Stones for Minor and Transpersonal Chakras

Secondary chakras are energetically powerful areas that are the reflection points of the seven main chakras. The former have properties similar to the latter. 21 secondary chakras are located throughout the body. They are grouped into ten bilateral chakras, which are responsible for the feet, hands, knees, elbows, groin, collarbone, navel, shoulders, and ears. They are believed to be approximately 7.5 cm in diameter. 

As already mentioned, the secondary chakras are associated with the main ones.

Secondary ChakrasMajor Chakras
Arms and LegsCrown
Elbow and KneesBasic
Groin and clavicleThird Eye
Shoulders and navelthroat
Ears and intercostalCardiac

Chakras are vortices of energy concentrated in the aura and energy field of the human body. These energy centers act as satellites of the universe, absorbing energy and using it to affect the mind, body and spirit, and then returning it back to space.


Each energy center controls a specific part of the physical body, specific emotions, and specific aspects of its spiritual self. Seven main points are located along the spine, secondary “wheels” are “scattered” throughout the body.

In crystal healing, the most commonly used system of seven energy centers. Nevertheless, in some cases, it is preferable to influence the secondary chakras. It should be remembered that virtually all energy centers are under the influence of the energy of a gem during a healing session. By placing stones directly on the points, healing vibrations can be used to correct the imbalance in the physical and astral bodies and harmonize the state.

As a rule, crystals of a certain color are responsible for each energy center. However, some stones have properties that allow them to be used in other places than those associated with their color. Such exceptions can be discovered through research or intuitive understanding of the additional characteristics of the gems. These properties of stones are different for each person, so it takes time to find them.

Basic stones for activating secondary chakras

Transparent Quartz

Quartz accumulates and amplifies energy and establishes a connection with everyone, even with those who are not sensitive to magic. This function is beneficial in receiving and storing healing energy, which can then be used for therapy. It is enough to add a stone to your collection, thanks to which the aura will intensify.


The gem moldavite has a powerful energetic effect. Its most effective use is to hold it in your hands during meditation. In this way, his energy goes directly to the crown and star chakras of the soul. Helps to clear the body’s energy flows by allowing high vibration to penetrate the energy centers faster.

Smokey Quartz:

Smoky quartz has the properties of opening the secondary chakra, passing energy through them, which reaches the transpersonal centers.

In 1990, Katrina Raphael wrote a book called Crystalline Transmission – The Fusion of Light. In it, she shared her research on the transpersonal chakras and what crystals can be used to activate them. 

What are the transpersonal chakras: a brief history

There are four transpersonal energy centers, which will be discussed in turn below. 

Star gate chakra

This is the highest chakra located in the system of energy centers of the human body. It is located about 30 cm above the head. She is responsible for receiving cosmic forces and divine energy. 

When you open this center, you feel oneness with the world, receive wisdom, compassion and constant connection with higher forces. 

It is believed that a person independently controls this chakra; to influence it, one does not need to use stones, but rather meditation and internal influence. 

Soul Star Chakra

This center of energy is located about 15 cm above the head. Its function is to mediate between the spiritual and physical worlds. It is believed that after physical death, the soul leaves precisely through this point in the astral body. 

As soon as the center is activated, it is important to carry out mental cleansing, to clear the mind. Such actions allow the sun’s rays to pass freely. To understand the process, visualize a golden-white ball above the crown energy center and a black tourmaline below your feet. 

Repeat the action at least 3 times a week for 5 minutes. 

The chakra provides a person with the spiritual energy needed to remind a purpose in life, which can also put the course of life back on track when a person goes far from a higher goal. May become unbalanced from childhood trauma or drug use, causing mental instability and possible nose and airway problems. It corresponds to the white color of the stones. 


Mineral selenite protects against energy blockages, opening the way to communication with higher powers.


Phenacite has powerful cleansing properties. The stone also helps to draw energy from the Sun into the body to enhance the enlightenment process. 


The stone activates the transpersonal chakras and has a high vibration to create a connection with the guides. It helps to calm the mind for meditation.

Causal chakra

This energy center is located in the center of the head, about 10 cm from the crown. Its function is to receive energy from the star chakra of the soul and send it to the mental body (one of the layers of the aura). Before activating it, you need to open it and clean it. Regular meditation will help with her work.

Activation of this center changes perception and expands the horizons of perception. It finds spiritual meaning in patterns of behavior and programs, and also allows you to maintain a calm and clear mind regardless of current trials and adversities. 

It is believed that kyanite will open and activate this energy center.

Earth star chakra

This energy center is located 5-15 cm below the feet. Its function is to enable the received cosmic energy to be properly grounded. This is the vital point through which the full expression of the other three transpersonal energy “wheels” is achieved. 

The earthly star chakra maintains a connection with life and is the energy center from which a person can draw the most stable vitality. Purified and activated, it will open a person’s interest in life, the ability to find interest in everyday affairs. When the center is not functioning, it manifests itself in a lack of motivation, discouragement and a general feeling that life is passing by. In addition, physical manifestations of insufficient chakra functioning are possible. It can manifest itself in chronic fatigue syndrome, immunodeficiency and exhaustion. 

For working with chakra, it is advised to use crystals of black or earth shades.


Unakite stone balances and activates the earthly star center and third eye chakra. He also shows ways to study the problems that are suffering the physical and spiritual body in the present. 


Onyx stone is known for its accumulating properties that help to collect internal energy, which is necessary in difficult life situations. It is also suitable for grounding and negative energy protection.


Howlite has a positive effect on all energy centers of the body, but has the greatest effect on the terrestrial stellar. It neutralizes negativity and helps to quickly reach a meditative state.

When all four energy centers are activated, the correct polarity is established.

How to work with stones and chakras to improve the quality of life:

Some energy centers can be centered or blocked even without direct impact. Therefore, the free flow of vital energy to the body and enchantments can be difficult. The imbalance is present even when one or several centers are not working or, conversely, are overactive compared to others.

This can lead to minor or serious health problems. At the physical level, a balanced system manifests itself as a healthy and resilient physical body with immunity and vitality. 

In addition to meditation and working with crystals, to balance the state, it is recommended to do exercises – breathing through the nose (alternately inhaling and exhaling air from one of the nostrils) and the vortex technique. For this, it is necessary to imagine a cleansing whirlwind of white light that envelops the entire body. it should be visualized that he removes all negative energy and transforms it into positive. To complete the exercise, it is necessary to direct the vortex into the ground, and the released positive energy is transferred to the surrounding living beings.

Using Crystals and stones:

Crystals and stones that affect energy centers can be turned into bracelets. The advantage of this decoration is the ability to keep all the “wheels” open, which will help to receive a constant flow of energy.

The number, as well as the type, of stones in the bracelet is not limited, so you can create a piece of jewelry to your liking from 25 crystals, each of which will be responsible for a specific secondary and transpersonal chakras. 

In the same way, a person will create a barrier from negative energy, helping the body to receive only positive waves. At the same time, it is important to believe in the power of your jewelry, since balance will not be achieved without an inner conviction of its strength. 

It takes a lot of practice to determine which stones are needed to create a bracelet and which chakras will respond best to them.