Stones and Crystals for Magic Rituals

Crystals and gemstones are like humans, each one is unique and radiates a certain energy. How are gems chosen? Analyze their properties and rely on your intuition. Here is a list of some of the most popular crystals and precious gems used in magical work and rituals, as well as how they are used in practice.

In the article, you can find a quick guide on which gems can help you practice.

Many ancient cultures believed that stones contained life force, and therefore shamans and magicians used them for rituals and healing. It is believed that crystal energy was widely used in the lost city of Atlantis. 

Minerals have also played an important role in various religions. The oldest jewelry was found in the tomb of Queen Pu-Abi at Ur in the Sumerian Empire. They are dated around the beginning of the third millennium BC. The ancient priests believed that crystals are a force that defies all evil. The Egyptians depicted the eye of the sun god Ra with lapis lazuli , and for the Cherokee culture, this same crystal was sacred, used for healing. 


Agate is responsible for the work of thinking. The crystals of this stone are usually earthy in color, sometimes striped specimens are found. Subspecies, like moss agate, come in shades of green or blue.

Agate is associated with the Earth, third eye chakra and mental matters. Guide the work of the stone into practices aimed at obtaining positive energy, treating mental disorders and getting rid of depression. The popular use of the gem is in rituals associated with discovering new things, gaining the truth, remembering and healing, as well as overcoming feelings of loneliness or sadness.

Carry agate with you if you are stressed or not feeling well. You can also put one crystal under your pillow while you sleep, so you have more energy while awake.


Amazonite sets external energy boundaries, helps to get rid of rhinestone and condemnation. It has supportive properties, helping to recover from trauma and psychological bullying. Great for cell regeneration after physical injury, gout and arthritis. Helps fasting balance the thyroid and adrenal glands after stress.


Unpopular among both yogis and jewelry, the stone is in vain bypassed. Astrophyllite opens all chakras and increases the ability to communicate and interact with multiple dimensions, as well as past, present and future. It activates all chakras and brings light and energy. 


Petrified resin is usually presented in yellow and orange hues. It is the color of the resin that gives a hint that it is associated with solar and fire energy. It is recommended to use it in practice aimed at the throat chakra, confidence, and also as a protective amulet.

If you need a little magical nudge when it comes to communication and career, wear an amber pendant, or leave the crystal on your desk. So amber will work as a talisman from office gossip.


Amethyst is a subspecies of quartz crystal and comes in a wide range of purple hues. Mineral is one of the universal stones that is used to develop magical abilities. Associated with water, it is also associated with the zodiacal signs of Pisces and Aquarius.

Use the stone in healing practices that target the crown chakra, such as relieving depression and anxiety, mood hopping and stress relief. On a magical level, amethyst  comes to the rescue to sharpen the mind and enhance intuitive abilities. He also assists in the cleansing of the sacred site.

On the recommendation of shamans, the ancient Greeks wore a crystal to protect them from the influence of alcohol, therefore, if you plan to spend the night idly, take the stone with you to prevent overwork.

Purple Crystals relieve stress and tension, soothe irritability, balance mood swings, dissipate anger, rage, fear and anxiety. The stone helps to remember and understand dreams, relieves the manifestations of insomnia.


Heliotrope , or bloodstone, is a green crystal with red or gold splashes. He is influenced by the warlike Mars and the Sun. Add heliotrope to the group of crystals that you use in healing practices, as well as in rituals aimed at financial and physical well-being.

When it comes to bodily matters, this stone is often associated with circulatory health. Carry the crystal with you to make more money.


They say that diamonds are girls’ best friends, and this sparkling mineral has long been associated with marriage and engagement, but it is also used in love rituals. Diamonds are associated with air, fire and the sun, and are most often transparent or sometimes with yellow stripes. They can also be used for works related to astral travel and observation, meditation and intuition.


The stone is a conduit for powerful protective magic, especially those related to home and property. It is he who is very popular in feng shui. 

To avoid negative influences from outside, place crystals in door and window openings.

People trying to get rid of bad habits such as smoking, alcohol abuse, nail biting, nervous eating will benefit from regular meditation with this stone. The mineral dissolves negativity and helps prevent negative absorption. Hematite is a strong gem that increases self-esteem and survival, increases willpower and reliability, and gives confidence.


Scarlet garnets are associated with fiery elements and the goddess Persephone. They also have the greatest influence on the higher chakras and are used in treating fertility problems. 

Use grenades  in rituals that balance the disembodied and corporeal. Add a mineral to a group of meditation stones to increase the magical power of other gems, or use them during lunar rituals to develop intuitive abilities.

