Sanidine: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Sanidine

Sanidine Unique in appearance, very much like a piece of ice. It has a moonstone effect. It is beautiful and at the same time cold, attracts and soothes. This brief characteristic belongs to the Sanidine mineral.

What is Sanidine:

Sanidin belongs to quite rare minerals and belongs to the group of feldspars . As for the variety, Sanidine specimens with blue shades are called azulicite. Sanidine is also popularly called glass feldspar , ice spar or ryacolite. The accompanying minerals include andesine , hornblende , biolite, orthoclase , and quartz .

Sanidines can be translucent, transparent and opaque.

Sanidine is an analogue of  high-temperature orthoclase . If there are transparent specimens, then they are used in jewelry. But mostly gray, white, pinkish-white, yellowish-white crystalline formations with a white line, glassy or pearlescent luster Sanidines are found.

Sanidine can be prismatic or tabular in appearance. It can occur as irregularly shaped grains, which are included in the composition of volcanic rocks as inclusions. It is a medium hard mineral. In nature, Sanidine deposits are more rare than orthoclase . It occurs at high temperatures with a fairly rapid subsequent cooling. Outwardly, it is similar to plagioclase .

Benefits of Wearing Sanidine:

Healing effects of Sanidine:

This mineral does not possess any special healing qualities. But, like everything unique that is created by nature, Sanidine also absorbed certain healing properties. So, wearing this stone with you even for a short time contributes to a positive effect on the readings of the body. It affects the improvement of health, protects against viral infectious diseases, strengthens the human immune system, helps to overcome kidney and liver diseases.

This stone can cure diseases such as skin lesions, stabilize blood pressure, relieve headaches, calm down after a long nervous day at work, and improve mood. One has only to put a product with this mineral on a finger or neck. Moreover, the setting for the stone and the method of finishing are not important. You just need to vilify him for a short time and the disease will be removed as if by hand.

Magical effects of Sanidine:

The aura of the stone is not strong enough to perform miracles. But Sanidin can do something. And although it is inferior to many precious stones in its magical qualities, you should not belittle its dignity. So, this natural stone can lead to feelings of very nervous and unbalanced people, make them calm and restrained. Anyone who is prone to nervous breakdowns should think about such a talisman. His presence will help a person calmly weigh all the positive and negative moments in life, soberly assess the situation and make the only correct decision. And do not think about how to wear Sanidin. It can be jewelry or just pieces of mineral. It is worth noting that this stone is compatible with many other gemstones.

Which Zodiac Signs can wear Sanidine:

The influence on the various signs of the zodiac is not yet fully understood. But there are certain points that are beyond doubt.

Aries simply must have such a talisman with them. He will make them cold-blooded, persevering, calm and balanced in relation to the people around them.

Taurus can completely rely on this stone. He will bring them luck, inspiration, new thoughts and directions in the entrepreneurial field.

For Gemini, he is a symbol of success. Just carry this pebble with you and everything that you have in mind will come true. You just need to make some effort.

Cancers are recommended to wear jewelry with this natural stone for serious meetings and love dates. It does not matter in what shape it is cut and on which finger to put it on. All the same, the impact will be equally positive.

Sanidine can protect Leo from hardships and troubles, life’s troubles and betrayals. Try to consult Sanidine more, trust him with secrets and listen to his recommendations.

Whoever this mineral is not suitable for is Virgo. Jewelry with this stone will make them childish, lethargic. They will stop enjoying life and get pleasure from it.

It suits Libra, only within reasonable limits. Such a talisman can cool their ardor, restore balance, revive, and ease nervousness. This is if Libra is emotional and unbalanced. And if such signs of the Zodiac are calm, then Sanidine will further enhance such feelings, which can negatively affect a person’s character. He can become henpecked and hide behind his mother’s skirt.

This amulet is of great importance for Scorpions. He will protect their home from negative energy, from hatred and squabbles. Try to keep the pebble in a prominent place in your home. He will become an obstacle to evil, hatred, deception, theft and natural disasters.

Sagittarius should be attentive to such a talisman. It will not bring troubles, but one should not expect positive results either. It is worth paying attention to other stones that will become life assistants.

Capricorns will really need Sanidine when negotiating with investors or potential partners. If he is near the heart, then no one can deceive you, lead you astray, or lead you astray. The meetings will be held on an equal footing, and you can become a full-fledged partner in business.

Aquarius needs a stone if they have set a goal in life – career growth. With such a talisman, everything succeeds. The bosses will notice and appreciate all the positive qualities of your character. Will make you stand out from the crowd and give you a chance to prove yourself. Just don’t rely entirely on Sanidine. Remember that he is only your assistant and in no way a substitute for your capabilities and aspirations. Do your best and strive for your goal on your own.

Pisces should have such a charm in their home. The family will be strong, prosperity – at the highest level, children – will bring only joy. Peace and mutual understanding, comfort and grace are guaranteed for many years.

Where is Sanidine used:

Sanidin is in demand exclusively in jewelry, and only some of its specimens that have a transparent appearance. Only such crystals can be cut.

How to care for Sanidine:

It is worth paying great attention to the storage of this mineral. He does not like direct sunlight and excessively humid air. Give him a separate box and put it in a secluded place. Don’t flaunt it. He may lose some of his healing properties. Never use abrasive products to clean it. Stop your choice on a soft cloth and warm running water.

Where is Sanidine found:

These minerals can be found in rhyolite, porphyry, liparite and other rocks that have arisen during the eruption. Albite , nepheline , rock crystal , dolomite , aegirine are used as accompanying stones . In the process of weathering, it transforms into kaolinite and other clay-type minerals.

It is found in Germany, France, Czech Republic and Italy, Sweden, England, USA. But there are other places where such gems are mined. These include the vast expanses of Russia (Transcaucasia, the European part, the North Caucasus, the Murmansk region, the South Urals and the Crimean peninsula). Moreover, it was there that formations were found, their size exceeding 5 centimeters, which have a gem quality.

Mongolia, North Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Madagascar are famous for their transparent crystalline formations. In these places there are crystals of a transparent type, which have the effect of a moonstone.

History of Sanidine:

This natural stone owes its name to the German mineralogist K. Nose. It was he who gave a complete description of the mineral in 1808. And this event took place in the western part of Germany, in the Siebengebirge mountains. This year is considered to be the year of the discovery of the stone.

The name Sanidin is derived from the Greek word “sanis”, which means a small plate and “idos” – to observe, to see. The name in full corresponds to the type of stone, characteristic of flat-plate crystals.

Properties of Sanidine:

The composition of Sanidine is determined by its chemical formula: K [AlSi 3 O 8 ]. This silicate has an infinite three-dimensional framework. In the presence of a melting tube, it melts very poorly. Dissolution in acids was not observed. Potassium feldspars  contain a small amount of sodium. Other impurities such as titanium, barium, calcium and iron are also found.