78 Doors Tarot: Two of Wands

Two of wands in 78 Doors tarot Stands for Curiosity leading to intellectual development and discoveries. Realization of own ideas.

most often the card wins back too curious person, poking his nose into other people’s secrets. This person is ready to put himself at risk, just to get information and / or achieve his goal. He does not pay attention to the fact that sometimes where he climbs, they did not call him and did not wait. Sometimes the card wins off the desire to obtain unknown, inaccessible or forbidden knowledge, and a person begins to act neatly in this direction. The card acted out a hypnosis session where the hypnotist was trying to extract information from the patient that she could not remember. Often this card drops out of the deck when I want to see a situation that they (all or details) are trying to hide from me. 

2 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

Keywords:  Risky, cautious, prudent, mysterious, extraordinary, creative. 

At the moment, you are taking a reasonable risk. You do not want to impersonate, and rightly so. So far, the opinions of others can only lead you astray. You are prudent, cautious and rely on your intuition. Sometimes your steps seem unnatural, society considers your behavior ridiculous and strange, but you know what you are going to. 

A situation requiring caution, resourcefulness and creativity. Will have to fully show ingenuity and the ability to get out of the situation in a non-standard way. You may have to act directly. 

Business – You have to look for various loopholes in order for the business to develop successfully: to learn from competitors, use other people’s work and inventions, and buy cheaper equipment and materials. Savings that are justified. However, it is desirable to disguise it all, so as not to tarnish the reputation. After you succeed, you can confess. 

Health  – A feeling of anxiety and insecurity about your well-being pushes you to turn to alternative medicine: folk remedies, psychoanalysis, and clairvoyants. You are going in the right direction: medicine is powerless here, you need to pay attention to other aspects of life. However, one should not talk about this to others: they may misunderstand. 

Relations – The partners grind to each other, show signs of attention, but so far they are connected by mutual constraint. They have not yet fully recognized each other, have not yet decided whether the game is worth the candle. For this reason, relations have not yet been advertised or a close circle of people knows about it. Secret gifts, anonymous calls, overcoming the internal barrier, a strong connection with the past, which still holds, are possible. Time will put everything in its place. 

2 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Inverted or Reverse Position

Keywords: Sly, quirky, deceitful, hypocritical, cowardly, irresponsible. 

In this situation, you are taking an unjustified risk. Trying to escape from responsibility for your actions, go to deception in trying to shield yourself and leave others in the cold. Hurt people who wish you well. 

You do not have the forethought, caution, prudence and experience to implement the plan. You will be exposed, driven into a dead end, and the desire to return to this method again will not appear soon. 

Business – Betrayal of partners, underground games, conspiracies, theft, the desire to sit on two chairs, double play, elimination of competitors, theft of ideas, intrigue. 

Health  – Self-medication is unlikely to bring tangible benefits. You can do yourself harm. You should seek the advice of specialists. Diseases caused by fears and excessive timidity are possible: insomnia, internal anxiety, persecution mania, neurosis, epilepsy, panic syndrome. 

Relations – Most likely, the partner is playing a double game. Secret dates, lovers, past life with which he does not want to part. Deception, betrayal, cunning, the desire to seem not to who he really is. Fear that fraud will open, indecision, uncertainty, hypocrisy, betrayal, cowardice, shameful flight from the battlefield, avoiding problems dishonestly, trying to painlessly get out of a problem situation, avoiding reality, meanness. 

Significance of Two of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


industrial espionage; the card may indicate the presence of an employee, for some reason, secretly collecting information about the activities of the company or certain individuals; on a global scale, it can display a careful study of a new market sector for a given firm. 

The card can display a very curious employee who is constantly busy with eavesdropping and peeping. The card also played the work of a journalist and investigator. 


the  card may display inconspicuous interference in the affairs of a pair of third parties who are trying to collect any information. It may indicate that one partner wants to find out something about the second. It can act out that one person wants to “penetrate” the life of another. 

Advice when 2 of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

try to penetrate the unknown to you. Act, you should not be afraid of the unknown.

you are not getting into your own business; you have invaded someone else’s territory, you should not be there, you can get into trouble. 

The combination of the Page of Swords, 2 Wands, the King of Pentacles showed penetration into the house for the purpose of robbery. 

The combination of Page Pentacles + 2 Wands + Page of Swords won back the call from private security about the penetration of strangers into the house. 

The combination of Page Pentacles, the Moon, 2 Wands, a Chariot showed a false message about a car theft coming from a buggy satellite alarm.

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