Sunstone: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Sunstone

The sun stone belongs to the class of feldspars , the properties of which have been known for a long time, its effect on various signs of the zodiac and a positive effect on the human body has also been noticed.

Benefits of Wearing Sunstone

Healing effects of Sunstone:

Modern lithotherapists have proven the positive effect of the mineral on the human body.

  • It copes well with allergic reactions. Due to the regular wearing of the stone, they appear to a lesser extent;
  • It is also recommended for people suffering from headaches and sleep disorders;
  • Ideal for the off-season, when acute respiratory infections and various colds attacks, since its vibrations help to cope with angina, tonsillitis, pneumonia.
  • The positive effect of the stone on the heart, liver, as well as the gastrointestinal tract was also noticed;
  • It is worth wearing it for those who are often stressed and overly emotional. Constant contact with the stone improves the functioning of the nervous system and allows a person to think clearly and make the right decisions.

Healing effects of Sunstone:

  • Taking into account the energy vibrations of the mineral, it helps a person to lift their spirits, fills them with strength;
  • It should be worn by those who tend to have an active life position and are in constant motion;
  • Magicians and psychics claim that in most cases the sun stone helps to develop the gift of clairvoyance and unique supernatural abilities;
  • In addition, he is an excellent amulet that will protect the owner from slander, evil eye and troubles;
  • Also, the mineral directs the owner on the true path, inclining him to the right decision, protecting him from swindlers and unkind people;=

Warmth and Comfort

As the rays of the Sun awaken Nature, the hot and powerful Energy of the Sun Stone fuels your creativity, your motivation and your dynamism. An old legend has it that the blood of a Native American warrior, wounded by an arrow, gave the Sunstone its red glow. The Sun Stone is a Stone whose bubbling Energy nourishes the Sacred Energy Centers (Chakras) and the Solar Plexus in order to generate a feeling of self-confidence and intimate and sacred power. It can help you overcome your doubts or blockages so that you can imagine and create the solutions; so that you can move forward in your relationships, at work or in what excites you. By revitalizing your Sacred Chakra, it can also be very useful in Love:

How to use the Sun Stone?

  • Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. 
  • Program your Sunstone with a powerful affirmation such as “I affirm my inner and sacred power” and let its vibration amplify your intention.
  • Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga ) or place them in your “Ritual corner”.
  • Remember to work with your Sunstone during the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice .

Which Zodiac Signs can wear Sunstone:

Given the warm positive energy of the mineral, Sunstone is suitable for the following Zodiac Signs:

  • Aries,
  • Taurus
  • Leo.
  • Sunstone helps the Leos to become softer and attracts good luck. Sunstone also makes the Leos more seductive.
  • Sunstone pacifies the conflicting Aries. It helps them find a common language with the people around them, feeds the owner with energy throughout the day. Regular contact with Sunstone will attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  • It can also be worn by Taurus, to whom it bestows success.

Sunstone is not suitable for Gemini and Pisces

  • Sunstone is not suitable for Pisceans. Wearing Sunstone, they will acquire excessive gullibility.
  • Sunstone is not suitable for Gemini. Wearing sunstone will make Gemini Lazy.

Combination of Sunstone with other Stones:

The Energy of the Sun Stone harmonizes perfectly with that of the Moon Stone . The Sun Stone resonates with the Masculine Principle Yang – heat, the vital momentum – while the Moon Stone works with the Feminine Principle Yin – freshness, receptivity, Intuition. Work with these two Stones to connect with the Energy of the Sun and the Moon.

Sunstone and Moonstone go hand in hand with Labradorite remarkably well . Together, they form a magical combination capable of boosting your Rituals and helping you manifest your dreams.

How to Clean and recharge SunStone

It cleans itself:

  • under clear water,
  • with Sage or White Sage, in Fumigation or in Spray ,
  • by Energy transfer on stone fragments.

The Sun Stone is recharged in the rays of the Sun, preferably in the morning and never more than two hours, so as not to tarnish its shine.

