening. This elixir helps relieve fatigue and puffiness.
  • Massage with stones. This procedure can often be found in sanatoriums or spas. Stones of various shapes and sizes can be used for massage. For best results, use candles, aromatic oils and soothing music. On average, the procedure takes 45-60 minutes. After it, a person feels positive energy, and fatigue goes away. The cells are saturated with oxygen, as well as nutrients.

Medicine has not proven that this technique works, but a large number of positive results and reviews can be found in books and magazines. Lithotherapy is not a traditional treatment and there is no precise description of how to perform the procedure. Researchers in this field prove that any natural mineral accumulates energy that it can transfer to humans. In order to be sure of the result, it is better to try this procedure on yourself.

Effect of stones on chakras

The person has seven important energy centers that are located along the spine. If one of the chakras stops working normally, then this leads to disease.

Indian healers have come up with a special technique that helps to bring the chakras back to normal. To do this, you need to use the right stone, which is placed on a specific area of ​​the body. Any natural mineral emits frequency vibrations, just like chakras. Therefore, stones increase vibrations and help normalize organs. It is very important to choose the right stone, then there will be an energy imbalance.

Ways to find your stone

Almost all minerals can be used. Any disease can radiate a natural element. You can use an unprocessed specimen as an amulet and wear it around your neck.

There is one way that helps you find your amulet. In order to understand whether such a talisman is suitable for a person, it is necessary, before going to bed, to tie it to the outer part of the left hand at the shoulder. Depending on the dream, you can understand whether the mineral is suitable or not, bad – not suitable, good – suitable. In the absence of sleep at all, the effect will not be at all.

There is a second way. It is enough to take a stone in your hand and squeeze it well. Then pay attention to its temperature, if the mineral has become warm, then this amulet is suitable for a person. If it is cold, then it is not suitable. So you can choose jewelry made from natural stones. On an intuitive level, a person understands whether they are suitable for him or not.

You should not choose any stone for the lithotherapy procedure. Each problem requires its own medicine, so it is best to consult a specialist.

Application of stones


Helps with throat problems and cough that lasts a long time. Acts as a good defender against infections. It also helps with cramps.

Yellow agate helps for the stomach, while blue agate helps with thyroid problems.

In areas with increased radiation, it is necessary as protection.

Lapis lazuli

The stone is not transparent and most often it can be found in a blue tint. It helps a person to realize himself in any area, find new acquaintances and become more self-confident. Lapis lazuli gives inner strength and energy, which is so lacking.


Essential for people who suffer from insomnia and stress. Amethyst helps a person become more calm and always make the right decisions.


Aquamarine helps to normalize the state of mind and come to harmony with oneself. It is a mascot for travelers and helps to easily move the road.


Crystals of this mineral are essential for single people. Just carnelian positive effect on the hair, skin and teeth. In case of pain in the head, it is enough to hold the stone for a couple of minutes at the temples. This is a necessary stone for people who cannot suppress aggression in themselves and constantly break down on others.


Protects from diseases, and also helps from high temperatures. And also normalizes metabolism, fights stomach problems, helps to overcome insomnia. This charm fights sclerosis, depression and schizophrenia.

In Ayurvedic medicine, this stone is a remedy for rejuvenating the skin and human organs. It emits subtle vibrations that have a positive effect on the brain. And also on the nervous system and the human condition in general.

It is not for nothing that diamond jewelry is valued all over the world and is very expensive.


A beautiful blue mineral that is essential for liver problems. It also helps to improve vision. Helps with financial problems. Turquoise is a symbol of fidelity, so it helps improve family relationships.

If the stone began to fade, then this indicates a deterioration in the condition of its owner.

Eye of the Tiger

It is necessary for a person who wants to understand himself. It helps women to monitor their figure, learn not to be jealous of other women and become more accurate.


Needs malachite in order to open the energy channels. To do this, it is enough to wear it around the neck in the solar plexus area.


