The Fool: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

The Fool represents the number 0 in the tarot deck

The Fool , like all tarot cards, has a different meaning depending on whether it appears in the right or reversed position. El Loco , as a quick guide, represents in Vertical : principles, innocence and spontaneity, a free spirit. Reversed: It means naivety, folly, recklessness, taking excessive risks.

The Fool Upright: Meaning in Love Tarot Card Reading


The appearance of The Fool in the context of love could mean that you are not ready for a commitment yet, even though others may be pushing for you to have one, for example a boyfriend who insists on marrying or trying to live together.

This letter is a positive omen for your love life; much fun seems to be in sight. Just don’t let your desire to have fun make you overlook “real love” (true, deep love) in case it’s coming to you now or in a while.

There may be some short-lived passions due to a lack of commitment and this letter may indicate the impossibility of an intense romance or of living a great love, because current situations are not manageable, nor can they be controlled by the couple.

The Fool Reversed: Meaning in Love Tarot Card Reading

When the Fool appears reversed in a question related to love, it may indicate that your desire for freedom and independence could very well be interfering with your love relationship.

Lack of plans and firm commitment could jeopardize the relationship. There is reluctance to settle down, to marry or coexistence, to plan the arrival of the children.

In another aspect, the couple accuses instability due to eccentric behaviors on your part, crazy ideas, perhaps bad influences that surround you with friends or family.

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