Interestingly, followers of some cultures believe that a stone obtained by fraudulent means will bring a curse on the person to whom it belongs, which will be valid until the pomegranate is returned to its  rightful owner.


Second after feldspar  , quartz is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. Since the Middle Ages, mediums have used gem balls to predict the future.   Even now, beginners use quartz to develop the gift of clairvoyance.

Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz is often associated with love relationships. Use the crystal in rituals for love and friendship.

What is the difference between white and rose quartz ? Thus, white quartz is often transparent. The white gem is recommended for use in healing rituals, as well as rituals aimed at spiritual growth and development.

Both stones are associated with four elements. That is why, the mineral is universal – if you do not have enough of a certain gem for practice, quartz  can easily replace it.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is found in different shades of blue, from pale blue to intense electric blue. It is often spotted or striped. The color depends on the region from which the gem comes from. The color reminds that the mineral is associated with water elements.

The gem is recommended for the treatment of depression, mood uplift and brain disorders, as it is associated with the crown chakra. For a stronger magical effect, use it in rituals involving altered state, trance, and meditation.

Moon rock

As the name suggests, the gem is associated with lunar deities, especially Diana, Selene and Hecate. On a magical level, add the stone to rituals aimed at reason and intuition. Carry the stone in your pocket if you feel nervous. So it normalizes the processes in your body.


The gem is used to drain toxins from the body by placing crystals near the feet during practice. In magical rituals, it is used to enhance observation and intuition. Interestingly, obsidian is used in feng shui to remove obstacles.


Opals are found in several shades, from dull white to dark gray or blue. As a rule, in addition to the main color, stones contain other shades, due to which one gem can replace several.

Opal crystals are  rarely included in a working set, since they are simultaneously associated with all four elements. They are often used for spiritual and emotional healing, as well as in protective rituals.


Good old fool’s gold. Great for especially sensitive people, it helps maintain their own energy and block negative external influences, including black magic.   Because of these properties, the mineral is very popular among empaths and children.

Pyrite helps integrate high frequency energy into the energy field and the physical body. It is a stone of creativity and a talisman for overcoming fear.


Sapphire stones are found in white and yellow, while most corundum specimens  have various shades of blue – from slightly blue to dark blue. It is the color that indicates the strong connection of the gem with water and the zodiac sign of Libra. Crystals are associated with the throat chakra and the respiratory system. On a magical level, use sapphire for rituals with spirits and prophecies.


Selenite is a crystalline variety of gypsum mineral . If you put a stone in water, it turns into gypsum. Most often, the gem is transparent and colorless, which is why it got its name from the Greek word for the moon. However, there are specimens in gray, green, orange and brown shades.

Selenite helps to maintain mental clarity by expanding awareness of yourself and your environment. It is used in rituals to open the crown and higher crown chakras, to gain access to higher ideas. The stone has soothing properties, instills deep peace and is great for meditation and spiritual work. 

In white magic, selenite, together with amethyst,  ensures good dreams. Since he is a good guide, he is used for astral projections.

Eye of the Tiger

Tiger’s eye reduces anxiety, allows truth to be told with ease, and also opens the throat chakra. It stimulates the third eye chakra, but protects it rather than suppressing it.


Zircon comes in many different colors. This is why it is often used in jewelry to replace more expensive precious gems. Associated with the sun, use zircon in healing rituals. On a general level, the gem is suitable for practices focused on beauty, love, peace, and relationships. Since outwardly the mineral resembles a diamond, in many traditions, zircon is often replaced by an inaccessible diamond.


Also known as Egyptian marble, jasper is a stone that occurs in a brownish red color, sometimes containing white streaks. Most strongly associated with the elements of Earth, the crystal is used for healing magic aimed at curing cancer.

On a magical level, this gem is ideal for grounding and centering after rituals, and is also a good luck charm.

Daily use of crystals

Each crystal has preprogrammed energy to operate. If, before starting the practice, a person formulates his intention, a properly selected crystal will resonate with energy and strengthen it. 

There are many ways to use gems. For example, you can put an amethyst crystal  under your pillow for a comfortable sleep . Place gems around flowers at home to help them grow healthy, or near your computer to dissipate electromagnetic energy. 

Keep one crystal on your desk as you work to get a burst of inspiration. If you feel a little overwhelmed, wear a crystal amulet to ward off negative energy and protect your psyche. Place a crystal in every area of ​​your home to create harmony.

Do not forget to take care of the stones in your collection – proper care will extend the service time of the gems for you.