78 Doors Tarot: Seven of Wands

7 of Wands in 78 Door Tarot shows Interest in “closed doors” and secrets of the world. Great courage, will and physical strength.

If the card is in a direct position, then he has enough strength, courage, courage to open this cave. He is not afraid to find out what is there. He wants to satisfy his curiosity no matter what it costs him, ready for anything, makes every effort.
And if the card is inverted, then it closes the cave

aperson who is not afraid to look into the unknown, boldly looking forward. He is not afraid of what awaits him ahead – he will overcome any obstacle and problem that gets in his way as he arrives. This does not mean that he is reckless and reckless, although sometimes not without it, it rather says that this is a man born to win. He has the determination, courage and courage to look to the future, even if at first glance it seems that there is only darkness ahead ..

The spirit of a researcher, an adventurer, lives in him, he wants discoveries, his mind needs constant nourishment. As a rule, the hero of the map likes to learn something new, to go his own way, and not the beaten track. He is prone to impulsive decisions and often follows his own desires.

The card also says that a person is not just a pioneer and the situation is new to him, but that his path is different and full of obstacles, sometimes very difficult to overcome.

7 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

gain, you can’t sit still. You feel that not all things have been done, not all problems have been resolved. Current problems seem too simple, I want more complex tasks, you feel that you deserve more.   Additional education, part-time work, an additional type of activity, playing sports, setting a higher standard in terms of work, spiritual development, repair, welfare, partner.

Business  – Work on additional income. 

Health  – Active physical development, work on oneself. 

Relationships  – Search for a more promising partner, overstating the criteria and requests in relation to the partner. 

7 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Inverted or Reverse Position

You spend a lot of time and effort on an empty and useless lesson. Instead of solving current problems, you climbed into the wilds.   A complex business that requires huge costs, but does not bring benefits. 

Business  – In the pursuit of a new dream, you forget about the business that feeds you. 

Health  – Exhaust yourself. 

Relationships  – You take a lot on yourself. You demand from the partner the impossible.

Significance of Seven of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


new business area or new job. The desire to try yourself in a new business, the thirst for new discoveries, impressions and achievements. Business follows a risky path of development, taking steps into an uncharted environment – we can talk about a new area of ​​business for this company, a new area of ​​research, or even just the first steps when there is no business experience. There is a lot of environmental resistance and it is not known what awaits on the development path further.

For creative people, the map may indicate that they are facing a risky project with many unknowns, and how they will cope with everything depends directly on their experience and luck. The map also talks about the dangers of interference from unaccounted factors. The map promises suspense.


thirst for new experiences. Perhaps the desire to enter into new and sometimes risky relationships. The card may indicate that a person needs new impressions, he is a seeker and is potentially prone to frequent changes of partners. Surrounded by the corresponding cards, 7 Wands can speak of inexperience.

Surrounded by the corresponding cards of 7 wands, a question about the future of the pair will show that it is full of unknowns, it is not clear what awaits “around the corner”. A large number of unaccounted factors can interfere in the life of a couple. The future is foggy, promises a lot of surprises, the danger of obstacles in the development of relations, “fear of stumbling.” Perhaps difficulties and delays in the development of relations will force a rollback to their original positions. Describing the present pair, the map may display that difficulties are currently being overcome, but what is next – a breakthrough or a defeat is unknown.

Advice when 7 of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

strive forward. You stand in the way of gaining invaluable life experience, but be very careful – this area is unknown to you, your every step should be verified; you have to be very careful. The ardor and thirst for discovery must be balanced by prudence and analysis.

you too arrogantly rushed into the unknown, sometimes all the experience behind you and all the knowledge in your head may not save you from the intervention of unaccounted factors. Moving forward involves overcoming serious obstacles, and you never know what will be the next obstacle – a triumph, failure or new difficulty.

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