In China, it is believed that jasper is a symbol of female beauty. It is able to cure female diseases, stop bleeding and help with toothache.

Essential for people with kidney and liver problems.


A green stone that absorbs diseases and negative energy. The main property is that it increases the effectiveness of the use of any drugs. So the illness will go away much faster.


Hematite, or as it is called black pearls , protects from trouble and is a symbol of courage. Helps with problems of the genitourinary system and blood diseases.


The stone is used to improve vision. It also helps with cysts and fibroids.


Green stone relieves stress and fights infertility. Labrador is the patron saint of creative people. He gives them inspiration and helps them create new masterpieces.


The stone is essential for pregnant women. Jade helps them to endure labor more easily.


Helps cleanse the whole body of toxins.


Helps with diseases such as bronchitis. Pomegranate is necessary for people who have lost the meaning of life and suffer from depression.


Necessary for people who work with their heads. It helps improve memory and makes it easier to remember more data. Onyx  relieves headaches and helps to relax.


Helps to normalize blood pressure. If it is high, then lower it. If it is low, then normalize. Pearls act as a defender of immunity.


Helps with problems with teeth, joints, and is also necessary for epilepsy.

How to use Stones and Crystals for Healing

At first glance, it may seem that stone treatment is a very simple procedure that anyone can perform. But this is not so, there are many nuances that must be taken into account. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • When mining stones, it is very important where they will be collected. It should only be an ecologically clean area with good conditions. If you take a stone on the road, then it will only do harm.
  • It is best if the mineral will not be processed at all. You can’t break its outer layer or make holes in it.

In order to see the result of the procedure, you must complete the full course. If the disease is complex, the duration of treatment will be longer.

The following side effects are possible:

  • Stormy emotions. Possibly negative.
  • Digestive system disorder.
  • Headache and weakness.
  • Sensitivity may be impaired.

Do not worry if a patient has one of them. Side effects are rare, and their duration cannot be long. It all depends on individual portability. If such a problem occurs, then the course of treatment should be changed.

With correctly selected stones, there can be no negative consequences. But you should be responsible for your health. To prescribe a course, you need to know your diagnosis exactly.

Massage is contraindicated for diabetics, hypertensive patients, pregnant girls, as well as those who suffer from varicose veins and cannot tolerate thermal procedures.


A natural stone amulet is a good protector that protects against dangers and misfortunes. You can make such a talisman yourself from the rock. When choosing it, you should be based on the person’s zodiac sign.

Topaz is ideal for Taurus . It will help them stay calm, even in the most difficult situations.

Pomegranate will help Scorpions .

Aquarians should opt for zircon . It will protect you from misfortune and give you good luck.

Libra should pay attention to jade , which will bring success in all endeavors.

Also, each of the minerals is charged to its own sphere. Sapphire will help you find your soul mate or build rapport in the family. Onyx is necessary for people who are insecure about themselves. Pearls help get rid of non-reciprocal love. Chalcedony is needed from despondency.

Pros and cons of stone treatment

In order to assess the positive and negative aspects of this procedure, we will consider them in more detail.

Pros of Stone Treatment:

  • It is enough to wear the stone as a decoration. Such treatment does not require additional time and effort. The main thing is to choose the right stone for your problem.
  • With such recovery and treatment, a person does not feel pain. This procedure brings only positive emotions.
  • There are practically no contraindications.
  • Correctly selected stones are completely bladeless.

Cons of Stone Treatment:

  • It’s hard to find a good specialist in this area. Many lithotherapists are deceivers and do not understand the medicinal properties at all. Therefore, a person must be very careful and study all the reviews in detail before the procedure.
  • Lithotherapy is not an official science, so it is difficult to find evidence of its positive properties.
  • Some stones are quite expensive.

Lithotherapy is not a panacea for all diseases. It can complement the effects of traditional treatments. It is important to remember about the inadmissibility of the selection of stones at random, to choose the one that will be really useful can only be a lithotherapist who is really versed in the healing properties of various minerals.