Taurus Birthstone and Lucky Gemstones

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is symbolized by silent, strong and ambitious personalities, realistic and ready to take action at any time.

The natives of the sign of Taurus are beautiful personalities, stubborn and with a sharp practical sense, similar to those in the sign of the virgin. Bulls are talented and hardworking artists, who are endowed by nature with tenacity, inspiration and organizational spirit. They are strong and dominant. They have a deep intuition and a strong sense of justice.

Bulls like to be the center of attention, and are always looking for opportunities to be noticed by those around them. By nature they are down to earth and tend to move slowly but surely towards the goals they are pursuing, using brute force or their own strategy.

Bulls have practical and wise thinking, and are the ones that family or friends go to for advice or a second opinion.

The color that suits the bulls


It is the color that nourishes the spirit of Taurus and strengthens their connection with nature and the rhythm of life. Green represents growth and progress. The raw green of spring, the season of those born in this sign, enriches their connection with the world around them.

Therefore, the main stone of the sign is the emerald, known for channeling the energies of the planet Venus, the ruling planet of the sign.

The secondary stones of the Taurus sign are also spectacular: pink quartz, sapphire, then agate, malachite and jade.

Lucky Gemstones for Taurus


The precious stone belonging to the beryl family, of an intense green. The term comes from the Greek word “smarsgaud” which means “green stone”. They are the most valuable gemstones (except diamonds) and are the rarest gemstones on Earth. The emerald is the gemstone of those born in May.

Emerald calms and brings a gentle energy, which balances the bull’s temper, calms negative tendencies and improves creativity.

Known as the Stone of Love and Success, the emerald opens the heart of the wearer, to receive love in all aspects of life. The emerald encourages the Taurus native to give and receive love, helping him to overcome obstacles in life.

Pink quartz

Like other precious and semi-precious stones, pink quartz is formed when magma is pushed towards the Earth’s crust and combines with various minerals along the way.

When the magma cools, the elements and minerals are held together, forming massive quartz crystals.

It has a relaxing effect on the wearer, so you can feel calmer even when dealing with difficult people or difficult situations.

Called the stone of love, rose quartz has been used throughout history in marriage or engagement rituals. It belongs to the quartz family, and the translucent shade of pink is given by silicone dioxide.

Pink quartz makes people wiser and deeper in love and friendship. Pink quartz exudes an energy that makes those who wear it recognize their own need to be compassionate.


Sapphires have been prized as precious stones since antiquity. The Persian kings believed that the sky was blue from the sapphires reflected in it, and a poet described the sapphires as “the clear sky a few moments after sunset.”

Sapphire is the stone of transformation, of those who want to learn a new foreign language or those who want to become better and stronger. It is the crystal of explorers, carrying the energy of the Earth and can help anyone who wants to evolve.

It endows the wearer with clarity of thought and intuition. It is also believed to raise morale and attract prosperity.


Agates are the most popular varieties of chalcedony. They have been discovered since the Neolithic in the waters of the river Achates in Sicily and have been used to make jewelry from the time of the pharaohs to the present day. Due to their variety, agates have been popular over the centuries, both for their distinctive beauty and for their spiritual properties. Formed in mineral environments, most often found in volcanic rocks, each agate is a unique specimen, but fortunately, in a wealth of specimens and colors.

Agate stimulates the mind and highlights the positive traits of the spirit. It helps the wearer to take courage when it comes to sentimental issues and to focus on what he wants in a relationship. It encourages him to use his talents to have a better personal and professional life.

Agata will help Taurus to follow the path in life that suits them best, and to understand that the possibilities are innumerable. Especially orange agate, it is associated with self-esteem and self-confidence.


Malachite is formed in shallow cavities by oxidation of the area above the copper deposits, then is lowered into fractures, caverns, cavities and intragranular spaces in the porous rock.

All malachite specimens are green, from pastel green to deep green with an adamantine vitreous luster. Non-crystalline specimens are usually opaque.

Malachi encourages the wearer to make changes to move on or out of their comfort zone. Malachite is also an excellent talisman to protect the little ones.


Another stone associated with the planet Venus and therefore the lucky stone of those born in the sign of Taurus. Aventurine is a variety of quartz characterized by an opalescent luster with small luminous inclusions that lends the stone a luster called aventurine, visible especially when polished. The name aventurine comes from the Italian a ventura or all’avventura , and was in the 18th century the name of a special kind of glass, produced by Italian craftsmen who accidentally dropped metal fragments in a molten glass furnace which, when cold, it had iridescent sparkles. The bottle was used in jewelry making and when this stone was later discovered, it was called aventurine.

Aventurine is usually green in color, and is said to help with emotional and spiritual healing. But it is also worn by those who like gambling, because it is believed to bring good luck.

Lolite or Water Sapphire

Also called water sapphire, the name iolite comes from the Greek ios, which means purple. Iolite has various shades depending on the angle from which it is viewed, a phenomenon called pleochroism.

Iolite is the stone of the muses, activating the visionary and creative side of the mind, accessing thoughts and ideas out of the realm of the ordinary. Iolith inspires creative, artistic expression.

Are you born in the zodiac sign of Taurus? Whether you choose to wear jewelry with the main stone associated with the sign – emerald, or you prefer those adorned with rose quartz, sapphire, agate, malachite or jade, due to their effect, you will feel calmer, full of beneficial energy, wiser and deeper in love and friendship.