Spinel: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Spinel

 Spinel is not generally well known, but it has many beautiful colorful stones and is highly valuable as a gem.
 It has long been considered the same type of stone as ruby ​​and sapphire. It is different in the state of crystals, but it is difficult to distinguish by color and texture if it is polished.
 As a famous episode, one of the jewels attached to the coronation crown of the British royal family, “Black Prince’s Ruby”, is actually a large, high-quality red spinel. Has been done.
 Ruby and sapphire have a hardness of 9, and spinel has a hardness of 7.5 to 8, making it a slightly softer stone (although it is considerably harder than other minerals).
 If you think of hardness symbolically and with the meaning of the stones described below, spinel can be thought of as “young ruby, young sapphire.”

Why the Name Spinel:

It is said to come from the Latin word “spinella,” which means “small thorns,” or the Greek word “spark.”

Rough stones often crystallize in a pyramid-like shape, and when you look into your face from the host rock, it looks like a thorn, so it was probably named this way. The same applies to the Japanese name “spinel”.

One of the misnomers, “Ballas Ruby,” is a slightly purplish red spinel mined in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, and was once confused with ruby. This name also appears in Marco Polo’s The Travels of Marco Polo.

Also, Sri Lankan spinels that are black to dark green are sometimes called “Ceylonite”.

How does Spinel Look:

In the rough state, it crystallizes in the form of an octahedron with sharp ends.

A stone with quite a few shades, ranging from

  • red,
  • pink,
  • orange,
  • brown,
  • green,
  • blue,
  • black and
  • colorless.

Benefits of spinel

Following are the benefits of Spinel:

  • Enhancing self-esteem,
  • developing individuality,
  • enhancing appeal,
  • teaching to enjoy gorgeous beauty,
  • revitalizing mind and body

Healing effects of Spinel:

In the field of stone healing, it is known as a stone that brings fresh energy and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Physically, it is said to boost immunity, and there are reports that it is effective against liver diseases and colds.

On the psychological side, it is said that it will release the burden accumulated from the past and show a new light of hope.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Spinel:

Spinel as a gemstone is a “stone that enhances self-esteem”.

The word self-esteem is translated as “self-esteem,” and when you say “high self-esteem,” you tend to associate someone with a nose.

But literally, understand it as “a heart that respects oneself” and “a feeling of understanding, enhancing, and expressing one’s goodness.”

When people have negative and negative thoughts, they tend to despise themselves and try to be conscious of only the bad parts. Some people show that the virtues of humility are overkill and despise more than necessary.

In addition, there are cases in which young people, in particular, have just entered society and are not confident in themselves, or the negative words given by their parents are an unconscious curse. Spinel is very effective for people who tend to have a “negative self-image”, regardless of the factors.

Spinel shouts, “You’re wonderful!” And keeps the tilt down like a pin in a leaning heart. And I will teach you to develop your personality and appeal to the outside world. He tells us that we can decorate ourselves more, that we should never enjoy the joy, beauty, and splendor of life, and that what is important is a firm will and a flexible heart that will not lose sight of us.

It’s like a small but stimulating supplement.

Thanks to these vibrations, spinel wearers learn how to make themselves look attractive and radiate fascinating energies. In particular, red and black spinels stimulate the lower abdominal chakras, making them a tool for emphasizing sexyness.

Spinel’s enhancement of self-esteem means that it enhances a comprehensive self-image, including not only psychological aspects but also physical and aura aspects.

However, for those who are naturally selfish and good at appealing to themselves, spinel can be overkill. Always be sure to check yourself, as it may create a self that is more than your real image, and may emphasize fickle and selfish parts.

In addition to the above, spinel can be expected to have additional effects depending on the shade.

The red color is excellent for physical and mental energy filling, emphasizes sexyness, and enhances the gorgeousness of the owner.

Black also emphasizes sexyness, and at the same time, it has strong protective vibrations and can be used as an amulet. Gives the owner charisma.

Pink is effective when you want to emphasize the naive side like a girl.

How to Cleanse Spinel:

Prolonged sunbathing is not recommended as it may discolor.

We recommend purification with crystal, white sage, tuning fork, or moonlight bath.

Spinel corresponds to which chakra:

Black spinel, red spinel = tailbone chakra
orange spinel, dark pink spinel = lower abdominal chakra
light pink spinel, green spinel = chest chakra
blue spinel = throat chakra
violet spinel = eyebrows chakra

Directions corresponding to Spinel:

Black Spinel = North
Red Spinel = South
Pink Spinel = Southeast, West, Southwest
Orange Spinel = Southwest
Blue Spinel = East
Violet Spinel = Northwest

Properties of Spinel:

Mineral nameSpinel (victory cough)
Spinel (spinel)
aliasCeylonite Black to dark green spinel from Sri Lanka
Pleonasute Same as
Ceylonite Picotite Yellow-brown variant
Rubicelle Yellow-red variant
MisnomerRuby Spinel Transparent red spinel
Balas Ruby A slightly purplish red spinel mined in Badafshan, Afghanistan.
Main production areasSri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Italy, Russia, USA
ClassificationOxidized minerals
Chemical compositionMgAl 2 O 4 Magnesium, aluminum, oxygen compounds
Crystal systemEquiaxial crystal system
Crystal habit (shape)Octahedron, triangular plate, lump, granular
Main shadesRed, pink, orange, brown, green, blue, black, colorless
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity3.6
Refractive index1.71 to 1.73
Similar stone non-madeRuby, sapphire

Spinel is originally a colorless mineral, but it can be colored in various shades depending on the trace elements contained, iron, chromium, zinc, manganese, etc. Among them, spinel, which is red and transparent due to iron and chrome, is prized as a gem and has been confused with ruby.

However, looking at the crystal structure, it can be seen that spinel is a different mineral because it crystallizes into octahedral twins or in the shape of a triangular plate called the spinel type, whereas ruby ​​crystallizes in hexagonal columns. I will.

Spinel is also the name of a mineral, and at the same time, it is also the group name (spinel group) when 21 kinds of minerals with the same crystal structure but different chemical compositions are collectively called.