Shamanite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

 Shamanite is a sober stone at first glance, so it seems that it is not well known to general gemstone fans, but it is spiritual such as healers, channelers, fortune-tellers, regression hypnotherapists, etc. For people involved in the field, that is, modern shamans and medicinemen, it has gained tremendous support as “a stone that you want to put in a toolbox.” So to speak, it can be said to be a stone of professional use.

 In the Midwestern United States, where it is produced, it was used by Native American shamans (witch doctors, shamans) and as protection stones (guard stones), so it is regarded as a “shamanic stone”. It was named Knight.

Shamanite was discovered by white people in 2005. On private land on the outskirts of Alpine, a town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. So far, it has only been found here.
 A new and rare stone for modern people, it has long been known as a “protection stone” for the local Native Americans. “My grandmother always had this black stone and used it to absorb the bad thoughts, jealousy, jealousy, and magic of others,” said one native.
 Natives called this black stone “TOHO” and seemed to make ceremonial statues, amulets and accessories.
 It seems that it was confused with a jet (black ball) and was actually traded as a jet.

What is Shamanite:

 Shamanite is a type of calcite. Most calcite is transparent white or yellow, but shamanite is rich in carbon, so it has a black and opaque appearance.
 Similar to jets and shungites, but these two are all black like charcoal, while shamanite is a fossil of snails and a variety of inclusions such as pyrite, marcusite, quartz and zircon. Because it contains, white dots and line patterns can be seen on the surface.
 The color tone is mainly black, and may be gray, blue-gray, or reddish-brown.
 The surface of the rough stone is often shiny as if it were polished, and it feels a moist texture and is a mysterious touch.
 When processed into beads, etc., it gives a matte texture and gives a soothing impression rather than black.

* Please note that fake onyx with a matte texture on the surface is available at low prices. Shamanite has a rather uneven color and fine inclusions can be seen, while onyx has an almost homogeneous color tone.

Benefits of Shamanite

Following are the Benefits of Shamanite:

  • Absorption of negative vibrations,
  • protection from malicious intent and jealousy,
  • purification of energy, communication with the world,
  • deepening of spiritual work,
  • letting go of the past,
  • noticing the memory and karma patterns of the past,
  • noticing the view of life and death,

Healing effects of Shamanite

 Similar to Shungite, it has an excellent effect of absorbing negative waves. Therefore, by holding it over each chakra or the affected area that is injured, it is said that it absorbs and softens the vibrations emitted from psychologically injured cells and physically injured cells, and helps repair from the aspect of aura.
 However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Shamanite

 this stone was introduced to the natural stone market, as mentioned above, it received a great deal of attention from spiritual workers. The following is a summary of the effects received from such people.

・ When worn, it protects against psychics and attacks from others, malicious intent and anger.
・ Absorbs negative vibrations.
・ Your energy is purified and resistance is increased.
・ It deepens spiritual work such as meditation and communication with the other world.
・ You will be drawn into the distant past as if a cave opens.
・ Ancestors, spirit guides, and power animals will appear and be guided.
・ Communication with loved ones who have passed away becomes easier.
・ Become a reminder of the past life and make you aware of important karma lessons hidden under the potential.
・ Heals broken hearts such as grief, sadness, and loss of loved ones.

 Hearing these voices will give you an idea of ​​how well this stone fits the needs of spiritual workers.

The power of Shamanite:

hamanite as a power stone can be said to be a “condensation of another dimension”. More simply, this stone is the “materialized world” itself.

 Beyond the Shamanite, there is another dimension of the world, which is “a world with tremendous time and space.” The work of spiritual workers is easier because the stone itself is the gateway to your destination.

 The reason why Shamanite has the above abilities is also greatly influenced by the process by which this stone was formed.
 Let’s rewind the hands of the clock at a tremendous speed.
 Precambrian-Cambrian. Carcasses of marine organisms such as plankton and snails piled up in places that were originally shallow water, and became seabed soil. That alone is a daunting time. Eventually, a huge crustal movement occurred, and the place that was the seabed was lifted to the distant sky and transformed into a mountain range at an altitude of 4,000 meters. In the process, the soil containing organic matter was converted to calcite, and part of it was converted to pyrite or markerite, resulting in the shamanite we see now.
 In other words, this stone contains a daunting time and space, and the drama of life and death of many creatures is contained in it. The seemingly black stone is actually a condensed and dazzling world of light, in which the creatures that became spirits are still alive.

 If we could cut out a part of the world and replace it with a visible “thing”, it would probably be something like a shamanite.
 Try putting Shamanite in your hand. It is synonymous with putting the world on your palm.
 You can’t put a giant whale on your palm, but you can put a sea larger than a whale on your palm. All you have to do is add a drop of sea drops. If you lick it, it tastes like the sea. Shamanite is like that.
 With that in mind, it may be rather natural to have this stone in hand to communicate with the bereaved family and to be aware of the karmic pattern.

When you hear “the world”, you may associate it with a strange story or a world somewhere far away. However, from a spiritual point of view, the world we live in is only a small part of the multi-dimensional world, and it is said that many layers of different-dimensional worlds are spreading including this world. In other words, the world is the world right next to it, and the death of a person is simply to take off the “thing” of the body and move the dimension.
 I think that the ultimate meaning of getting the “thing” of Shamanite is probably to get an opportunity to understand the ultimate truth for human beings, “death is not the end.”

How to Cleanse Shamanite:

The most suitable purification method is to let the smoke of white sage pass through.

Shamanite corresponds to which chakra:

All chakras.

Directions corresponding to Shamanite:

All directions. Especially north 

Properties of Shamanite:

Mineral nameBlack Calcite (Black Calcite
Main production areasAmerica
ClassificationCarbonate minerals
Chemical compositionCaCO 3 Calcium, carbon, oxygen compounds
Crystal systemHexagonal system
Crystal habit (shape)Massive
Main shadesBlack, gray, blue gray, reddish brown
Streak colorColorless to white
cleavageComplete in three directions (rhombohedron)
specific gravity2.7 2.7
Refractive index1.48 to 1.66
Similar stone non-madeJet, Shungite, Morion