Sapphire: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Sapphire

It is generally accepted that precious stones are a luxurious piece of jewelry. In fact, they also have different energies that heal from diseases and attract good luck. Sapphire stone has medicinal properties, has a certain meaning and magical effect on the signs of the zodiac.

Sapphires are also correlated with noble blood and royalty, which is why they are often chosen to accessorize famous people and also to mark important moments. Engagement rings with blue sapphire is among the most appreciated and, at the same time, desired by women, because, through their refinement, they stand out.

What is Sapphire:

 In fact, the name “sapphire” covers all the precious stones in corundum – the second hardest mineral after diamond – except the red ones, which are called rubies.

Sapphires are translucent, almost transparent and have a glassy appearance.

Since antiquity, sapphires have been attributed various symbols, being associated with loyalty, sincerity and nobility. Today, however, sapphire is most often associated with faithful love and elegance. 

Although sapphire is known mainly for its blue color, given by iron and titanium ions, it is also found in other colors, except red, depending on the presence of other chemical elements in the composition:

  • shades of yellow – iron;
  • shades of purple – iron, titanium, vanadium;
  • orange shades – iron, copper;
  • shades of green – magnesium, chrome.

Benefits of Wearing a Sapphire:

But sapphires are recognized not only for their special aesthetic appearance, but also for other types of positive effects they have on the person wearing them. 

Effects on the psyche

Sapphires influence you mentally not only because their simple behavior is a reason to trust yourself, but also because it stimulates clarity in thinking. Thus, these stones help you maintain a balance of perspectives, favoring evolution on all levels. Sapphires also create a favorable context for meditation and will increase your ability to concentrate.

Emotional effects

Sapphires became a symbol of love, especially after Napoleon Bonaparte – political leader of eighteenth-century France – proposed to his girlfriend by offering her an engagement ring with this gem. Moreover, sapphires would bring good luck in love, but they would also wisely enrich the wearer.

Health effects

Sapphires support the proper functioning of your body, as well as faster healing when you are recovering. The positive effects of sapphires are felt in the nervous system, the thyroid gland, as well as in the process of cell regeneration. 

Healing Properties of Sapphire

Sapphire belongs to medicinal minerals that have a positive effect not only on the soul, but also on the human body. Regular contact with it helps to improve the functioning of internal organs.

  • In particular, it is useful for heart patients and people with musculoskeletal problems;
  • It is a powerful immune stimulant;
  • Recommended for women planning to conceive a child;
  • Blue stones have a positive effect on vision. To do this, you can insist water on a stone. It is suitable for eye lotions or lubrication of various sore spots;
  • It also cures skin diseases very well.

Magical Properties of Sapphire

Magical Properties of Yellow Sapphire

One of the rarest specimens. Its production guarantees joy and good luck to resourceful treasure hunters. The stone belongs to the class of powerful talismans, which is able to protect its owner from negativity, evil eye, experiences. Also, the stone has the ability to change the character of people, make adjustments to their nature, endowing with poise and tranquility, kindness and mercy, responsiveness. Suitable for creative people, giving inspiration and new ideas. For people who are confident in their abilities, it helps to gain firmness in decision-making. Regular wearing of jewelry allows you to save a person from slander and envy. Also, it should be worn by married couples, its energy establishes a bond between two halves. You cannot wear a mineral with defects, as they can accumulate negative.

Magical Properties of Gray/Black Sapphire

It belongs to the opaque corundum  with a unique luster and luxurious shade of gray. He is prescribed strong magical properties, therefore he is an excellent amulet. Black sapphire drives away insidious designs, the effects of evil forces from its owner. The mineral has a beneficial effect on the human body. It is a favorite stone of psychics and magicians. Thanks to its powerful energy, you can cope with sadness, depression and find optimism. In most cases, the mineral is put into rings for men, because with regular wearing of a product with sapphire, physical condition improves, thoughts become clearer and self-confidence is gained.

If combined with precious metals, it is able to change the fate of the owner for the better. It has long been believed that black sapphire is a talisman of financial stability and, first of all, helps the soulful merciful people.