How to tell if Sunstone is Real or Fake:

Today, the sun stone is not popular, therefore, fraudsters practically do not engage in counterfeiting of the mineral, but in order to buy a real original, which will have energy power, it is important to know the following rules.

  • The stone should be held in the hand, the real crystal heats up very slowly. Otherwise, this is a fake.
  • The original cannot be easy.
  • If you knock a stone on the surface, an empty sound speaks of its fake.

How to care for Sunstone:

The strange thing is that solar crystal jewelry does not like prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Otherwise, the color saturation is lost, the luxurious shine disappears.

  • It is important to store jewelry in a separate tissue box;
  • Also, it should not be exposed to shock and physical stress;
  • It is advisable to protect it from sudden changes in temperature and humidity;
  • Cleaning the gem is allowed in a mild soapy solution with a soft brush, do not use aggressive detergents;
  • At the end of cleaning, it is washed under running water and dried in air;
  • It is advisable to wash the mineral no more than once a year.

Where is Sun Stone Found

The most popular mineral deposits are sites in China, Norway, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar.

Samples are also mined in Russia, India, Switzerland. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the mineral is found in Transbaikalia and the Urals, not far from the White Sea and the islands of Onega Bay.

History of SunStone:

For its entire existence since the discovery of the mineral, it has never been appreciated as a valuable crystal. But the magical effect and healing effect made it possible to improve the situation and health of people in different eras.

  • In India and Ancient Greece, it was one of the main components of magical rituals. One of the special properties that the mineral is endowed with is the ability to be a conductor between parallel worlds and establish contact with the departed. This property was also used by the ancient Indians.
  • During the Renaissance, the legend was passed from mouth to mouth that Sunstone allowed the heavenly bodies to be controlled. Although she was not acquitted. The
  • Swedish chemist Jan Berzelius gave the crystal the name “sodium spodumene ” in 1824 .
  • A couple of years later, the German mineralogist August Breithaupt gave it the name oligoclase .
  • It was appreciated at its true worth in 1841 after a case when an amazingly beautiful stone was discovered in the Andes mountains, resembling in appearance the sun. On the territory of the Russian Federation, it was actively mined in 1933.

One of the legends says that on the first day when God created the world and water, the Sun admired its beauty all day, but once seeing the pensive Moon, it decided to establish contact with it. But the closer it got to her, the further the Moon was. 7 days the heavenly body tried to see the stranger, and on the eighth his tears appeared, which turned into sun stones.

Once upon a time, the Vikings were not familiar with the magnetic compass, but they could easily find their way on the high seas. One of the ancient sagas of Iceland says that at the beginning of the tenth century, an episode was discovered where it was impossible for the Vikings to navigate by a heavenly body. It says about the brave captain Konung, who did not see the Sun in the sky, it was cloudy. It was covered with clouds, then he looked into the sunstone and saw its beam.

In addition, in 1967 T. Ramscoe, an archaeologist from Denmark, suggested that the mineral played the role of a crystal-polarizer. In fact, by looking at the sky through it, it was possible to discern the degree of polarization and determine the location of the Sun, which was important for navigators at that time. This method worked before satellite navigation and radio compass were invented. Sunlight becomes polarized due to the clouds. To date, scientists have become interested in this unique property of the mineral and have confirmed it.

Evidence that the Vikings really used the crystal as a navigator is its finding by archaeologists on an ancient ship that was built in the tenth century. Its properties are perfectly preserved, which proves its strength.

Properties of SunStone

Sunstone is the owner of a luxurious yellowish with sparkles of shimmer, its color range ranges from rich yellow to reddish tones. It contains multiple inclusions of oxide of various minerals, in particular – iron, which allows the sun stone to play in the sun.

The chemical formula of the mineral is K [AlSi3O8]. It does not dissolve in acids.

Selection FormSolid Masses
Specific Gravity2.66
Transparency Shines Through
Line ColorWhite