Scorpio Birthstone and Lucky Gemstones

People have tried since ancient times to find magical properties of precious stones: the property of protecting or healing the wearer. They are our connection to the planets around us, the physical nature of the entire universe. With the spread of alchemy during the Renaissance, people began to look for the influence that gemstones can have on zodiac signs.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

It is the most complex and powerful zodiac sign. Zodiac representatives are stubborn, impulsive, selfish, aggressive, sometimes vindictive and capricious. But the intelligence of the scorpion helps him to analyze situations and to overcome the negative aspects of his personality, becoming wise, noble and strong.

Scorpios in the first decade of the sign (October 23 – November 2), the strongest features of the sign, under the influence of Mars, they are self-confident and sometimes too stubborn. Lucky crystals must be strong and translucent: malachite, amethyst, hematite.
Those born between November 3 and 13 are impetuous, noble and brave, influenced by the sun. Their lucky stones are: coral, amethyst, turquoise and sardonix.
The scorpions of the third decade are complicated personalities who are not shy to show their emotions. Most of them have artistic inclinations. Their lucky crystals are garnet, aquamarine, emerald, topaz.

The most important gemstones of those born in the sign of Scorpio:


The best talisman for the native scorpion, eliminates the effects of stress, increases physical and intellectual strength. The ruby ​​endows the wearer with passion, leadership qualities, self-confidence and wealth. Ruby is said to improve health, knowledge and money. He was associated with energy, strength of concentration, loyalty, compassion and independence. The ruby ​​is the stone that protects the house and the family. It attracts fame and prosperity and highlights leadership qualities. The ruby ​​guards the scorpion native from evil spirits, and will bring good luck to those who want to succeed in business or politics.


Mounted in a white metal, it will help the scorpion woman to fight her innate skepticism, it will teach her to see the signs of destiny and to cultivate her intuition. It will help her maintain her youth and beauty and maintain her health.
In astrology, topaz is considered to have a positive influence on the life of the scorpion. If a scorpion woman wears topaz rings or pendants, all the negative energy in her body will dissipate; The gemstone has the ability to protect from negative energies and thoughts. The brilliance of the stone purifies the existence of the wearer. Astrology experts recommend scorpions to wear topaz in difficult times.


It will help the native scorpion to get rid of the burden of the past, to free themselves from dark thoughts and will sweeten a too harsh character. Sapphire will help him communicate more easily with others, will stop outbursts of anger and negative emotions. It will bring good luck and the opening of new opportunities in the life of the wearer. The
Sapphire is known as the most benevolent and lucky stone for unmarried girls, helping them to find their ideal partner. And in marriage it brings happiness and fulfillment.
Sapphire is also very useful for those who suffer from depression or negative thoughts.


It will encourage the person born in this sign to control his emotions, it will endow him with wisdom and good memory. Amethyst is a crystal used when you are unsure about an emotional decision. It is the precious stone that helps you to honestly analyze your emotions, to appreciate your talents and weaknesses and to choose how to act, how to use them and then to act according to the decisions made.
From a health point of view, amethyst can help strengthen the immune system and can help heal faster from a serious illness.
Emotionally, amethyst is used to heal a personal loss, helping the scorpion to overcome painful experiences.


It helps the scorpion get out of tense states, clears his thoughts and helps him give up the proverbial stubbornness. Tourmaline will also help creative personalities achieve success and recognition.


It is appreciated by scorpions in a serious relationship because it helps maintain harmony, maintain love and alleviate feelings of jealousy. Opal jewelry makes the wearer more cautious and wise.


It is the most suitable gift for a scorpion woman because it is called the stone of love. It will make the scorpion woman more attentive and more calculated. Physically, garnet is said to cure migraines and sore throats.


It helps the native of the scorpion escape from the captivity of pessimism and fight negative emotions and enjoy life.

We hope that the information presented above about the stones associated with your zodiac motivates you to wear jewelry decorated with amethyst, ruby, sapphire, topaz, coral or garnet as often as possible and to benefit from their magical properties, especially those of healing and healing. protect.