Sardonyx: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

Sardonyx is also referred to as third onyx, but this is due to the difference in transcribing the pronunciation of the English name “Sardonyx” into Japanese.

The word “third” comes from “Sardis”, the capital of the Kingdom of Lydia on the Anatolian Peninsula (now Turkey) BC. Onyx means “nails” in Greek. It is a name that combines these two.

From the name, it sounds like a variant of onyx, but it is a stone that is more like a carnelian.

What is Sardonyx?

Of the agate (agate), it refers to a stone with a red and white linear pattern.

The red part is a stone called sard, but it is now indistinguishable from carnelian. Carnelian originally referred to a monochromatic red stone, and the stone with a clear linear pattern of red and white was called Sardonyx.

From the name, it sounds like a kind of onyx, but it can be said to be a “striped carnelian”.

However, since it is a natural product, there is no distinction between Carnelian and Sardonyx like man-made objects. There are many stones with stripes in the stones currently distributed as Carnerian, and the stones distributed as Sardonyx are not only red and white, but also red and milky white, orange and yellow, etc. There is a range of colors.

By the way, onyx, carnelian and sardonyx belong to the same group in terms of minerals, and their composition is almost the same. It means that the colors and patterns are different.

History of Sardonyx

Sardonyx has been regarded as a gem since ancient times.

The New Testament Gospel of John states that the foundation of the walls of the holy city of Jerusalem was adorned with twelve jewels, one of which is named Sardonyx. This description of “12 types of stones” is believed to have been the origin of modern birthstones, and Sardonyx is also one of the August birthstones.

Since Sardonyx has a two-color structure, it is useful as a material for cameos, and many ornaments have been made since ancient Roman times. It was also widely used as a material for stamps, sculptures, and tableware.

Benefits of Sardonyx

Following are the benefits of Sardonyx:

  • Harmony between couples and lovers,
  • happy marriage,
  • lasting and stable partnership,
  • self-control,
  • positive and angry control,
  • prevent easy behavior

Healing effects of Sardonyx:

It has been reported that it promotes the harmony of the five senses, that is, the functions of eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, protects against excessive stimulation, and balances the whole. For that purpose, it is recommended to wear it on your bare skin or put it in your mouth several times a day. However, be careful not to accidentally swallow small stones.

In addition, there are reports that it was used to prevent recurrence after being infected with influenza, cure jaundice, and cause spleen / pancreas disorders.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Sardonyx:

Since ancient times, Sardonyx has been regarded as a “stone of marital harmony.” The reason is the coexistence of red and white.

“Red and white” are symbols of opposite qualities, yin and yang, especially “female and male”. A good example is red and white playing a symbolic role in an event where men and women compete, such as the Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

On the other hand, red and white decorations, such as red and white curtains and mizuhiki, are also symbols of “congratulations”. It means the congratulations that men and women are united, united, and created a new world.

Against this background, Sardonyx, whose paired nature of red and white is contained in a single stone, is regarded as a power-balanced “stone of harmony” and a guardian stone that “brings a happy marriage.” I did. It is now considered to be a gemstone that brings lasting and stable happiness not only to marriage but also to partnerships with the opposite sex in general.

It is also said to be very useful as a stone for self-control. The reason is still the power balance between red and white.

Red carnelian is a stimulating stone that urges outward action, while white agate is good at neutralizing and balancing power. In addition, the black onyx pulls inward to look inside itself.

Carnelian is very useful for those who are reluctant and too quiet, or for those who are not energetic and tend to sink, but when an active person has it, it becomes overly positive and a little bit angry. , Can be aggressive or prone to quarrel.

However, with Sardonyx, while ensuring an energy source that encourages positive behavior, it can be moderately neutralized and self-control effective, helping to control sudden anger and prevent easy behavior. Will be done.

Cleansing the energy of Sardonyx:

It may discolor (darken) when sunbathing for a long time.
The recommended purification method is purification with crystal clusters.

Sardonyx corresponds to which chakra:

Lower abdomen

Directions corresponding to Sardonyx:

South, east, north

Properties of Sardonyx:

Mineral nameRed-striped agate, red-striped agate (Akashimameno)
Main production areasAround the world
ClassificationOxidized Mineral Quartz Group
Chemical compositionSiO 2 silicon, oxygen compound
Crystal systemHexagonal / Trigonal
Crystal habit (shape)Latent crystallite
Main shadesBand-shaped red and white, brown, yellow
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.60 to 2.65
Refractive index1.53 to 1.54
Similar stone non-made

Sardonyx is a member of the quartz group.

Agglomerates of fine quartz crystals are called chalcedony (chalcedony), and among them, those with remarkable stripes are called agate (agate). There is almost no difference in composition, and the difference is whether or not there is a “striped pattern”.

The monochromatic red chalcedony distinguishes carnelian and agate with prominent red-white stripes from sardonyx.

However, it is mixed in rough stones, and it is often called without such distinction in distribution.

The cause of the red color is attributed to iron oxide, which becomes darker when heated or exposed to sunlight.