78 Doors Tarot: Page of Wands

Page of Wands in 78 Doors tarot stands for A young man, full of enthusiasm. Fan. 

Page of the Tarot of Wands of Tarot cards, we see a young man with a gift behind his back, who knocked on the door. He was discovered by a girl who is very glad of his visit. 

Since yard cards often indicate a person, this Tarot card shows a boy or girl in love who receives what he really wanted. 

In addition, the card can say about a gift, a surprise, an unexpected but very pleasant visit, a pleasant event, to show that you need to open up to a feeling or event. “Open the door” – take a step towards. 

In an unfavorable environment, it shows that you are not taking this step, that you do not have enough openness to solve the problem. 

The wand page is still not very confident. But he knows clearly what he is striving for, knows how to wait, plans his actions, is attentive to little things. With leisurely steps, he will approach the intended goal.