Magical Properties of Blue-Green Sapphire

They are called snowflakes, stones give people the ability to reveal hidden talents. Sapphire helps the wearer to gain attentiveness and sensitivity, mercy. As a result, a person is happy to help others and loved ones.

More often it is worn by the fair sex. The mineral creates a friendly atmosphere around its owner, attracts positive people.

It is recommended to be worn by those who need to constantly memorize a lot of information. In particular, students. It helps improve sleep and vivid dreams.

In addition, this family mineral is able to improve relationships between spouses who have disagreements. You can put a product in the bedroom with sapphire inserts. Thus, he will be a generator of love and respect.

Magical Properties of Blue Sapphire

Cornflower blue sapphire is a powerful mascot for businessmen, as it can attract good luck and promote career growth. This stone can be called a real miracle, since it is a symbol of wisdom, purity, innocence, chastity and craving for knowledge.

Given its properties, magicians use it in their rituals. Its energy helps to concentrate and see pictures of the past.

With sapphire, you can meditate and put everything on the shelves, focusing on the right issue.

Regular contact with the mineral helps to become more resilient and courageous, which stimulates a person to strive for the intended goal.

The crystal should be worn by those who are planning to start a family in the near future. So, the blue gem retains the sincere feelings of the two halves.

It is recommended to be worn by travelers, as it will protect them from harm on the road.

It is the stone of philosophers and dreamers.

Which Zodiac Signs can wear Sapphire:

Given the powerful energy of the mineral, it can be called universal. But its effect on each member of the zodiac is different.

  • For Sagittarius, the crystal will help to gain self-confidence, allow talents to open up and become active, purposeful;
  • For Aquarius, gaining spiritual strength is important. In addition, suspicious Aquarius, with regular contact with the mineral, will become more resistant to stress, since inner peace and balance are important for them;
  • Aries will become more determined and careful on the love front. Thus, sapphire will help stubborn Aries not to get into unpleasant situations;
  • For vulnerable Virgos, distinguished by their sociability, the gem will help to recognize deceitful, dishonest people, to avoid communicating with unpleasant personalities;
  • Gemini’s uncertainty, their changing mood will become less noticeable by wearing sapphire jewelry. Business Gemini should wear a necklace that will allow them to make the right decisions in important matters;
  • Modest and uncertain Taurus will give confidence in their abilities, thanks to which success will soon overtake them;
  • For hot-tempered and restless Scorpions, the mineral will be the ideal partner. Especially, it is useful for businessmen where excessive emotions are inappropriate;
  • Cancers will be rewarded with nobility and harmony in the soul;
  • Leos will be able to reveal themselves in a creative way, and in this they will not be disturbed by bright emotions that drown out common sense;
  • For Libra  and Pisces, he will help to be more reasonable, reward with wisdom

The only contraindication to wearing is birth under the sign of Capricorn, the energy of the stone will enhance their negative qualities.

How to wear a Sapphire

The mineral can be combined with agate , jade , topaz . Do not wear amber or pearl jewelry at the same time . The ring is best worn on the ring finger in warm weather, which contributes to the manifestation of pleochroism. The edges will play even brighter in the sun.

How to care for your Sapphire

 If you are wondering how sapphires are maintained, because you want to ensure the best storage conditions for your precious jewelry, you should know that you do not need to put too much effort. However, it is good to keep in mind some important details for the appearance of your sapphires.

Do not expose sapphires to the sun

To prevent sapphires from losing their color or stains on their surface, they need to be protected from excessive heat. If you have Precious jeweler of this type, do not wear them when going to the beach or the pool. Not only does the sun affect the appearance of sapphires, but also sea salt or mineral-rich water, which is found in thermal pools.

Store sapphires separately from other jewelry

The fact that sapphires are among the hardest precious stones does not mean that they cannot be scratched on contact with other objects. On the contrary, they can easily undergo changes in appearance, so it is best to keep them in boxes or bags that do not contain other accessories.

Periodically clean the sapphires with soap and water

Repeated wearing of a sapphire jewelry, whether it is a ring, a pair of earrings or a necklace, can mean the deposition of dust and other elements on its surface. Like any object, sapphires also need regular cleaning to sanitize and refresh their appearance. 

