78 Doors Tarot: Wands – Three of Wands

78 Doors Tarot: Three of Wands

Three os Wands stands for Ability to discover an alternative way to implement new ideas. Cooperation .

Upright Keywords for Three of Wands

Active advertising of your product, search for employees, partners, attracting new ideas, active work on business development, expansion of production, increase in income, search for professionals, specialists in their field. 

Symbolism of 3 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot

The man from the edge of the cliff gives someone a signal. Behind him is a lighthouse. The door is open in it. The lighthouse is not destroyed, maybe it’s working – it’s just turned off. For the lighthouse keeper, if the lighthouse does not work, trying to attract the attention of ships by waving torches under the condition of the sun that has not yet set is at least a futile task. But if a person as such is not related to the lighthouse, and he gives someone a signal, for example, to his comrades who are waiting for the “go-ahead” while sitting somewhere in the boat – this is very effective. Why, in this case, the person did not light the lighthouse itself: a) it may not be technically possible; b) this is not necessary; c) it may attract unwanted attention

3 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

 A situation in which you have already grown stronger, clearly know what you want, and strive to help, share experience, show others that there is a place where it is good, warm and comfortable, the signal that you give to someone, the emotion, emotionality, the desire to do something good. Event  – You will find what you were looking for. Your request will be heard, you will be correctly understood and appreciated

a person who knows how to find alternative ways and use improvised means to achieve goals. Sometimes a card can win back that a person has the opportunity (and uses it) to take advantage of the fruits of other people’s labor and use them to their advantage. But most often the card wins back that a person draws attention to himself, one way or another, and draws the attention of others to his person to achieve certain goals, but which ones will be shown by the surrounding cards.

Health  – The condition is good, stable, treat old diseases, bring to perfection. 

Relations  – Active actions, we try to attract attention in relation to each other, a stormy romance, passion, non-verbal communication, attention signs “at a distance” (phone, correspondence), relations based on mutual interest in something. Strong, reliable relationship. 

Personality  – Active, purposeful, responsive, enterprising. 

3 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Reverse Position

You are trying hard to attract the attention of others, trying to protect them from error, but no one sees or understands you. You believe that you can help, but no one appreciates you, considering it an unnecessary, useless person who commits unnecessary useless actions. It may be better to look for another occupation for yourself. People are not yet ready to receive you. You are not standing firmly on your feet

“You will be misunderstood.” Perhaps you are not clearly and clearly expressing your own thoughts. Your actions will cause only bewilderment. You will urgently need understanding and support. Panic, disappointment. 

Business  – Advertising aimed at the wrong audience, unreliable partners incorrectly presented themselves, tarnished their reputation, disgraced themselves, dropped their credibility. 

Health  – Looking in vain for new treatments. Panic, excessive anxiety. Create problems from scratch. Complaints about well-being in order to attract attention: high blood pressure, high temperature. 

Relations – In vain try to attract the attention of a partner. He does not understand you, you speak different languages. Perhaps, but not yet ready for change, he is satisfied with the current state of things. Your excessive activity can only aggravate the situation.

Personality  – Hyperactive, impetuous, unpredictable, first does, then thinks. 

Advice: Take your time, think carefully. Perhaps this is not what you need. Leave it as it is and try again when you are ready. You may be misunderstood. Perhaps your actions will knock people off the right course. You are not ready for change yet. 

Significance of Three of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


readiness for the start of action; advertising, articles, notes and announcements in newspapers and on the Internet; flyers, sending business correspondence, important calls, notices; a business / businessman / partner / employee attracts attention to himself and his work either by transmitting information or by some action. Search for ways to convey about yourself to people.


one partner is trying to get the attention of another. He either transfers information to him, or performs any actions that help to realize what he wants and to “signal” this to the partner. It may act out that one partner is trying to contact others, or one person is giving “signs”, trying to attract the attention of, for example, a girl he likes.

Three of Wands in Yes No Tarot

Answer  – Yes, if you are active enough. 

Advice when 3 of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

try to attract the attention of potentially interested people to yourself and your problem. Warning: you can attract the attention of unnecessary people; there is a danger that they will not pay attention to you and pass by.

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