78 Doors Tarot: Ten of Wands

10 of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot represents Wasting energy to search for useless values ​​or because of the pressure of heavy responsibility.

The card played out like helplessness in an unusual situation, inability to find contact with others, and also can mean a person trying to enter the wrong door. Finding a solution is not where you need to look for it.

Symbolism of 10 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot

The main character of the card is a character in motley purple clothes reminiscent of a clown’s robe. A person in this image is behind a glass door that he needs to open. But it seems that the pen is located only from the side of the street, and a person tries to attract the attention of passers-by so that they open the door for him (that is, solve his problem). BUT none of the adults pay attention to him, everyone goes his own way. And only a little girl in the same motley purple dress stopped in front of the door and looks with interest at the unfortunate jester.

It seems that what a person does behind glass is interesting only to the child, and does not make any impression on adults. Or they simply do not want to bother with solving other people’s problems. But if the girl just touches the door handle, the problem will be solved.

Here you can also hold another connection: Adult-Child. That is, so that the girl wants to help him and opens the door, something must be done that will interest her and make her pull the handle. This is some kind of unconventional idea, an extraordinary act that can attract attention, this is the last jerk, the last chance, since the solution to the problem is very, very close, and it is important to do everything right so as not to miss the moment.

The card, of course, speaks of difficulties: difficulties in self-realization, in relationships, mutual understanding, in work, etc. But also the map says that we have to make the last leap so that we can breathe freely later, and for this we need to prove ourselves with unexpected hand, come up with something extraordinary. And do not rely on the help of your inner circle.

10 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

Explanation – You unexpectedly received help and support. You are interested in a person whom you did not pay attention to before. Take him seriously; he will probably be able to help you. 

Unexpected support from the side where they did not expect it at all, non-standard way out of the situation. 

Business  – Employment of students, schoolchildren, ready to work for little money. A sharp decrease in activities and investments to save business. 

Health  – The current state mobilizes the resources of your body. Work at full capacity. 

Relationships  – We begin to pay attention to people around us who do not harm us. Improving relationships with others, asking for help. 

Personality – Active, able to get out of any mess, adventurous, extraordinary, risky. 

Advice : Look around, look for solutions. Help is near. 
Warning  – People around you cannot hear. Find a way to reach them. 

10 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Reverse Position

The lack of thoughtfulness, the inappropriateness of your actions drove you into a dead end. Trying hard to get out, but realized too late. 

A situation from which it will be very difficult to get out. You will bang your head against a wall of misunderstanding. 

Business  – The End. The matter has exhausted itself, nowhere to go. You can’t decide what you need, fixated on the problem. Got into a whirlpool. 

Health – A difficult condition, constantly stepping on the same rake. Choking, panic attacks, mental deviations, depression, despondency, hopelessness. 

Relations  – Relations have exhausted themselves. They constantly made the same mistakes. You have ceased to interest each other. Mutual misunderstanding, remoteness, estrangement. 

Personality  – Nervous, falling into despondency, apathy, longing. 

Advice : Stop calling for help, think about how you came to this. Understand yourself. Do not look for easy ways. 

Three of Wands in Yes No Tarot

The answer  is no. 

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