It is not recommended to use degreasing products for washing them, but, using hot soap and water, you will be able to clean them safely. Before washing, soak the jewelry for about 15 minutes to make the procedure as simple as possible. Use a soft material, such as suede, not a brush, so that the surface of the sapphires does not suffer damage.

How to Identify a Fake Sapphire

Considering the fact that the mineral is particularly hard, its edges do not lend themselves to mechanical stress.

  • Therefore, to verify the authenticity of the stone, you can use a pointed object, which should slightly scratch the sapphire. The natural stone will be intact, otherwise – in front of you is a fake;
  • This mineral contains various inclusions and heterogeneous structure. You should bring the stone to the light and carefully examine, the inhomogeneity of the color indicates the natural origin of the sample;
  • Products with a precious stone should be purchased in proven places with quality certificates. In fact, stones are very often forged by scammers, which can only be distinguished by an experienced jeweler;
  • The sample should also be examined for gas bubbles that may be present in the artificial counterpart.

If desired, before buying an expensive product, you can take a refractometer to distinguish sapphire from blue spinel or tanzanite . The device will show the refractive index of the crystal 1.76-1.77. Other figures indicate that this is not a sapphire.

Influence of sapphire on the names of People

Many people do not believe that a stone should be chosen by name, but regarding sapphires there is information that should be considered when choosing a piece with a crystal.

  • A sapphire pendant will be an ideal option for Catherine;
  • A luxurious ring will harmoniously fit into the image of Hope, while wearing only one mineral;
  • The bracelet is most suitable for Daniela or Angelica.

Uses of Sapphire

Beautiful transparent specimens are more often used by jewelers; stellar specimens are cabochon cut.

Synthetic leucosapphires , which are raw materials for the production of scalpels in ophthalmology, and the manufacture of the lens of the eye, have also found their application .

Also, the mineral is used as a substrate for microcircuits, in dentistry, where aesthetic braces are made from them. Sapphires are used in the field of laser technology.

History and Legends of Sapphire

Sapphire is considered to be a first class type of corundum , second only to diamond . It is important to note the unique hardness of the stone, the radiance of the edges in the light of ultraviolet radiation, and transparency. It is interesting that in the world there are no two stones of the same color, since each sample is unique in terms of color, weight and shape. In particular, the star-shaped Sapphires are very strong, within which bright lights flicker. The most expensive mineral is cornflower blue. Instances with a dark color are less appreciated, since the transparency of the mineral and shine are dulled in them.

The amazing mineral has long adorned the royal crowns, was an adornment of various jewelry. And today it is the favorite of many.

In the 18th century, the French carried products with them, believing that it was an excellent amulet against poverty.

In the seventh century, the mineral was presented to the ministers of the church, it was of great importance for the Christian religion. In those days, Pope Innocent III ruled, who issued a law requiring all high-ranking clergymen to wear sapphire rings. But modern archaeologists have established the fact that instead of the original stones, the divine rings were decorated with ordinary glass and blue clay.

In the Middle Ages, the stone was ground into powder and sprinkled with boils and skin inflammations.

The history of the mineral traces information that has Persian roots. The legend tells that the blue sapphire was formed from the last drop of the elixir of immortality. In other sources, it is the milk of the goddess who gives life.

Which are the most famous sapphires in the world

All sapphires enjoy appreciation especially from connoisseurs and lovers of precious stones. However, there are some really special sapphires in the world, famous for certain features. Each of the following famous sapphires was discovered in Sri Lanka – an area still exploited for precious stone deposits.

Star of India

Star of India is the most famous sapphire in the world, being the largest ever found. It weighs 563.35 carats, was discovered 3 centuries ago, and is now owned by the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Sapphire Logan

The Logan sapphire is part of a brooch and is the heaviest mounted stone in the national gemstone collection of the United States. It weighs 422.99 carats, is surrounded by 20 diamonds and is housed in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

The Star of Bombay

The Star of Bombay is 182 carats and has shades of purple. This sapphire was owned by actress Mary Pickford, and its name refers to an English gin brand.