Weather and Time of Day Depicted by Tarot Cards

Here is how weather is depicted by Tarot Cards

Magician – Unexpected weather changes

Priestess – snow or cold (night)

Empress – sunny and warm (morning)

Emperor – thunderstorm, storm (day Time)

Priest – unexpected weather changes (Evening)

Lovers – , cloudy (Night)

Chariot – sunny (Morning)

Strength – sunny (Morning)

Hermit – wind, flood (Evening)

Wheel of fortune – windy (Day Time)

Justice – clear, butĀ cold, (day time)

Hanged – fog (evening or night)

Death – snow and cold (night)

Moderation – sunny (morning)

Devil – storm

Tower – storm, hail

Star – weather improvement (especially depicts evening)

Moon – cloudy (depicts night)

Sun – sunny, (depicts day)

Court Cards -, sunny, dew or hoarfrost (Depict morning or evening)

World – sunny

joker – rain, any